Monday, May 28, 2007

Missing Mrs.Jan

I've been missing Mrs.Jan lately. I'm not much of a card maker, but I wanted to make something for her out of some really cool Amy Butler scraps that I had left over. I, being a very savvy scrapper and hoarder of scraps,made this delicious card out of them. I'm very pleased since I think Jan will like it tremendously. She loved sparrows, not sure if this one counts as one, but it's a cute birdie and it was begging to be put on the card. It's a friendly bird :) I love Mrs. Jan's friendship. I miss her. I miss her prayerful encouragement. Such a very wise friend. So this cute birdie will soon be making it's way to her with a friendly message. Love her :)


norma said...

such a cute card! i'm sure mrs. jan will love it and that she misses u too. you're a wonderful friend :)

jan said...

Dearest Debee,
I am so HONORED. Thank you for the truly enchanting card and sweet sentiments. I miss you, too, and look forward to getting to visit in San Diego sometime in the not-too-distant future. Your creative energy, passionate love for God and all things beautiful, not to mention, your incredible talent, are inspirations to all! I pray God will always use you to reflect His grace and glory!
Your sis in Christ,