Thursday, March 11, 2010

i spy with my little eye...

A little birdie

something bright and bold.

And there is a little peak at the picture I was telling you about yesterday :) my fav.

a little birdie garland

love the thick black & white twine. ( twine beautifully handmade from To The Nest on ETSY ) Thank you Kate!!! ;)

updating the shop tomorrow with several spring inspired Package Kits:

Lovely Blue package kit

I would use these for my wedding favors if I could do things all over again. *SWOON*

Lovely Blue

Spring Delight

Spring Delight Package kit

Elizabeth love

Elizabeth Love Package kit

Items were repurposed from Folders I bought a long time ago from Anthro. Except I have too many. And honestly, I think they make better tags :) I also repurposed some envelope security papers and made them into stickers. ( Mr. Handsome gives me piles of them from our mail. I have waaaay too many :) The pattern was begging for some sticker love. And then add a scallop edge. oh yes. love! *smiles*

The shop will go live 9 AM Pacific Central time. Because I was late. Like the little white bunny in Alice & Wonderland. ( which Handsome and I went to go watch in 3-D and we LOVED! ) But I hope this eye candy makes up for my tardiness :)
Lots lots more tomorrow!

Remember, a giveaway starts tomorrow as well. AND the $1 item (+shipping) goes live along with the shop 9AM Cali time.

Have your starbucks in hand. It makes shopping funner. ;P
And get ready to shop loves!



Melissa Mann said...

beautiful, beautiful!

maryboys said...

i just wandered over here from the kenner road gallery. i love your work! it's so different from my own, yet i am so drawn to it. i think the common thread is white space...i love white space. you are adept at more complex, layered pages (with white space) that appear deceptively "simple", i think. it's a skill/gift that i admire:) that's all! lol.