Wednesday, December 8, 2010

hello december!

december started off very frustrating. i had a mess all over my studio. and when that's a mess i'm a mess. now both my studio and i are on good terms and in love :)

let's update via photos shall we?

December 4:: ROCK OUT. saturday was definitely a HUGE highlight for us. We both love future of forestry and saturday mr.handsome surprised me with tickets to see them rock christmas music. JOY. Complete Joy.

full band- future of forestry

future of forestry in blue

singing merry songs

future of forestry

merry lights

my man in lights
Even in blue he looks hot xoxo. Except when he keeps shoving the coffee cup in his face to block my shot. that. that's just not cool. but whatevs. i got the shot :) i forgot how amazing live music is. it made me want to bang on some drums again. (mental note: crash guitar center sometime soon for a free drum fest :)

December 5:: Organize & package etsy items. I'm sure i don't have to refer back to the previous post for this ;) but i needed my studio to function again in a better way for my little shop. And thankfully the organizing continued. the show must go on right? lol!  Packaging a few orders got my cheer back :)

belladrummer etsy christmas

December 6:: Visual Transformation of my shop complete. Before the studio closet was just for pretty much everything. Now, it's all for my etsy items. Starting 2011 i have some pretty fun plans for my little shop and a very fun meeting with my accountant this friday to plan for it.  Taking a little idea to the next level requires planning and this little studio needs to reflect that.. and now it does. This, this is what a little corner of my shop would look like if i had my own storefront. It had to be visually pleasing.  Because, ya know... what if you come over or something right? gotta look good ;)

happy studio closet

organizing studio= chaos

All the drawers are filled with items in the shop. Everything is now in one place. I will have to do a complete photo op of all my drawers to show you i really did clean and organize and not just shoved everything in hahaa... but for now, ya just have to trust me. xoxo

December 7:: Add final touches to my little Crochet Garland love. I put the finishing touches on my little festive garland. I crocheted the star and the colorful balls of yarn. The bird I cut from a vintage quilt i scored for $5 on saturday.  Perfect for cutting as it had some damage. but look at the cute vintage fabrics! love!

love & peace garland

peace & love garland

I had so much fun using up bits and pieces of left over yarn for this project. Although it was a bit time consuming crocheting all the yarn balls, halfway through i just wanted to buy the felt balls  i see everywhere... but i don't need another hobby :) I made do and it saved money so it was all good. good times xo

Thank you love for reading through this :)
I have a few questions to answer from the previous post ...

Emily said...

Wow- just in those pics, you are WAY more organized than me. Seriously. You take such great photographs! Did you take any classes or anything? I really want to graduate from my little point and shoot, but am waiting for a small windfall of moolah:) And... I love me some starbucks, too, for a little motivation.

Thanks Emily! I did take 2 classes while in art school. One on the history of it and the other how to print both B&W and color in the dark room. I later taught Photography + b&w dark room developing at a private high school for about 1 year and a half. That was almost 8 years ago! yikes! I worked my way up from the old slr's to a canon rebel to what i have now canon 40D. I was just talking about this to mr.handsome ( as so many friends are looking to upgrade cameras) that if i hadn't taken those classes on photography i would've never upgraded to an SLR camera. I think the more you know the better your photo's will be no matter what kind of camera you have.  Most of the time if you know technique (and photoshop :), you can score better photos all of the time. Trust me, you can do it :) I wish you all the happiness and success love. ps: definitely get some starbucks for a little motivation :)

Maureen said...

I live by the motto that everything is better with a frappuccino. Pedicures, shopping, just walking around, it just improves the moment. I wish I had a little crafty area like yours. I know though from spend more time organizing and putting the stuff away than using it. And most importantly, where did you get that sweater? I love it.

Maureen you are SO right! hahaaa! Which reminds me I need to have a sister date soon so I can do all those things :)  Thank you so much for some studio love. The only reason this works for us is because we have no children. I have no clue what we will do when that time comes. no wait. we're getting rid of mr.handsome's man cave to make room for the kids :) hahaa! i'm so not kidding. Also, I bought my sweater at the fabulous Target. It's one of my all time favorites ( i bought it last year in the clearance section!) Maybe it's the buttons? Or maybe the v neck going on makes me look longer. hahaa. whatevs. i love it too. :)

Emakesart said...

Your studio looks amazing! And I need to ask 2 things...

1. Where did you find the white 6 drawer cabinet? (right side in1st photo) I NEED one like that desperately! and..

2. Where did you get that fantastic orange sweater? I LOVE it!

I also want to say that the last photo of you and your hubby is absolutely incredible!! That is one that will end up a keepsake to pass down to your kids and grandkids, etc. Truly breathtaking and magical!!


Hi Esther :)
I bought the 6 drawer cabinet from IKEA. It's called the ALEX drawer unit on coasters and i have 2 of them. They really do hold a lot and are SO nice to have for supplies and crafts :) ps: thank you kindly for the sweet comment about our photo. It definitely turned out the way i wanted and i plan on treasuring it in my little heart. magical indeed :)

As always thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing yours with me xoxo

I'm off to...
- pick up some starbucks love for my sister. okay. me too :)
- volunteer in her 1st grade class. JOY. lol. kids are funny when they are small. xo
- print these photos and start my december daily....  i'm so behind. i just gotta get it done. plus while cleaning i found tons more stuff to use up. cleaning might not be so overrated as i thought :)

- d


phinner said...

awesome band shots!!!

"very fun meeting with my accountant" ... is that an oxymoron?! ; .P ok, my financial guy is kinda fun too! hee!!!

have I told you lately that you are too cute?!

happy wednesday : .)

Dana Barbieri said...

That garland is the BEST! I love it!

E Makes Art said...

HI! Thank you so very much for answering my questions! I need to get to Ikea...I'm in the middle of organizing and am finally figuring out why I'm not getting very far...I don't have places to keep things so things pile up and drive me crazy. THANK YOU! That cabinet seem perfect! And isn't Target clearance the best?!

I'm coveting your beautiful, happy, organized studio! It's gorgeous! And I LOVE the new garland! Are you going to make any to sell?


Christina said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

Emmelie Lindner said...

Really love your blog!


Bekka said...

These photos are just so pretty! And I love the packaging. Lovely!

Erin said...

sigh. can I move into your crafy closet?

logan said...

I'm rather late seeing this post, but I stumbled across your craft closet on pinterest. Where did you get the upright piece that sits ontop of the ALEX draw unit? I'm in love with your craft space!

Mary Lou said...

Ditto on the upright piece. I love it!

Anonymous said...

Me too - I'd really like to know where you found the top part of the crafty organizer.