Friday, March 4, 2011

baby gifts are better fuzzy :)

my first attempt at amigurumi

Just as soon as I found out my sister Sara was pregnant with her first baby I knew I wanted to make a special gift.  And what better way to show someone you absolutely love them than giving a handmade gift ? :) Although I had seen several patterns on etsy with cute stuffed toys... I wondered if i was ready to attempt making one myself. I sat bewildered thinking amigurumi looked so hard.  i had stalked anapaulaoli etsy a few months before. favorited this bear & bird duo pattern. And i hit purchase. I was gonna do this! Albeit wonky looking and very handmade, he is bursting with lots of love :)

everyone meet little Roo Bear and his little bird friend Bloo.

He barely measures over 3 inches in height but i love him so. mr.handsome and i loved watching him come to life. One little head, two cutie pie ears, one little body, two little sweet hands, the button eyes and silly little embroidered smile. he was made to be loved :)

A lovely popcorn stitch crochet blanket

I also had made this popcorn stitch blanket earlier. I think the stitch lends itself with the teddy bear theme I was going for. As soon as we knew that we were going to welcome a sweet baby nephew I knew I wanted to go with a teddy theme :)

Sweet baby bear

In my search for all cute a cuddly teddy bears i also saw many teddy beanie hats for babies. I purchased the pattern from InnerHooker etsy and decided to modify the ears a bit to include a dual color ear. Its the first time I've ever modified a pattern and I feel like such a rebel. But after looking at the ears, they look cuter with the 2 different colors. So much teddy bearish i think.... mr.handsome kept putting the beanie on his head and it looked more like he had a mini donut on hahaaa!  thats what we do for fun. i make him wear everything i make.... flower motifs get put on mr.handsome's shoulder, he holds my ball of yarn for me... gently unwinding the ball of yarn as I go. aww.... no wonder he calls me his hot grandma wife. :)

Hold on cutie patootie :)

Here they are all wrapped up and ready to go to the baby shower! I think this was such a learning adventure for me. I practiced a little patience. A little bit of brain power changing the pattern a bit. And i even liked the end result. I am a very proud mama bear, at least to this little guy *smiles*. Now I'm a little more than excited to make some extra cuties for my little one someday.
my list of projects keeps growing and growning

but honestly, if i get something cuddly and cute out of it every time i think its exciting!

Ps: I also wanted to let you know blues & greens are now stocked in the shop for some fun 



Elisa said...

so so cute...the blanket and the teddy bear, your sister will be so so happy and your nephew will be so warm and cozy with them.

Daisyduster (Becky) said...

Ohhh good for you! So cute...doesn't it feel so nice to create something just so sweet and adorable??
I found your site/store a couple weeks ago and have been meaning to email you!
My saying is "Whatever is LOVELY think on these things"'s from a much longer verse. Anyways...I'll email you hopefully soon!
So happy to have found you!

weissbunt said...

These are so cute! Unfortunately my own kids have outgrown this stage, so the things I make are "growing" with them - no baby nephews or nieces in sight :(. But I really love doing the things I'm doing and I can see in all of your great and fun posts, that you are, too :). Happy to have found your wonderful blog! maks :-)

Denise said...

wow Debee, those all came out adorable. I especially like the little bear hat with your rebel altering skills. I have a list going and knitting and crochet are on it. so is roller derby and I am doing that so hopefully I will work up the courage to learn how to knit. that sounds kinda funny. have a great weekend!

Rachel Chieppa said...

I'm so impressed. I really love the teddy bear! You have done a fantastic job! She will love them. What a heartfelt gift.

curlyqmosaics said...

I'm sure this gift will be a hit at the shower! Truly fabulous work! Total perfection on the bear, bird, hat and blanket. I know your sister and the baby will cherish forever!

jamie said...

seriously adorable!
o my goodness.
an impressive and heart felt AND lovely gift indeed.
lucky baby.

Ashleigh said...

Lovely work! I'm teaching myself to crochet so this post made me quite excited!

Michelle Clement said...

Oooh - sooo cute!! :) I love the little teddy hat & bear, the best! I've been scared to try amigurumi, but I *really* want to!! It turned out great!

Sara&Eva said...

wwoow, beautifil! Good work :)

Pearl said...

What a cute bear!!
Love him!


Nancy Isabelle Labrie said...

Your pretty baby bear & bird made me want to show you these I make myself...

Thank you for sharing beautiful thoughs and images! Have a great day!

Melissa {AllSewnUp} said...

I adore the little blue tickets that adorn the blanket's ribbon.

Leo Jenkins said...

Now, those baby gifts are overloaded with cuteness. Making those items the DIY style is already epic. Good job!