Friday, March 26, 2010

genie i heart you

soft spring light

there must be a blog prompt list somewhere to give me ideas on what to write about. I sometimes have nothing to really post about, but not today! yays

let's say i met a genie, and this sweet blue genie would grant me 3 spur of the moment wishes.... but i cannot spend them on anyone else. And the wishes expire after a day. but hey, one day of bliss is better than nothing right? oh yeah, you cannot make life changing decisions. ( like become a millionaire or marry one ;) *wink *wink mr.handsome jk!)

so i choose:
this outfit from anthro to prance around :P

and this beautiful london of liberty bike from Target all pimped with this cute basket
I'd cruise around the beautiful beach :)

sooo cute!

and me and the mister would have this pretty doggie ( just for a day though mister!!!! pretty please?!)

ADORABLE! oh i could just squeeze this little guy muah! I've always wanted a doogie with these exact cute qualities :O)

so the genie's next stop is you!
what 3 things would you wish for?

happy friday luvs!


Unknown said...

I'd love my french bulldog that I currently can't afford, a super cute and restored VW Beetle, and a date with my hubby in Europe. :)

Bekka said...

I've had my eye on that bicycle too, so that's one. Also, all the seasons of The Tudors on DVD. And cute shoes to go with my Easter dress.

Rhi said...

debee! have you seen one of my fur-brothers? he's a welsh terrier, and lookes EXACTLY like that irish terrier, only he has black and tan colouring.
they are naughty little fiends! just so you know! and whilst they are delightful for cuddling, it it only ever on their terms! if the boy don't want a cuddle, he will just glare down his nose at you disdainfully!
they look like real life teddybears though :)

Denise said...

Hmm...I would take all your wishes Debee! That bike is so cute!! I just bought a powder blue crusier with a white basket from Walmart last year for 80 bucks. I LOVE it. although that paint job on the liberty bike is SWEET. I love the liberty clothes they have to. gorgeous colors.

Melissa Mann said...

beautiful photos!! I really must go to Target to see this new line of stuff! I keep seeing it all over blogland! And what a cute little puppy! Puppies are the bestest :-)

Danielle said...

Target and Anthro, best stores!!!!