Wednesday, April 1, 2009

happy happy april


hello april. you are my happy month. you hold my little wedding day. my stress. my anxiousness. my lack of patience. and my moving forward with purchasing a condo. (we signed a contract just yesterday and I turned in the paperwork earlier today.
happy april fools day.)
i hope the bank isn't playing any tricks on us :(
because the condo we signed a contract for isn't even for the one I got all excited about in the previous post. nope. the bank backed out on that one. :( and we got all sad. and now we don't easily believe everything the bank says. boo.

but hey, everything is in His hands.

so as of late... I've been putting together pinstripe kraft boxes for my cupcakes. with cute little doilies inside :) My mom is making delicious favors for my little wedding. chocolate covered oreo cookies. awwwwwwww yyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaah!

we are going to gain weight and be happy.
yes yes.

i have not made any art. my brain is fried. my thoughts are all over the wedding right now. 24 days to go. and we are happy.

Handsome and I had our first bridal shower this past Saturday. I wore my cute yellow anthro dress. *sweet*
and we got lots of lovely gifts. I mean hello, you can never go wrong with gift cards!!! yay!

So's all about change and i'm ready but not really. you know? like, sure. yep. I'm getting married. dude. I'm ready to start my married life to the wonderful and amazing Mr. Handsome. We clearly know what we are getting into. After dating for over 4.5 years and being each other's first boy/girl friend. perfect. we've had out ups and downs. the reality is. he loves me. dangit. and i kinda like the guy ;P

but no art at the moment. just putting boxes together. and countless to-do lists.

praying. waiting. worrying. anticipating. and i know I will forget something. like forget to pack! ha.
watch that really happen.
so anyway. here's something I did for last weeks creative therapy.
It's all about learning faith. i feel like i am just a baby in so many levels when it comes to growing my faith. living it is a challenge on the daily. and I am learning to strive to grow it moment by moment. little bits at a time. perfect? never. but every little bit helps.

learn faith

ps: i trimmed my hair :) and i kinda like it. and my veil is coming in this week. from australia and from etsy :) double love.
AND it has scalloped edging. ack! srsly.
geez i can't wait.



Unknown said...

So happy for you sweets!!! Will be praying, too. :)


Vee said...

keeping you in mind and prayers, what an exciting time in your life!!! so exciting and awesome fro real! :) i know everything will be great and your veil sounds so pretty!!! xo

Anonymous said...

Yay for getting married! So much fun. And the married sex! Woot :)

kerry lynn said...

love love love love love
love love love love love
love love xo love love
love love love love love
love love love love love

Ali said...

yay for wedding- its so close now...and man your viel is coming from where i live?? and scalloped edges are so lovely and romantic....whats the etsy store??

good luck with all the pre wedding stuff.

love to u and mr.


Sasha Farina said...

i am so very excited for you! i hope your photog will be able to capture every little tiny details!

dani said...

This is such a lovely, positive post.
I'm thinking of you, and it may be a bit stressful but April is going to such a good month to you, I just know it!

Carrie Lee said...

Can't wait to see you all dressed to the nines! OOOoooooooo you are going to be a doll! LOTS OF PICS!!!
Cleaning up here at home.....
Fargo / Moorhead after this crazy flood... so I understand about the no art thing. We have so much to do... but are so blessed to live in this community. Fargo/ Moorhead rocks. ( I live in North Moorhead)Nothing can get us down.... everyone here is so amazing!
Miss my blog peeps... feel like I have been MIA 4ever. Be nice to get back to normal. Take care sweets and thanks for always sharing your cheery life with us!

merryheart2 said...

hey mrs. lovely.
i'll keep praying for you guys. house hunting is HARD work.

it's getting so close now. i'm getting so excited for you. the veil sounds so gorgeous.

your art is just as wonderful as ever.

hope you have a fun filled weekend.
love ya

Denise said...

yeah for your happy ramblings and happy month!

metrochic said...

gosh. i've been thinking so much about you. you and the boy are on my heart. i hope everything is lovely and you are the happiest ever. miss you. xoxo.

Veronica Starr said...

:) just dropped in to say Hello :)
hope you are still having a happy month!