Friday, November 25, 2011

almost there

hello lovelies. happy day after thanksgiving :)
i meant to blog sometime sooner yet here i am late as ever but still here. little r is still baking practicing his ninja moves every day. he seems to be getting stronger and faster each day. i'm very excited about giving those little arms and legs of his a kiss soon :)

birthday card for mr.handsome... sometimes happy birthday isn't enough.
i thought i'd let him know how i felt about him :) felt leaves and crazy sewing lines = love xoxo
mr.handsome has put together the baby stroller and each time i go past it i look inside the baby car seat on top and see  how teeny tiny of a space is in there and sometime soon little r will be there too. i get all teary eyed each and every time i go past it. it's so crazy. we've also finished up our last lamaze class, toured the hospital and enjoyed eating out on our last and final date nights for a while. and to think only 3 weeks left. i have SO much i still need to get done and yet i feel like i have another 3 months to catch up on it all. but i don't. and this nesting thing hasn't kicked in hahaa! i'm lagging on packing my bag for the hospital. i haven't finished buying everything i need. ahhh.... so random. even still i'm very thankful for everything. mr.handsome snapped this shot a couple weeks back after a friends baby shower. babies everywhere! hehee. it's nice to not be the only one pregnant and have someone to relate to.

so three more weeks and i'm still trying to decide when it will be a good time to close down the shop and enjoy some maternity leave. being self employed has it's perks working from home and all. but maternity leave is not quite something you get while being self employed. you work or don't. seems to be something i'm not sure how long i need. lucky for us mr.handsome will be home for some time to help with little r and the shop if need be. but for now we've decided december 5th will be our official closing date. if not sooner ( just in case little r comes before his due date). I've enjoyed this roller coaster of a year. I've stocked up the store with last minute christmas items for you to enjoy.

Each order placed from now until December 5 will have a little gift to go along with it as a thank you for everything. :) I'm also extending the free shipping on all orders over $30 before shipping until December 5th. Happy shopping!

Opening up Inspire Lovely early December and now closing it for a bit for maternity leave have impacted my life so much. i'm truly thankful and sincerely blessed to have served every lovely who has shopped the store. I've been more than happy to gift wrap each lovely package for each person. and sending out over 2,500 items out all over the world. it's been quite wonderful. thank you. with my whole heart. thank you. i hope not to be gone for too long but one thing is for sure, i'm missing you already. in the mean time, please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we go through the process of bringing little r into this world.

i'm not as strong as i think sometimes. and i could use all the prayer and love you send my way. i hope to be brave, stay strong and think happy and positive thoughts for both myself & little r. these past couple of months with little r growing in my belly, i've appreciated the role i've been given. this little guy is mine to bring into this world and only i can do that for little r. i can't wait to hold him finally in my arms and meet my new little buddy for life. xoxo

thanks so much for listening...
big baby bump hugs to you

d & little r


Love, Carrie said...

This was a very comforting post to read tonight.....I am sending you warm happy thoughts right now. Oh, and I'm so happy you may be keeping your shop open till the 5th.....I still need to place my Christmas order ;)

Nat @ dear little house said...

Best of luck with everything, and don't worry- you'll get everything sorted in time!

Keshet said...

I can't believe he's coming so soon! Thinking of you and can't wait to "meet" little R on the blog:)

monkeyandsquirrel said...

eeep... just 3 weeks left! this is lighting a fire under my bum because i've only got about 5 weeks left until our little one is due to arrive. the last weeks just fly by so quickly don't they? and i've still got quite a "to do" list to get to as well. feels good knowing i'm not alone in that :)

epipa | Sascia said...

i wish you everything good, that you can get and what you need.
becoming a mommy was such a great gift and the most wonderful thing that happened in my life ever.
five weeks ago, the cutest little baby boy came into our life and once again we are so awed and happy. holding him in my arms is so so wonderful that i find no words for it.

the first sight into your baby's little eyes will be the best moment of your life.

i wish you courage, strength and everything you need for the best adventure of a lifetime. there might be days, because you think you do not manage it, but when you´ll need it, you´ll get it.

the dearest and best wishes for you

ps. you look so wonderfull with your sweet baby belly

Bonita Rose said...

You are so beautiful.. I love your style.. love your pretty life.. your life filled with color, and your beautiful photography and your papercrafting style.. I admire you so so much. I have an order ready to go.. for you.. just need some of that silver and pink tinsel garland to be restocked and I'll be ready to check out soon.. Love you and love to you and your family.. and your new little man that will soon join you...

xo hugs
bonitarose in fargo nd

Michelle Hernandez said...

Hi Debee- I still remember my feelings of WOW when I first spotted your work over at the Hambly blog a couple of years back. I'm so happy your family life is blossoming along with your business. Good luck on the delivery and I hope you have a great December- expect some GREAT days! I'm a little envious- I had my Lola 2 years ago and I already miss her teeny tiny newborn feet- you'll LOVE every second of it!

Jenny said...

I can't believe it's almost here! Pack your bag sometime will not want to talk Mr. Handsome through the packing should you go into labor early like I did! LOL! You will do just fine...labor is easier than they depict it on tv and movies! The nurse will help you through it...don't worry!!! Best of luck!!!!

Denise said...

So exciting. You will be awesome. Just realize that birth is so different for each women and do not put any expectations on yourself to have a "perfect" birth. You ARE strong and will have so much motivation to do this big job coming want to hold little R!! And you will have your husband there with you helping you. Don't worry. It was the most amazing thing I have ever done....twice!

I will be praying for you and your men!
much love,