Tuesday, June 28, 2011

mr.rogers & d

i like to make new friends. especially furry ones.
i have a new friend in mr.rogers. our sweet new puppy. he's a handsome little fella and an adorable miniature schnauzer.  he won me over the day i met him... he rested so close next to me... then put his little paw in my lap and looked into my eyes. i was a goner. oh how i love puppy love. he reminded me so very much of a sweet furry friend i had to say goodbye to over 10 years ago. My friend Teddy, who was the absolute loveliest dog in the world, not the brightest but definitely the most loving, comforting, fiercely compassionate friend i've ever known. the day he died it really hurt my heart. he was just shy of turning 14 years of age and it was his time but it just seemed selfish of me to still want him for me. to hold his cuddly face in my hands and give him a few eskimo kisses. just once more. i swore i would not let another little furry friend into my life until i was ready again. And just last week... after spending the past several months a bit too lonely here in the studio. i knew i wanted a sweet dear friend to cuddle with. to make me smile. to share a few happy eskimo kisses once again. xoxo

 i know. we are having a little one come into our lives before the end of this year. i know. we are crazy to let this little furry 7 month old bundle of love come into our lives. but it was perfect timing honestly.  having to say good bye to mister handsome every day for 40 + lonely hours - day after day, week after week, year after year.... for over 2+ years can get pretty lonely. i have no co-workers... and although i do count that as a blessing sometimes :) hehee i also miss having someone here. it's much too quiet. this place although lovely in every way with our decorations and such can get pretty quiet and boring.  enter mr.rogers.  :)  he is learning spanish. he sports his designer martha stewart houndstooth collar. has promised to love everything crochet. plus doesn't beg or try to eat all my food... he comes back and forth from the lviing room to the studio room to peek his little face around the corner and check up on me.  i love this about him :P

he brings drama into my life.
just 2 days with us he managed to get out of our little crate area for him while i was away. he set off our house alarm. police had to come to make sure it wasn't a robbery. and i had to rush back home from a thrift date with my mother to explain this little fur balls adventure.  yes officer... i have this new crazy dog and i have yet to train him. so sorry for having to make you come all for this. but thank you anyway. as the female officer was leaving she made a nice remark about how she loved what we did with our valence and curtains. really nice. i said thank you kindly and whew! what a day!  oh mr.rogers.... thank you.  because you make my everyday memorable.
i forgot how that felt. to make everyday count. to remember little details like this. thank you for making me forget how boring my work life was before all this.  and especially for all your cuddly cuteness i get to hug and embrace all day.  i do believe mr.handsome is getting a wee bit jealous. ;P

ps: mr.handsome named mr.rogers after the amazing and wonderful mr.rogers tv series. ( all of which i slept through as a kid. big smile here -->  :) mr.handsome on the other hand is his #1 fan. in honor of this fact i will be making mr.rogers our furry friend,  a cardigan... and shoes to throw around. his name tag is engraved with his name: " Mr.Rogers :) "

pps: i just wanted to say a big happy THANK YOU to each and everyone of you for sharing in our happy news. our little one is growing right along. we were able to hear a heart beat for the first time last week. It sounded like the cutest little drum :) A strong 165 beats. i keep thinking this is all very surreal. i have to repeat to myself that i am really pregnant. it just seems like a dream. a dream i'm beyond grateful for. the baby is really picky. i have not had a sip of starbucks since i found out i was pregnant. i cannot stand the smell of coffee! what is that?!mr.handsome is so very happy we actually are saving money because of this :) I also miss sushi dates :( i have put in an order the day i give birth for such a meal. fingers crossed :) thank you again for letting me share this new experience with you. next month we find out if we are having a boy or a girl. i have a preference... but you know... only because i've already crocheted everything in pink & red :) xoxo

with lots of mr.rogers eskimo kisses xoxo

Monday, June 13, 2011


you + me + our little one :)

our first family photo xo

So today i am smiling from ear to ear in typing our happy news.

Early april 1- April fools day i told Mr.handsome how funny it would be to tell our mom's ( who of course have been asking where their grandchildren were) as an april fool's joke that we were pregnant.  but we didn't my mom would've not found it so funny & drop kicked me halfway to the moon and back :) but just a few days later we had an answer to a very special prayer come true for us... we were pregnant. and it was no joke :)

we kept quiet. we prayed. we waited. we prayed some more. and we were more than thankful for our little secret. the weeks passed & we got this beautiful little portrait of our little one confirming how cute our little bundle of joy is teeny tiny cute.  ( as per my sister norma's idea...) we waited for mother's day to tell our mom's. I packed a little kraft box with a framed portrait of the the mister & i - sadly we have never given our families our pictures -hahaa oops. and behind the picture frame we placed a photo -just like the one i'm holding in the photo above - tucked behind the frame. It said "hello grandma!" in spanish :)

and we waited. we met my family first. we were at a restaurant and i placed the box in front of my mom. & asked her to open it. She pulled out the framed photo and did the usual Awww.... and then i told her to look inside the box again... and she did. she pulled out the baby photo and she had it upside down :) and it took her a moment and she started to cry. she was speechless. and let me just say that hands down won the best mother's day gift of the year award :)  people. my mama cried the rest of the time over her chicken fajitas like nobody's business. it was kind of sad if you didn't know she was actually crying for joy hahaa :)  so hugs all around. joy. complete joy.

The same thing happened with mr.handsome's mom. she did the aww... with the framed photo & we asked her to look in her box again.. and she took a moment to see & read & then we all hugged with lots of happy smiles. it was wonderful. Mother's day was the best day of this year. Well, its definitely up there with the day we found out we were pregnant :)

from the moment i knew i wanted to date mister handsome... i knew before then he would be an amazing father. And that impressed me very much. You never really think about that when you date. I prayed a little prayer for a husband just like him :)

the mister is very unlike any man. he likes spending time with kids & family. He has become an amazing husband & my best friend. We had the best honest advice ever... wait to have kids. Thankfully we were blessed with 2 years of just us after marrying.  And even though i knew i was getting older... never thought about "starting"a family in my thirties... but God has perfect timing.  And it is all so good indeed.

we are  living a new dream. a happy new start to a new chapter in our lives.  thank you for letting me share a little bit of our story today. i hope it brings a little cheer your way. I am now in my second trimester and we are expecting our little one early december 15 and cannot wait to share more news in the next few weeks as to if our little one is a baby girl or boy.  :)

sending you love,
-d & mr.handsome
and our little one xoxo