Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Spring Floral LOVE Forever

Hi Lovelies!
I've been cleaning computer files and came across this beautiful project I was asked to create by my lovely friends over at Mollie Makes Magazine. It was featured in a recent spring issue and I had all but forgotten to share it with you. So lets scroll back for some spring vibes yes? These pretty handmade blooms scream SPRING and will last long passed the season.  I LOVE paper projects and even more so I LOVED walking into our home and seeing this pretty wall hanging in bloom. SWOON*

I used different color papers & thicknesses 
+ textured velvet ribbons 
+ crepe papers 
+ thrifted vintage floral stamens
to create the paper blooms.

 A close up of the Paper flower details. All hand cut & hand made XOXO

Top left is my interpretation of a peony + bottom left a textured rose 
+ top right a daisy + bottom left a simple rose

My favorite thing about this is that you can create flowers and use them as gift toppers, wedding cake decor and even wear them :)  Can you image creating these on a larger scale and using them as a wedding backdrop?! I must get married again lol! I have been wanting to create a whole wall of blooms just for the studio and really hope to someday make it happen. 

Here is a visual breakdown of the flowers before I wrapped them using a circular motion and glued them at the bottom.

- Deconstructed Peony -

- Deconstructed Simple Rose -

- Deconstructed Textured Rose -

- Deconstructed Daisy -

+ I used a long piece of wood I found at a park by our home & added gold foil to it 
+ Glued a large upcycled piece of delicate crochet to the back of the wood 
(from a shirt that had accidentally torn)
+ added gold string to hang the piece
+ added the florals to the wall using repositionable glue dots

For the leaves I simply used a few shades of pretty pastel green and free hand cut them. I think next time I will try an emboss technique on them just for fun, but I also love them just the way they are.  

I hope you enjoyed this little piece of art and give paper floral making a try. Its a fun activity to try over a long chic flick ;) 

Happy making lovelies!