Tuesday, April 15, 2008

it's the bump

happy wednesday :)

and to add to the happiness, I hope this gives you a little smile.
Yes. You can laugh at my quirkiness :)

My Qui*rky 10
1-tap my nose when i think
2-position everything label side out
3-fix crooked frames no matter where i'm at
4-can't go to the restroom with a clock ticking
5-buy 3 of everything personal hygiene related
6-constantly wipe the condensation off my drinks
7-let slurpees melt in order to enjoy a semi-slushi drink
8-always wipe the ear funk off the telephones before & after
9-don't drink straight coffee but LOVE starbucks fraps every friday
10-write my full name into the cupcake mix with the blender and call it done

what are yours?
i can't be the only one!

:::70 to go!:::


Keka said...

Ha ha you're so funny! Imma go do my now..

Kate O'Brien said...

love the layout! and i share a few of yours. love starbucks fraps - javachip is my fave with caramel a close second. also always wipe the condensation off my drinks. and also fix crooked frames! :) loved your list. will have to do this on my blog.