Thursday, March 24, 2016

A spring Baby Shower

Spring is here! Yay! I'm really loving this season and all it's pretty colors! Back in my teenage years you would never ever hear me saying i LOVED pink and pastels ;) But yes! I'm that same girl and give me all the pink and pastel colors! The moment I found out my sister Sara was expecting a beautiful baby I just knew I had to throw her a beautiful baby shower and guess which color palette i chose???

The prettiest aqua muffin pan + the softest pink fondant handmade by me ;) + the pretties purple green succulents in gold pots = Pastel Love

I knew that no matter the gender of the baby this color scheme would be perfect. The aqua muffin pan I got on sale at Anthro for my birthday and it's the prettiest thing in my kitchen lol!  I've yet to actually bake in it but it suited me well holding pretty handmade cupcakes topped with the softest cream icing. I even made super teeny tiny macaroons and boy was it worth it.  (I used this recipe for the macaroons). I also made sugar cookies using this recipe and topped it with fondant. I used these cute alphas to stamp the word BABY into the fondant. So cute! 

My goodness when I laid eyes on that watercolor polka dot plate at target I literally hugged it. I know. I hug a lot of things at target. I often walk around the store with them and end up putting it back because we have a mortgage to pay lol! But these, these pretty die cut plates came home with me and I am SO happy they did. I LOVED serving these pretty little bakes I made to my sisters and mom. I know they felt extra special and it was SO worth it. My sister Sara has the cutest nickname and I wanted to tie that into the cookie favors. I found the prettiest bear shaped cookie cutter around Christmas time at Target. I think the Mama on the Bear is just perfect. Mama Bear XOXO My attempts to decorate with fondant are kind of sad. But that's just me attempting my first try at 2 am in the morning hahaa! It kind of looks like a rosette if you squint a little. :)

I couldn't help myself, you know there was going to be succulents right? 

I even made the loveliest garlands! I couldn't pick just one to make. I had the cutest gold polka dot on white burlap material, so I made a garland. I had the most delicate vintage crochet doilies, so I made a garland. I had the sweetest coral colored yarn, I made a tassel garland :)
During a trip to Jo-ann's I made the mistake of wandering into the fabric section and I came home with 6 different cuts of fabric, so you guessed it.... I made a garland. ha! To top it all off I used a few paper pinwheels from the shop and it was perfect.  I had several requests after posting this picture onto my IG account to buy the garlands so I made a few more available in the shop right here if you're interested.

We had such a lovely afternoon just chatting. All the girls in my family. Hanging out. Eating our faces off. Laughing. Eating. And more laughing. It was perfect. And I am so thankful for it. I know sometimes it's a bit redundant to do another baby shower for the second child but one thing I've learned this past year is that we celebrate the little things. And this little baby is something special. I finally got to hold my new little niece two weeks ago and I am so thankful that she was born. A perfect little miracle baby.  She is the humblest reminder that God keeps his promises. Even when we think he's forgotten. My heart is so full...I hope this spring brings you closer to your loved ones. Chatting around the table full of good food celebrating the little things. 



Jill said...

So lovely!

Michelle Philippi said...

This is crazy beautiful. I want to be in your familia!
And now I'm off to find that muffin dish at Anthro!