Friday, February 12, 2010

"R" is for rest


lately i've had all sorts of fuzzy dreams.

sometimes i'm running away from something
sometimes i'm dancing and having fun
sometimes i'm in a foreign country, living and helping little ones
sometimes i'm just thinking the day over
sometimes i'm a mom
sometimes i act like i don't care
and even sometimes i'm just processing the time through
but when i wake up it's hard to remember everthing
i hate when i have a good idea. or i think of something brilliant and wake up to nothing.
empty little head.
i don't like to forget.
but it is what it is.
i guess that's what makes dreaming a little more fun
what comes next, you just never know.

i wish it was saturday
i wish i had a frap.
i wish we lived in italy
i wish i could visit an amazing estate sale
i wish i was something else
i wish i could forgive and forget
i wish i had a bouquet of peonies
and i wish i could have time to make time to relax.

what am i waiting for ?
i just don't know.
it's all a little fuzzy

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Love, Carrie said...

great photo....thanks for sharing :)