Friday, October 22, 2010

merry & sweet

these past couple of days i've been humming along to some pretty merry christmas tunes.
I'm lovin' elvis. :)

it's been a little puddly here in my corner of the world and I'm kind of enjoying driving around splashing in the rain :) I feel like shamu in my car spraying everyone as i hit a puddle. i don't drive away from puddles. i go out of my way to drive through them. :)

lately i've been trying to plan ahead some projects that I've had in mind to do. And i came up with this merry little kit. no more hoarding. i keep reminding myself. sheesh. anyone watch the show "hoarders"?! yikes. so yeah. i'm sharing the paper love :)

main kit

25 papers including envelope, embossed, flocked and vintage papers. yum.

merry & sweet papers

so my goal starting december 1st is to share a page from this mini everyday until the end of december. I'm really hoping to record the everyday sweet moments here. last year i kicked myself for not doing it but this year it's going to be different. :) I have listed 7 in the shop if you want to create your book along with me. I also included 20 embellies to go along with this kit.


I love the mini crochet doily! Looks like a snowflake. xoxo
I made the crochet flower using some vintage thread I found while thrifting. it's so soft and feels so happy every time I play with it. love! So yeah, i've got a plan and I'm ready with my kit to make it happen. I told mr.handsome. and he almost died thinking he'd have to be in 25 pictures for this book. lol! i told him he just has to be in 5 photos. he's getting off easy, i know :)

so last week i had a crochet date with a lovely friend.
i taught her her first basic chain stitch and I got so excited for her that I had this desire to learn something new myself.

later in the week I couldn't sleep. it was about 1 in the morning and i was wide awake. and i so happened to have my little crochet bag on my nightstand. i youtubed "learn to knit" and voila! 2 hours later i was knitting away like a busy bee.

chop stick knit

oh. hehee.
i used chopsticks.
umm... i didn't really have anything else. i ran to the thrift store the next day and found 5 pairs of needles for $2. as i was switching the chopsticks out i figured i would take a picture of it for added silly memories. yes. my children will tell their children, " grandma used chopsticks to knit. that crazy old lady".
rolling my eyes.
legacy. that's real legacy right there.
even if i'm crazy. i learned to knit. and i'm on a roll!
yay :)

flexing my little muscles popeye style.


bethchien said...

you are so funny!

Christina said...

Tee hee:) I wonder what MY grandkids will say about me. I've certainly given their parents lots of ammo.

Your kit is just GORGEOUS! And where did you find that totally adorable Christmas tree hat pin?

jamie said...

drooling over your christmas goodies.
sigh...should i be glad i did NOT see that before i placed my order?

Melissa Mann said...

Lovely, lovely stuff. Always inspiring.

whileshedreams said...

I want to learn how to knit myself - if you can learn it from youtube then so can I! ;)