Thursday, May 8, 2008


Um yum I made this Layout with the Trendsetter kit over at SIS. It was deliciously purple this month. I usually shy away from both yellow and purple so this was fun. I of course want to say beforehand that I did get a little carried away with the butterflies but really now, who can resist?! I can't :) I LOVE my butterfly punches AND the scenic route chipboard butterflies. On top of that- some STAMPS! WOOT! Sheesh. It was like JJ was reading my mind when she picked the little cuties for this collection. :)

I'm a little late in posting my LO's because I pretty much had no energy to A) make them B) Be creative C) Get out of bed and D) take pictures of them :) Oh what fun. So I'm finally updating after taking a little bit of a break from the art cards. So crazy! I went today to the doctors only to be told that I have a viral infection. Sounds gross but not really. hehee. And guess what? No other remedy for it to go away than plain ol rest and motrin. Well, that burned 2.5 hours of work. AND I still felt tired and swollen. eh.

But of course there is a happy ending. Mr. Handsome came to my rescue. *swoon*
That man is my bestest friend in the whole wide world. He bought dinner (Pho & Thai Tea w/boba...mmmm yummy) and sat with me as we talked about our day and gave me a big warm hug. He's a keeper ladies. Mine :) LOL. He knows the way into my heart.

I was excited about sharing this next layout with him. Since it's really pretty recent. I LOVE the chopstick packaging. I am a unique chopstick user. More like a wannabe. But I got skills. So I kept the package and scrapped that. I also love how it has directions on how to hold chopsticks. So for some reason I thought it went pretty well with this pic of him kissing me. :) Journaling: ME- Hey Handsome, can you come over here and kiss me please? HIM- okay :) He no longer asks questions when I take pictures of odd things like our shadows. He knows me, I'm weird. I think he likes it. My fav thing about us is that we were each others first kiss. Sigh.... so special.Okay enough of the mushy love stuff....LOL

Question: Maybe you can help? :)
I sure hope so. I'm trying to put together something for a tutorial. I have a couple of ideas but they sound to basic. Is there anything you'd like to see as a tutorial? Anything I can help with? Just wondering if you have any ideas on learning certain techniques etc. So please talk to me and let me know k?


::: 52 to go! :::


Her Heatherness said...

I'm sorry you're still feeling ill. :( I hope you feel better soon! The layouts are beautiful, though! :)

You know... as a beginner, I would love to see tutorials on the basics, actually. It can be really confusing sometime with all the stuff available, and not knowing what to do it with it all.

{ Kristina } said...

I love all the cluster on the "kiss" layout. And the picture - beautiful. :D

Louise said...

Sheesh Girl you gotta take care OYS!! :)

Just had to let you know I got my happy mail, and Im delerious!!, thank you thank you! Im so not going to throw away another envelope [lol]!!!

How inspirational are you Girl!!!! My Gooodness!!! :)

Hmmm Im not sure about tutorial topics, but I know at times I would just like to be able to ask a 'Silly Question' or 2 for example what do you change the tension to on your sewing machine if your only doing a thin layer of paper, do you change needles if your sewing chipboard, that kind of thing, oh and what does UUTE stand for, that kind of thing [lol].

Lou xx

Gigi said...

gorgeous stuff as always debee...& i'm so sorry you've been sick..ugh! big hugs from NY coming to you :)

oooh & as a tutorial i'd love to know more about how you choose & layer always do it so fantastically & it is so interesting & uniquely you...i'd love to know more @ your thought process on this...yeah..i'm nosy :)



dani said...

I hate that you were feeling so rotten!

that trendsetter layout is absolutely perfect - love the UO inspiration and the butterflies!

I recently used chopstick packaging in my art journal - great minds think alike ;).

hmmm... tutorial ideas.... I really like tutorials on people's thought processes as they create, why they choose certain patterns and colors together, etc. AND since you're so good with your sewing machine it's always nice to get advice on that since I'm SOOOO clueless in that area!