Friday, August 8, 2008

she's amazing...

that Amelie :)
Anyone watch the movie? I did. Once. But I remember I loved the colors. Yummy. AND I almost bought a gnome. Except they kinda scare me LOL. So no gnome but here is my page for the inspired by amelie challenge

5 things I love & don't like

I kind of had this idea of adding all the embellies and picture ON the butterfly. It's really small. But it was SO fun to work with because the space fills up so fast and as you can see I got a teeny tiny bit carried away with it. But hey, my first one and not sure if I'll do that again but I think it looks alright. Everything else is pretty simple, and lookie there, no spray paint! I had such a hard time resisting. it's just so easy to get carried away. :)

::Journaling Reads::
5 things i Love:
-kisses and smiles
-stepping on crunchy leaves
- the ocean breeze
-promises kept
-messy art and creating

5 things I don't like:
-rude hateful people
-stepping on icky gum
-bad days and dreams
-over committing and stress
-being a perfectionist

So there you go. Right off the top of my head. I just wrote out the first 5 things that came to me. But all of them are true. If you and i were walking along and there were crunchy leaves on the sidewalk, or even on the other side of the street, I'd make us go over to where the leaves are. And you can stare at me while I go crazy. Cuz i make sure every last bit of leaves is crunched before I move on. I wonder if that means anything?! :) Alas, there is more madness in me than I wish to share. But for now, at least you've been warned. :)

AND heck yes to you for being a Starbucks drinker!!!! *lifts frapp* cheers! Okay, now seriously, I have your drink order so come on over and we WILL have a chatty date. Or if I'm ever in your area, yes, expect an email with an invitation inviting myself over to your fav starbucks ha! i kid you not. I take my starbucks dates seriously k. Here at work it's starbucks Friday EVERY Friday. amen.

Onto the weekend!
I hope yours is full of sunshine beams and naps.


Louise said...

Certainly full of SB's, even with the rain clouds!

Right bak atcha!!!!

metrochic said...

YOU are amazing. i said this already but you doing what you did to that butterfly is sheer genius. truly. and i have witnessed the leaf crunching and think it's pretty cool... ;)

Tanya said...

Wow.. how you got all that detail on to the butterfly is beyond me but it's beautiful Amazing job and I love the LO. I have not seen this movie before but now I'm going to have to seek it out because you're the second person to mention it.
If leaf crunching is what you love you need to come visit me in Massachusetts in the Fall.. There are plenty of beautiful leaves to crunch to your {{hearts}} delight.
If ever I am in San Diego I will surely have a Starbucks date set up so we can "cheers" together.
Hope your weekend is full of sunshine.

Anonymous said...

Hey girl .. love it .. hands down it is awesome. How is your Saturday starting out girl .. you know me .. chillin chillin haha..congrats on being with TAIF too .. man you are going to RAWK them out .. you and those butterflys are doing big things ..

love ya

Unknown said...

Love the butterfly.
Love the LO.
Love the leaf-crunching.

your blog always makes me smile.

dani said...

Oh! I am a little freaked out my gnomes too! My grandpa once told me they crawl around in sheds so ever since then I've had my eye on them.
Gorgeous layout... love the butterfly and all that layering...

Vee said...

awesome page, i LOVE it!! :) I haven't watched the movie, but love all of the pages I see from the challenge.

Nessa said...

just discovered your fab blog and i'm really in love with it!!!