Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Got me some goodies

And don't they look delicious!? I am so thankful for super fly Michelle. (You so rock!) Remember I mentioned winning the stamps from her a while back? Yeah, well I so happened to mention how much I love a vintage package she has in her etsy shop and BAM! Right in my little hands! I still have to play with the stamps she sent and send her some happy mail in return -it's only fair :)

So yesterday I received the package, and I had an hour to kill and ta-dah! Here's the result. A bit embellishment heavy but I like it. And yay for scrapping in an hour!!! I NEVER do that. EVER. So I must've been happy huh? This page is just a reminder to stay positive and humble. It's the best thing to be everyday. And most importantly, just be yourself.

Journaling reads:
Remember you are no Diva
No Elizabeth Taylor either
You make a good you
You love
You care
You say thank you
& look at people and smile :)
Everyday is a good day to be yourself.


Lately, I've just been thinking about my creative process- especially with this last Fashionista wanna be challenge- it really has challenged me to be me. No one else. So much stuff goes into YOU. I wanna be the best me. I am greatly inspired by lots of people and things they create. But in the end... it's not about "copying" someone else.

Some people say that there is nothing new under the sun. Well, I don't really want to believe that. I think that's just a lame excuse for not challenging yourself to be and think creatively. So be yourself. Create something new under your sun for a change. Find YOU. You'll be a lot happier :)

(Just pondering like Winnie the Pooh. Thanks for noticing me)


leewoodside said...

Hey girl I am so hearing you on the being "YOU" comment.
I spent so long trying to create how others create.
Then I realised that I just had to sit back and relax and enjoy the process. Out of that definately came "ME" and my style.
You know how much I love this layout.

Keka said...

WOW u are so right about getting the most out of "YOU". I just did a blog now on how much I have changed this year for the better and it feels so good! Oh & I love your layouts...they're beautiful!

michelle raMirez said...

you and the layout!