Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Can't sleep

This always happens when I nap before I sleep. Sigh. I came home from work super tired and with a headache. Thought it'd be a great idea to sleep it off. My nap turned into a 2 1/2 hour "nap". Way to go me :) So in an effort to fall asleep I started doing my taxes- yeah, they're that boring LOL! Being self employed is ridiculous. I have so many receipts to go through its out of control. I've not been looking forward to this time of the year. And now looking at what I spend on Starbucks YIKES! I usually pay for other friends so i don't mind it at all. (Everyone needs a lil Starbucks lovin' right ;)

So back again to my taxes, I hope for a nice tax refund. I totally had the money all spent in my mind. Earlier today I talked to Mr. Handsome about how much I NEED the iPhone. Or maybe just settle for the new iTouch. Yeah. I'm itching to get my hands on either one because somehow I've convinced myself I NEED it. It's life sustaining. My love for music runs that deep. I have a VERY OLD iPod, hmmm maybe 3rd generation- yeah, no color screen, click wheel, super bulky. Every now and then I have to wack it on the ground to get it going. Serious. The trick is all in the wrist.

So I turn my iPod on (after of course reviving it for the 2,000th time) - Chris Tomlin was my first choice. Then I hear "Let Your Mercy Reign". Oh man. The flood gates opened up. I flash back to my mission trips to Cambodia. Their life struggles I witnessed first hand. The people I met in Cambodia don't have to worry about taxes. But they do worry about daily provisions. Things I have. (A house, fresh water, clothing, medicine, etc.) I think of my little sponsored friend Mario in Bolivia. His picture he recently sent shows him and his little hands, clothes all dirty. I am convicted in every sense. Why is it that I so easily lose focus? When everything I have is not mine? I'm far from focused. So thank God I have taxes to do. Bills to pay. Money to send to my dear friend Mario and his family. This has completely changed my perspective on doing my taxes.

Now I'm not saying I'd never upgrade my iPod. I've waited 3 years with this model (I don't know anyone who's had theirs that long). I bought him just before my 20 hour flight to Cambodia (each way) to keep me from concentrating on my fear of flying. I've never regretted investing over $300 for my iPod. And since then, over 15 stamps in my passport later, I've never flown without him. Yes, I'm fully aware iPods come with color screens and can do tons of cool stuff (Nino, don't make fun on my clunky iPod! :)) Truth is. It's NOT a NEED. I certainly don't want to aimlessly spend my money and that's why I'm still waiting longer to upgrade. I sometimes threaten my iPod that I'll replace him and he magically comes alive again. Silly dude. It's okay to revive my iPOD :) I've got it down. It's okay to not have the latest and greatest.

My Plan: Start saving and pay cash for an affordable iPod (because lets face it, it is an investment and I love that listening to music on my iPod refreshed my perspective. I'm a firm believer in "Good things come to those who wait". Lesson to apply- spend less, save more, and stay out of debt always remembering that God provides. And I'm so thankful I have a little friend Mario that I can help be a blessing to with the little I do have. Off to finish my taxes... I hope yours are just as enlightening :)


dani j. said...

I'm working on the spend less, save more thing as well, so kudos to you!

Kate O'Brien said...

you are such a sweetie buying starbucks for your friends! and i do agree, everyone needs a little starbucks lovin'! :)

i sure hope you get your new phone and ipod. i just got a new pod and love it. i had a super old one too!

amytangerine said...

15 stamps in your passport in just 3 years??? amazing!