Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Baking & Packaging

Do you like baking? 
I love cranking up the music and baking for my family & friends. and for me. ;) I would have to admit that I bake more when I'm stressed. Especially during handmade market season. I was procrastinating instead of packaging product I was like,"What did you say Mr.?! You want a double batch of cookies?! You got it!" He's like shaking his head, no. hahaaa! 

But that's what I do and I secretly think my family appreciates all the stress baking. 

I was asked by my friends at Mollie Makes magazine to share a bit about packaging the "goods" and I happily obliged  :) Because you and I KNOW that the Packaging is as important as the tasty treats. Am i right? oh yeah. ;)

( featured in issue 47- back page) First I knew it was going to be a Christmas feature so I gathered Christmas themed embellishments. Stars + gold & silver neutral theme + mini doilies + mini dear & trees ( adorable!).

And if you're a crafty gal like me then you probably already have these. Stamps + glitter + stickers. And you see that photo of my guys? I had to include that in the shot because well it was their first tuxedo fitting and they were just hotties & my favorite photo of them thus far. Totally distracting ;)  Anyhoo, if you aren't much of a baker no problems. I sometimes bake like My diva "Little Debbie snacks " or a box of donuts or pick your fav treat and you have a perfect gift. I really don't know anyone who doesn't like desserts or gifts. And i never want to either. just for the record. lol! not kidding. ;) 

I baked these cute mini cupcakes and oatmeal cookies. I kept getting frosting all over my fingers as I styled the shots and totally ate them afterward. I figured in girl math they added up to one cupcake. and i like that kinda math :)

Do you have cards? I used these small project life sized cards I designed last year to doll up this pretty package. (tags + glassine bags + mini wooden clothespins + sequins via Inspire Lovely etsy)

bag it + box it = they'll love it
Some of my favorite embellishments were christmas ornaments that can be used even after the baked goods have disappeared. Above i included a snowflake ornament  XOXO

Stamp tags and add a bit of glitter polka dots using glue & glitter for texture. I love that they look so simple but definitely add interest and festive cheer. I added more glittery snowflakes + mini trees & deer  and used paper punches to layer up the embellishments. I love using simple glue dots to adhere all the pieces together and for the finishing touch I add a mini glittery clothespin ( via Inspire Lovely Etsy )

Here's a close up picture of the handmade glittery polka tags XOXO
oh glitter. you are SO pretty ! The best compliment is when you hear someone say they don't want to open your gift because it's too pretty. So sweet.

And my last inspiration wall photo from our old studio. Mini trees forever! lol! Do you think I have enough?! I used framed art I made last year. I punched shapes out of black cardstock and simply adhered them to the wall with glue dots. Gotta work with what you have right? So happy. Happy to bake + happy when I give stuff I love to people i love. 

I wish you a stressless Christmas loves. And if you are stressed, bake. jk. 
Don't listen to me. ;)  Happy & Merry packaging and giving!


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