Wednesday, August 31, 2011

another month :)

hi everyone! my goodness has the time flown by. I feel like the summer got away from me. no bike ride :( but at least we had plenty of popsicles :)  so this is us at 24 weeks. I'm now at 25 weeks and my legs are starting to cramp. it's so much fun. * insert humor :) *  we just recently had our friendly visit at the doctor and yep, this is me 10 pounds since the start of the pregnancy. It feels so weird to get on that scale and see 10+. I can gain that in a decade :) But this is all part of this chapter & my life right now and I'm happy to report everything looks promising for rafael and myself. he's been kicking around and now i can see him both kick and punch at the same time. my little crazy ninja. :)  Also a big thanks to my bella band that lets me still wear my skinny jeans. I love this product and even though they are not paying me i'm telling you this is the best maternity investment ever.  and less than $20! I have not purchased any maternity clothes yet but this bellaband is a life saver :) i can see using this around that time of the month later :) hehee.

In preparation for our baby shower mr.handsome and i visited the big box store for babies over the weekend and WOW how overwhelming! it was our first time and i promise you i tried with all my might. i wimped out at like aisle 24. i got hungry and thirsty and oh so done with the question "do we really need this?".  mr.handsome saved the day. we exited and went for an early lunch ( mexican carne asada fries :) hahaaa! if any of you have any suggestions on the ONE thing you think we REALLY cannot live without please let me know. I just can't go looking through 100 aisles of stuff again. And i certainly trust your advice :)

so here comes another month for the Inspire Lovely shop. and september is a special month :) It's my birthday month! woo hoo! i do celebrate it everyday of september. it's awesome. i think we all should celebrate everyday of your birthday month. it's fun. it's exciting. and gosh dangit you deserve it :) so anyhoo. I've been wanting to start adding free shipping coupon codes to the store ( i puffy heart free shipping) so I thought most certainly in september!!! i've stocked the shop with pretty items:

  this was a quick gift i "Wrapped" up for my sister using some of the new vintage inspired postcard tags i designed for the shop. meet miss maude xoxo
i love collecting vintage postcards and so i complied my favorite 12 and made them into tags ready for giving or using in your art pages.
 i then decided to also add some vintage inspired library card tag sets. both in this pretty scroll design.
 and as tags :) i added some fun titles and kept some pretty true to their vintage design xoxo
i'm using these on a current project and can't wait to show you how it turns out. i've been playing with paper again after months of not playing. so fun :)
 found some of these handsome little birds to add to the shop just in time for fall decor :)
and some pretty flowers for easy giving

 i love this minty green color xo
 so dainty & sweet.
 i think postage stickers are the cuteness. i think these make for fun labeling and tags. :)
 and hello sunshine! i love this rainbow of twine goodness! you cant help but smile :)
 and just in time for the fall season of shimmery giving. gold twine xoxo hello & yes :)

 i'm obsessed with these mini cuties! i use them mostly in my art pages. they are so cute!
 i had so much fun making these fabric buttons for the recent market. and so i share my button love with you too xoxo
 i love that pretty pink vintage fabric button in the middle xoxo be still my heart xoxo
 so pretty to look and and SO therapeutic to create. i made these while watching the telly :)
this pretty lovely was made using the most gorgeous thrifted vintage blanket. i love upcycling. i want to make a mobile for rafael using these :)  i think he would appreciate the colors too hehee. so there you have it. the shop is fully stocked for your free shipping pleasure.

Enter " XOFREESHIP " at checkout *** ( Order must be $30.00 at time of checkout to receive special FREE shipping ) 

wishing you all a happy wednesday
and a big ninja hi-5 from rafael :)


Denise said...

you are so beautiful momma! oh I wish I had time to comment more. My babies are starting high school and there is lots to keep track of. I think of you often and am looking forward to doing a little early christmas shopping next month in your lovely shop.

Unknown said...

Lovely products and pictures! Those fabric buttons are totally gorgeous. September is my birthday month too - yay! x

lauren said...

gorgeous new products, but most importantly, AWESOME new photos of you!!! does your hubby snap these? he does a great job!! you look amazing! :)

Keshet said...

Beautiful photos! And you tempted me, just placed an order with the store:)

jamie said...

i love the library inspired tags. truly.
and so happy to hear you have been playing with paper. cannot wait to see what this inspired mama comes up with.
it would seem you are feeling great.
here is to hoping so.

Jennifer Matott (Sigmagirl) said...

You look gorgeous and I'm so very happy for you and your family! What a great time for you! I have 2 boys and they keep my laughing, moving, and generally feeling loved. It's a wonderful thing to be a mama to a boy! HUGS!

Erin said...

You look lovely! Love the new products. Here are some products I love for my now 2 month old boy....JJ Cole diaper caddy for diaper changes and storing baby stuff nicely in the living room, summer infant swaddle blankets for sleeping (I've got a squirmer and these work great for him), baby bjorn...we registered at amazon for a lot of stuff as prices are cheaper. It is overwhelming though. Good luck. FYI, you'll love the bellaband postpartum too.

Wendy said...

the biggest waste of money i spent when buying baby clothes, was 'normal' clothes...jeans jumpers son for the first month spent all his time in baby grows ( not sure what you call them in the USA) the ones with the hands and feet. He looked so uncomfortable laying down for a nap at 2 weeks old in baby grows all the way. Also quick and easy to wash and dry