Thursday, January 21, 2010

i have resolved


to take more pretty pictures this year.
This little beauty is from my sister's wedding ( jan 9) can you believe it? It's still pretty and happy. I don't know the name of this flower but i love it. I love that in some way it reminds me of a peony. sigh* fav. def. fav.

The textile pictured under the flower is actually a pillow case mr. handsome so lovingly bought me at little italy's farmers market. Made in India. Perfect. xoxo. I really really want to go there. India i mean. or peru. Or istanbul. I'm just dreaming out loud. :)

I'm definitely going back to the farmer's market for more pillow cases. I'm obsessed with the pretty bright colors. Swoon!

another stormy rainy day. i don't mind it though. It's peaceful.
I hope you have a chance to escape into a pretty dreamy place today.

you take care loves,

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Unknown said...

So, SO pretty. you have a great, dreamy day today, too!