Friday, July 20, 2012

summer boutique & a great cause :)

Tomorrow my HSM ( Handsome Stud Muffin :) and I are heading up to long beach to be a part of an awesome summer boutique.  Penelope Lane boutique is sponsoring a lovely craft for a cause: Ms.Wheelchair CA foundation and we believe it's such an important cause to support. So that's where we'll be :)

If you can, come and say hi :) 

We would love to meet you and share a smile xo.

I promise we don't bite hahaa. 

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We also will be having a pretty little sale on several items you might love. New garlands, crochet flowers, party jars ;) and new paper kits. 

I for one LOVE these handmade boutiques because i love shopping :)

hey, as a handmade artist, i can appreciate hehee.  And it's all for a great cause xoxo even better xo.

I hope you are having a lovely friday!
woo hoo! 


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

celebrating and baking xo

oh my. so it's been a while :)
here we are and it's starting to look like a lovely 4th of july in our part of the world. It's little r's first and even though he is still working his way through solids he's not gonna be having a pretty cupcake anytime soon ;) but look at this cheesy face! ha! oh he melts my heart. mr.handsome took this shot around little r's 6 month birthday. he's such a goofy kid. kinda like his daddy ;P

and look how fast the time goes! it's july!!! well, i decided enough was enough. time to say hello again :) so i took some pretty photos of some happy baking i got to do last night. patriotic and all xo. 

i used some pretty baking liners from martha stewart + a sugar sheet from Michaels ( I punched stars our of it, mmmm yum edible stars :)

they look so ordinary right?

and surprise! ha! red + white + blue layers of goodness! awesomeness. red velvet, white cake mix  ( i set aside half of the white mix and then added blue food coloring to the rest of the mix. ) perfect.  so happy with it. even better, i had 3 already heehee.

we're wishing you a lovely day of celebration and honor. Thank you if you or your loved one serves in our military. from the bottom of our hearts. thank you xo.

happy 4th of july!