Sunday, February 21, 2010

flowers & jOy

made their way to my little shop

- with a cute mini colorful paper garland -
flowers & joy still life

and of course, more handmade love ;)
joy & flowers

i sat and handmade crochet flowers while listening to an Ingrid Michaelson music playlist on pandora such a fun time. ahh... it was peaceful.

give joy*

played with felted flowers & die cut butterflies *** xoxo ***


Inspired by our trip to the farmer's market for flowers & a little joy*
this little kit is about the little things. that deserve a little party. a little special place.
To get your own Flowers & jOy kit hop on over here (only 5 available)

flowers & joy

I'm playing with this lovely tonight ! I'm planning on filling it with still life flower pictures that never made it to frames.
And maybe even some pictures of my little sister's birthday party.
then just for a little fun, add a few lyrics I've been loving as of late

today I wish you flowers & jOy,


Anonymous said...

awww...beautiful, I already have your paper garland in my cart, off to look at the newest.

Melissa Mann said...

just beautiful!!! love the colors!

Natalie Elphinstone said...

I could look at your stuff all day. Lovely colour combinations, beautiful graphic designs. Just amazing!
I am curious to know what punch you've used for those doily/flower type shapes? The one you made the mini-garland out of?

angie backen said...

cute cute cute! especially the flower. i need to dig out my crochet needles and re-teach myself.


Sweet Escape said...

eeeek!!!..just purchased this excited to see it in my mailbox!!!