Friday, January 29, 2010

San francisco i love you

my sf loves

we left sd for sf. when we left sd it was beautiful and sunny, we got to sf and it was gloomy and rainy... but we were loving it. we had so much fun!

1. we picked up our rental only to be upgraded to a camero for free. we were rollin' in style!
(but mr.handsome being SO tall barely fit and every time we hit a bump his head hit the ceiling of the car. awww... kiss kiss handsome gifted me a beautiful butterfly garland from Paper Source

3. and this cute craft letter r

4. and this pretty shirt from anthro i wore to cha the next day. ( gotta look good for my girls KL, dina and heather - sessy lol! )

timeless treasures

Then we went to timeless treasures and we browsed. and i wanted everything. but just spent our life savings so i only looked. and craved. and wished it could all be mine.mine,mine. and to our surprise, we got a little gift just for coming in. The sweet owner let handsome and i pick little metal hearts and we left with them in our pockets. swoon! Completely unexpected. i love that. (nikki i was so sad i didn't get to see you! i will be back though :)

vintage hearts

and my favorite part... eating and spending time with the mister. we LOVE arizmendi pizza!!! we hit this place up first thing off the plane. We ordered a half pizza to go. had a slice or two in the car. and we shared a blueberry pear scone. i'm really CRAVING IT!!! it was SO soft and delicious yumm. then later we were stuck in a bit of traffic and we ate cold slices... still SO good. i've never been so happy in traffic before lol! And last but not least, we brought home 2 banana cream pies and 1 chocolate cream pie from our favorite pie burger joint... Nations. srs crush. You should've seen how happy the people screening us in the airport got when they saw our pies. ha. aww... we didn't share. :)

pizza art

so that's a wrap. go to sf for some fun. take something warm to wear, a camera, a bunch of change in your pocket for parking AND splurge a little with some good food. i'm so glad we did.

now lets see how we'll pay the mortgage this month?



Shay said...

This is a gorgeous post. The digital collages immediately caught my attention. Such a beautiful way to showcase your memories on your blog! Did you design the elements? If so, do you sell them anywhere (through Kenner Road in the future perhaps? lol). And thanks for sharing the tips of where to go in San Francisco...hopefully one of these days I will get there.

Sara said...

I just found out I am going at the end of March. I can't wait! I live about 3 hours away, but it is still a crazy fun trip! There is nothing like SF! Glad you had a good time!

Denise said...

Yay for the occasional splurge Debee! It lightens the load and lifts the soul a bit. And some how it all works out doesn't it? Glad you had such a wonderful trip.
can't wait to see your anthro shirt!

Melissa Mann said...

always love visiting your blog! love your creativity and your writing..

have a happy weekend :-)

metrochic said...

you WERE totally sessy. aww. your photos make me crazy happy. i want to be you when i grow up. also, i've got a nice little plan in the works for my etsy and my blog. thanks for the swift kick in the pants. ;) i love you, chica.

ps - tell the boy to call/fb ike about spring training! yay!