Tuesday, December 4, 2007

It's been a while :)

To kick this wonderful post off I'm adding some past layouts that I haven't yet shown :) It's a special treat for you. I love that around this time of year, we start thinking about things we are thankful for. Well, I'm super thankful for traveling- no matter how much I dislike planes. Just get me there and I'm happy :) For this layout, I had a chance to take Norma to Santa Barbara to celebrate her birthday. Yah for both of us! It was not only beautiful, it was peaceful. Amen to that! So this is me kickin' back and relaxin'.

This is a picture of us, before I dropped my digital camera and it died :( Very thankful for this shot, it seems classic. The wind in our hair, the large black sunglasses and very happy smiles. It definitely describes the trip I think. I was so happy not to fly or drive to SB but to take the train. Norma had been wanting to do that for a while, so we did. It took forever but we had nothing to hurry up and do. So nice.

Another trip I took was to Colorado for a staff retreat. (Thanks Sara for taking this picture!) I'm thankful for the beauty that surrounded me there. So gorgeous. I loved it. More for the personal and reflective time. I had fun getting to know my co-workers and seeing them in this different element. We biked to the next town together- that was crazy! But we did it. I hope we do something like this but maybe in Hawaii?! HA! I can dream.

Speaking of dreaming... doesn't he look so cute all happy and dreamy? I think so. That's just best Auntie talk though :)
Baby Gilbert Barron came into our lives about a month ago now. He is soooooo adorable! I like that he's quiet. I love quiet babies. Maybe that's just a stage though, still cute. My sister Cindy and her husband Gilbert's first baby. Congrats guys!!! I've already had the "blessing" of changing him. Man do I NOT miss that. EWWWW! hehee. Still, when you see that cute little dimple smile, it's all worth it.

And this is Coco and me :) While we were in the waiting room to visit with Cindy & Gilbert and their cutie patootie. I was a little bored and I had my camera, so I was paparazzing Coco. Hehee. That was fun. What was even better was finally meeting my little nephew for the first time. SOOOOO Soft. Sooooo small! I had this fear I'd drop him. It's been so long since I held a baby. Whew. Nothing bad happened. Baby G is all well and happy. And so are we. Off to finish some creative work :) Have a great & super blessed day!

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