Friday, February 24, 2012

friendship month xo

it seems all holidays are going to roll into celebrating all month long. that's the way it goes with a 2 month little r :)  yesterday we went to visit mr.handsome and his wonderful co-workers for lunch. we brought sweet presents for our dear friends. a little late valentine's love is always better late than never :P

I made french vanilla cupcakes in gold liners. I dyed the mix a soft petal pink. I bit into the cupcake to take a picture after snapping this shot... i wanted to show the pink cake under all that frosting... but somehow didn't put the cupcake down and just scarfed it down. 


i swirled caramel sauce over the frosting and added a dash of salt ( mr.handsome's idea :) and finished them off with pretty mini pink heart sprinkles ( from jo-ann's ).  they were pretty darn good.  i wish i could send you one. all i got to share is a pretty picture. alas. xo 

we also gave each of our friends a little chevron baggie with 2 dove chocolates inside. i LOVE dove anything. i especially love that little message inside each one :) 

these pretty little bags will be making there way into the shop tomorrow. i love. i adore and i really can't stop filling them with everything and sewing them up.  :)

i added a few tags i designed especially for valentines. sweet love indeed.


i added a bit of sequin love ( also from Inspire Lovely ) for some extra sparkle and shine. love the glam.

we only used the red and pink bags this time but the shop will also be stocked with yellow, black, aqua, green & note book bags. i love color. i also LOVE cute bags. but i love giving lovely packages the most  :)

i can't wait. the shop will go live tomorrow, Saturday and i hope you will come and swing by to wander the shop once again. and just for fun, i would love to give a $10.00 credit to 2 lovelies to our Inspire Lovely shop ( Excludes shipping cost. International entries always welcome. :)  

So you could be a winner! it might be you. you never know, you could win something this time :P 
( i always say i never win anything but i actually did one time! yay for free stuff :)

so with that excitement please leave a comment just saying hi, tell me something fun you've done or share a link to your site to show me something you've made. i love sharing and i would love to see what's going on in your little corner of the world. :) Oh and leave your name and where you are from. i hope to pick one international & one domestic winner.  I will pick a winner soon!


Friday, February 17, 2012

Valentine's XO

valentine home 2012

 i woke up valentine's day feeling a bit restless about what to give mr.handsome as a card to show him how much i love him. I wanted to make him a card just like the one's in the previous post but it still left me with the feeling like it wasn't enough. this was my first valentine's day as a mom & wife and so i got to work on our frame wall in our living room as a gift to both mr.handsome and little r. i played all day :) and this is what mr.handsome came home to.

 our first valentine 2012

it was so much fun going through photos of us with little r. it's been a little over 2 months and boy have we changed. ( i have been saving trims of lace & crochet and made this shadowbox frame using the trims as garlands :) I also designed the cute "hello love" tag just for this frame.


inside the shadow box i added these three cute grey/metallic spools. one for each of us. cheesy i know! hahaa on top & the outside of the frame i added some wee garlands i whipped up, i punched out pink hearts from notebook paper, vintage floral pattern paper and starburst punches from vintage newspaper sheets. little r had fun watching. hehee.

  mister and little r

i've had this mini ornate frame for a while ( thrifted ) and it fit this cute picture of mr.handsome & little r together in our first picnic together. i also added a cute fabric stripe yo-yo i made a while back + a cute zebra i thrifted in a cute bag of dinosaurs for little r. i think i'm going to have fun playing with his toys hahaa!

valentine candles

 i love candles. just not spending money on them ;) so i remembered i had a pier 1 gift card from way back as a wedding gift ( almost 3 years ago - yikes :) and thankfully i was able to purchase a few candles. ( the heart wooden clothespin is from a handmade market and from "mom", pretty amazing handmade stuff!

valentine florals

and how can you have valentine's without flowers? i asked for anything but roses :) we were visiting our local farmers market on saturday and i got to pick these beautiful soft pastel flowers. they even smell so sweet!

 little r & mama valentine

and here we are, my little r. he's such a cute kid. i would like to state for the record he gets that from me. hahaaa! ( frame from melissa frances scrapbook supply )

  zebra love

 more zebra fun. one mama zebra and one baby one for little r.


 i had fun glittering up this duo with sparkly vintage glass glitter. it's much shinier than regular glitter, pretty awesome. and xo for my two handsome fellas. so this was my valentine card for my 2 loves. but just in case i bought 2 packs of baseball cards for mr.handsome, one from little r and one from me :P and guess what mr.handsome bought me??? the breaking dawn cd hahaaaa! i CANNOT watch any of the twilight movies with him! he's always repeating the cheesy/romantic lines in the movie "you breathing is enough for me" and saying them in the most annoying voice.

he's of course mocking the movie and my love for the films. hey, it's a love story. i'm a sucker for love stories. and even in all his cheesiness, i am in love with every bit of my handsome man. :)

so yeah, i'm rocking out to the soundtrack this weekend. i hope you have a beautiful weekend!

love to you, -d

Monday, February 13, 2012

Little Valentine xo

happy first valentine celebrating our first valentine's day with a cutie patootie. i've got 3 valentine's this year, married one, adopted another and gave birth to my new found love. you might know the wee little valentine :) grandma's valentine that smile just melts me. and that double chin makes me gaga :) sweet little r while little r was away playing at grandma's i had the pleasure of playing around with paper. So of course I made VALENTINE cards for little r's grandma, tia and nana. It's so sweet to be celebrating such a fun time with little r. I wasn't going to let this festive day pass us by without sending a little love on his behalf. xo xo sweet love one can never have enough glitter. glittery x's and o's are lovely :) little valentine once i had everything glued down, i used 2 new kraft design bags ( soon to appear on Inspire Lovely shop shelves :) as envelopes and they looked so cute! I love easy and adorable crafts :) kraft stripes love i made a little sewn heart around the edge of one card. ( a bit wonky but i love the quirky look ) sweet love polka dots and i found some heart sequins to add extra charm. is that possible to have too much charm? i think not. hehee kraft bags add some glittery mini wooden clothespins and viola! pretty sweet valentines ready for our loves. on that note, little r's smile is as sweet as candy. And just this weekend, we got to hear little r laugh for the first time! it was ADORABLE! i can't tell you how much my heart wants to burst with love every time i hear him and see him giggle. i'm in love. completely. xo so a happy sweet and charming valentine's day to you! I hope to open the shop back up soon...still trying to balance work and play :) Thank you for visiting and enjoy some sweets for me! xo -d