Thursday, August 30, 2007

Working like a maniac >)

Can I just say, I love Friday's. I know, I know, today is not Friday...sigh...but I still love fridays >)
Either way, just as the title to this post suggests, I AM working like a maniac. Despite a little headache, feeling like a boat and not finding my creative muse, I AM workin', seriously.

Good thing about today: free Starbucks. No, no. I don't mean a dear friend "sponsoring" my Starbucks addiciton. I mean the guy at Starbucks whom I shall call "Buddy" literally purposefully didn't charge me for my drink! I don't know about you, but that there is a sure way into my friendship list ;) jk. Well, no. I'm not. My friendship can't be bought, it can be sweetened with some frapp love though *smile* See. It pays to go to Starbucks every day of the week! They finally remember you and then they start giving you free stuff- so sweet. Totally unexpected-really. I just want to take a moment and thank God for this little but very tasty blessing as well as my little friend "Buddy" at Starbucks- YOU ROCK!. Thanks people, things are looking up.

So yah! For free Starbucks, and it's not even Friday yet!!!! Good times, thankful for work, In-N-Out with Coco, sweet FREE Starbucks and my devotional with the coolest girls :)

Today: Tall. Passion Tea Lemonade, with 2 shots extra Classic Syrup.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

hello hello

oh. my. Where have I been? I've just about fallen off the face of this earth huh? I've been back from Colorado for some time now. Which is by far my biggest surprise of this year :) Happy Happy times! I'll post some more pictures. But wait, I had such a great time with Norma in Santa Barbara! Aw Yeah!!!! Peace and love!!!! People are so laid back, just was perfect and came at a perfect time to rest and relax, even think ;) Sigh....I'll post some more pics from that adventure too! Norma has some mad biking skills for sure-hehee.

On the scrapbooking side, I've pretty much kept up on my goal of scrapping at least 12 pages a month, I know- seems a liitle bit, but truly, it's so hard for me to get it done. Anyway, I finished up some layouts for the Design Team and am so happy about that!!! Whew! I'll be sure to post some pics of those as soon as I get them back.
I unfortunately broke my digital camera while in SB and now I have no camera :( Oh well, on to a new BETTER camera!!!! Yeah!!! I say that like its so easy huh? Well, I'm seriously looking into purchasing my first PRO camera! :) I am so excited, a little nervous about spending $ of course...but all in all, I think it's for the best.
Well, nothing much other than planning to start celebrating some birthdays around here! Yeah! I love LOVE love celebrating people I love.

Speaking of which, I actually missed blogging to myself >)
I should do this more often, huh? ;)