Thursday, October 15, 2009

stay awhile

*updated! see below

hello there

Having fun snapping photos around my home. I took these photos with my little seagull buddy Mr. Handsome gifted me for my birthday. I LOVE the grain in the photos. I miss that. I miss film. But I don't miss the cost of developing. Oh goodness that was shocking. I really do have to be careful and plan out some shots to make it worth while. I used to jump into the photo lab and reel the negatives and develop them myself. I plan on looking into renting a darkroom and processing everything myself. I always enjoyed that part :)

I also enjoyed playing with this months Kenner Road kit and having some pictures to create art with. It was so easy this time around. I usually regret not taking enough pictures throughout the month that when it comes time to create something I'm left using the same pictures in previous pages. (I'm such a picture repeater-shame shame i know).

Here are some pretty sunflowers for you to enjoy :)
hello beautiful
And here they are again with a cute little cluster and my favorite little bird. I like how the yellow pops out of the page. xo

I think one of my favorite rooms in our home is our bedroom. It's simple and sweet. I heart that little R!

I just LOVE the bird tags that came in the kit. I cut these little love birds out of one and added them to this page. It makes me want to rest and dream a little. I don't dream too much anymore and I think that's kind of sad. Do you still dream ?
"R" Rest

Me and the mister. I have so many fond memories of my birthday just last month. I'm trying to plan a little surprise for Mr. Handsome's birthday coming up in November. He's such a sweetie. He doesn't like getting his picture taken lol! Even still, he makes me happy :)

***** Updated the shop with the garland mentioned here: click here to visit listing
So last time we talked I had mentioned putting garlands up in my etsy shop. ( If you'd like to reserve one or have a custom one made please e-mail me) I had so much fun I made one for this page. XOXO. So the garland really isn't stitched to the page, it's taped down. I wanted this garland to be free. I couldn't decide if I wanted to hang it or stitch it down so now it's a little of both :) The pictures are just taped down over it to look like they are swaying in the air. The little bits of paper brighten any room.

What's happening around here:
Designing my sister's wedding invitations
Taking more photos
Still working on my webpage re-design
Finishing up a baby afghan. I will crotchet until my fingers bleed. I just started the little blanket yesterday and need to finish it by this Saturday. Yikes! (Wish me luck- lol)

I hope you have a happy week!
bye loves xo

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

festivities & paper

Hello sweets.
I just dug myself out of my studio to share this little cutie I made using the Kenner Road kit. I really need more projects that help me use up my pretty paper scraps and this one was perfect. I think it took more time editing and staging the photo than making the tag lol! Ahh. Hope it inspires you to make a couple.

KR Pretty Scraps

I also made this little paper garland to help celebrate my birthday.

 birthday garland

I wanted to make something very pretty and whimsical. And a garland was the best fit. I just sat down behind the sewing machine and sewed these little beauties together and I think it came out so lovely. Everyone kept asking where I bought the garland. It was nice to say it was handmade. ( psst...I might be putting this in my belladrummer etsy shop soon. I just need to get more shipping info) There's more than enough paper hoarded up in my studio to make plenty more of these. I might make one with fall colors and one for winter... I just loved the welcoming colors!

confetti at it's best

I had so much pretty paper confetti stored up for a while, it was nice to finally see the pieces of paper displayed all together. We kept the garland up for a few weeks after my birthday just to enjoy it a little longer. xoxo so so so sweet.

Lately me and the mister have been making our home look cozy and sweet. See?


We waited forever for the sofa to come in. (Almost 2.5 months) But I think it was worth the wait :) We haven't finished putting the final touches on the living room but it seemed peek worthy. :) Just don't look at the remote and the tissue on the ottoman. I'm so glad the sofa shopping is over. My feet and back were killing me after all the store hopping!

The white, striped and leaf pillows are from IKEA. The Elephant pillow is from my trip to Cambodia. The lamp is from West Elm. The huge floor mirror in the back, the white vase, white ottoman and white side table are all from from IKEA. The sofa is from Pottery Barn. ( The room has changed quite a bit since this photo was taken, will update soon. promise!)

Still making progress on my art studio. Paint needs to go up. I am itching to spray paint all over it. OOOHHH wouldn't that be cool? I'm scared. I totally could mess it up. I keep telling myself to be brave. Very very brave right? It's either spray paint or some sort of wall instillation piece. I'm gonna head over to starbucks later this week and sketch a few ideas out... will share that too.

Hope you are having a happy October!