Thursday, December 18, 2014

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I've never been one to be a great blogger but geez, I haven't seen you in over a month! We have moved and slowly making this very old house our home. She has her quirks. We've met several plumbers and electricians in the month that we've been here. I will share a post on a few house updates soon, there's just too much to share I'm also a sucker for really good before & after shots :) 

For now, happy almost Christmas!!!
I've been ready for this season, not so much ready for the cold but hey, I'll take it when I have huge sweaters & blankets to keep me warm :) I hope you are well and enjoying everything good that winter has to offer.  

The shop has reopened and I've restocked both stamps & bags

We also have 7 new stamps! We sold out of the Christmas stamps so I don't have any festive stamps to share :( I just need to remember to make more next year I guess :) The good news is that now through the rest of this week every stamp order will ship with a set of free tags! ( 20 tags ) Its the perfect pairing XO Also, our stamps are made to fit on all the tags available in the shop, for easy crafting XOXO

I've been really aiming at sending more handmade love & notes to my family & friends, even to customers through our packaging. I'm letting go of things I've had for months, years even, and slowly giving them away hoping they will be cherished and used. This obviously has been tough since I have a lot of stuff. Both for personal crafting and for the shop. I do love it all. And yet,  I haven't used it in the last 2-3 years. So I've been packaging it up, stamp a tag with one of the new stamps + send it off.  

Guess what? I feel a bit lighter :) And happier, giving is so much better than holding on to stuff that sadly doesn't get used. It only took moving 30 + boxes to realize that lol! 

I've also been going over our inventory and I love it all... but not all the room it takes up. SOoooooo I've decided to discontinue over 80% of our pretty ribbons and have reduced the prices to $1 a bundle 
(3 yards). I'm delighted to share a good deal with you, so happy packaging lovely. I hope you get some pretty ribbons :) Sigh... don't they look pretty all bundled up? XOXO

And to finish off the deals... I'm discontinuing all the bakers twine from the shop minus 3-5 colors. So if you'd like to purchase colorful pretty twine on a wooden spool (10 yards for $1.25) head on over to the shop and grab yourself a few spools. 

Well, back to the grind for all of us I guess :) Just remember to take a few moments for yourself and give yourself a break XO
Stay awesome!

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