Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Just recently finished taking a class with SIS Fashionista, Sarah Bowen called "Alterations". I am a changed woman. Seriously.
I hadn't broken out my watercolors since college. And that was to far back to count. Well, not really-still. It's been a while.
And you know, I'm so glad I took this class. Sara is amazing. She's super creative. Totally inspired me on so many levels. So this is my favorite of them all. Only four- totally make it sound like it's been months or something. But still, in just 4 lessons, I feel a surge of creativity! And dang, that feels so nice. What ALSO feels nice is not having to do any of this for a grade. SCORE! But I give myself a nice pat on the back and maybe a high 5 via a tall cinnamon dulce frap.from Starbucks tomorrow. WOOT!
ps:Never going to play Unwritten ever again. Played the song WAAAAAAY too much while creating the collage. And both my iPOD and I refuse to play it again. No joke. ;) and a huge TO-DO: CREATE SOMETHING & HAVE FUN.


domestic goddess said...

Gorgeous Debee, well can i just say YOU inspire me loads, after seeing your gallery on SIStv you are my new fav artist!!!
anna xx

AnnaB said...

Oh, I really envy you taking a class with Sarah B! I'd love love love to do that!!!! Wonderful collage!!!!