Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Friday !!!

Yay we made it!
this week has been a really long week for me. I'm getting caught up on a whole weeks worth of work. I took a week vacation last week and played in the studio. And made a huge mess :)

a mess that still looms everywhere.

except the kitchen table :P

What's been inspiring me lately?


wishing and wanting to sit here all day.

sit here lovely

it's very anthro. well, actually, its very beautiful. I love this store. I can't remember the name of it, but i have purchased several items that are from india here. I go once a year with the mister :)

he liked this pillow.
he says it looks like jay leno.

(picture taken by mr.handsome)

hahaa, i think so too.
what do you think?


So about my next Belladrummer ETSY update...
Next update is going to be next Friday!
May 14th at 12 PM (pacific time :)- lunch time is a good time to shop :P

Look for:
- $1 dollar item (plus shipping)
- New art journals
- Lovely & whimsical new garlands
- Fun tags (in different colors)
- New gift box kits ( new boxes!!! I'm really excited about these :)
- I'm selling items I purchased for my reflections class... like blank tickets. (also in different colors)
I have a hoarding problem with tickets. I love them, but i keep them for myself.
except i ordered more than enough for 100+ students I really need to learn to share :P
- New fabric items! I'm so nervous about sewing fabric... but I've got this fun idea in my head i really am excited about.
- and some fun crochet motifs, circles + flowers. I really love these!!! I have to take a picture of the shadow box love i made using these. I sold some of these at the vendor fair and was beyond excited that i found lovelies who love these cuties as much as i do :)
I will be sharing peeks at the items throughout the week.
happy times ahead :)

So thankful it's finally friday!

hope you have a lovely mother's day weekend,


Unknown said...

looking forward! (:
may I know which timezone 12pm is?

jamie said...

can't wait for the update...

Melonie said...

Marking the update on my calendar now:)