Wednesday, May 12, 2010

So yesterday

i took a quick trip to starbucks for happy hour :)
i get to the drive thru window to pay and the clerk comes and greets me with:
WHOA! Hilary swank!!!

i'm like, looking around, laughing, still looking around...where?


he asks, has anyone ever told you you look like Hilary swank? i mean exactly?!?!?!!!
whoa. hilary!

i say no. but i definitely flashback to the episode on the office. where they debate if hilary swank is pretty. hahaaa!
half say yes, half say no.

i say i don't look like hilary swank.

but for the starbucks guy... i did. he kept calling me hilary.
that will be $3.15 hilary.
thank you hilary.
nice to finally meet you hilary.
your drinks will be ready in a second hilary
where are hilary's drinks?!
you are so nice hilary.

obsess much?

clearly a memorable moment.

yep. even if you look like hilary, you still have to pay for your drink. awww. nuggets :)

anyway, i'm very excited to share with you another pretty garland that will be making it's way into the shop this friday:

pretty much my favorite, i added some origami lovin' to this beauty. SO fun! totally brought me back to 5th grade art class. lol

i ain't no hilary,


Ashleigh said...

ROFL!! I don't think you look like Hilary Swank. For the record, I think she's pretty! lol

Bekka said...

I love that episode. Haha! Surely Hilary gets her drinks for free.

Love, Carrie said...

cute are a super beauty, and I'm sure the starbucks guy was talking about when Hilary Swank looks beautiful...but you are not alone...back when I had light brown hair down to the middle of my back, and wore lots of smoky eye makeup, I would go into this same coffee shop in nickname there was "Fiona" because one of the guys there thought I looked like Fiona Apple...geeze I haven't though about that in a memories :)