Monday, April 28, 2008

it is finished

and now it's time to rest
I've been nesting some delicious art cards
12 little pieces of me
Each one holds such a big significance for me
in this past week that I announced my blog anniversary
I also announced my CTS, my emotional and physical struggle with that
and now you also know my love for slurpees and big plastic turquoise earrings
I have at times had both braces on my hands when creating. And others just medicine to calm the pain
I have gotten so emotional and i see it in each little piece
i love art
i need it

this feels like the time I had my one woman show at my art exhibition in college
I was SO nervous yet so confident at the same time
putting my art out there was the same as putting me on display. I was scared
BUT i was also more assured of myself than I had ever been. Because during the process of creating I found me
my thoughts my feelings my heartache ... me
and i am better. i am reaffirmed
and i am so very happy that i was able to put myself out there one more time
something i thought for sure was long gone way back in the college years

so thank you for watching me grow
and cheering on
encouraging and giving me strength to pour myself out on paper

i want you to know. I have a HARD time letting go of my art. mostly because i'm selfish
and also because i think my family and friends just tell me that they like my work so as not to hurt my feelings.
But you, you are my blog friends. I've never seen you. I don't know what you sound like, never heard the beauty in your laughter or seen you only through your work. thank you for sharing you. I think it means more to give to someone you don't know. And i'm ready for it.
goodnight my sweet muses
i have a big surprise tomorrow as i will unveil the remaining cards
post your heart out.
May 1st is around the corner and I'm so stinkin' excited.


Anonymous said...

What a busy little bee you have been!
What fun for us it has been to see your creations, and your blog is so fun, always.

Can't wait to see the goodies!

Have a great Tuesday, Debee.

leewoodside said...

You my dear are just gorgeous.
We love your art.... we need you to create.
I always long for a new creation from you.
You are so sweet, caring and generous.
I am so glad that we connected.
I am so hoping one day we can connect for real.
Luv ya.

Becky said...

sometimes i can get the same way about my art. i tend to obsess and then never want it to leave my house when its finally done! i've learned who really appreciates it though and i think you are doing the same so yay for art.
keep putting it out there

dani said...

you're beautiful.
your words.
your photos.
your ART.

seriously, thanks for being such an inspiration.

Dano said...

WOW! I just found your stuff on SIS and I'm blow away by your artwork! It's breathtaking! Congratulations on your one year anniversary of blogging... I'm so excited I found your blog!

Anonymous said...

So happy that you're still able to do the thing you love -create- even though you are in pain.
Can't wait to see the next batch of cards!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and LOVE the turquoise earrings!!!

Erin said...

truly amazing!
thanks for sharing little pieces of your beautiful self!

Anonymous said...

When I visited today, my heart skipped a beat! D, I now "need" to win!!!!! These are all just breathless pieces of art and again, I "need" one. Did you decide how you were going to pick your winners? Is it a secret? When I look at your blog, I think of this song.