Friday, April 24, 2009

a new life

the bride

Today, April 24th the year two thousand and nine, I am getting married to the most wonderful and handsome man in this world.
And I am ready.
This picture is from a while back, my dearest Sara is styling my hair for the wedding today. She invited me over for a preview to pick a hairstyle. I picked this one. With the flower in the hair under the veil. And yes those pretty earrings too :)
(all from etsy-fab)

This is my last entry for a while. I hope to be back online by June. (pssst....I'll miss you :) In the meantime, I wish you happy shiny stars in your skies. I'm off to let mister Handsome make my wildest dreams come true and together begin our very own "Happily ever After".


Monday, April 20, 2009

It's all good

Mrs. Ruiz*

This is the week.
Yesterday we had our rehearsal at the park.
Have I told you I'm getting married in a beautiful park? I completely forgot my camera to take pictures. Silly me. I am losing my mind I tell ya. With all the paperwork handsome and I are filling out, sending back, e-mailing, texting etc. I am so sorry for not replying back to e-mails and comments sooner. I will catch up! (let's hope someday :)


So before I started packing I had fun playing with new Hambly. YUM.
I am so thankful that Allison gave me the honor of being Hambly's guest designer this month. I made 4 new layouts and have srsly enough to make about 50 more (with all the product she sent over-so cool!) I can't use it all but I will give it away soon. Hopefully when I unpack it after my move :P And maybe to launch the new blog I am working on. (slowly but surely).

Oh and I shared some of my Anthro love here: Kenner Road Yummy eye candy and future home design details for me and Mr. Handsome.


And how do I love that cute polaroid rubon!!!! srsly the cutest. *smiles*

you can see the rest of the gallery * here *

So much going on around here, but I did get a chance to chill, get a pedi with my sister, starbucks and a bit of a tan :)
I hope the weather stays beautiful for Friday... crossing fingers*

Back to packing my clothes and off to buy some new makeup at MAC.
happy Monday!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

more moving + art = show and tell

i've been staring at my wall of square boxes. My life is in them. And it's getting closer...less than 10 days. Handsome and I are in the loan paperwork process now. We had a thorough inspection today of the condo. Everything is ship shape. I found some big fat lady bugs in the now I told Mr. Handsome that he can't cut them :) Save the ladybugs! hehee. That's what you get for marrying me...sucka. heee.
So on Monday I had the day packing boxes ( I'm trying to get over the extreme allergy case I got from all the dust) and no wedding planning. (everyone needs a day off. srsly.) So I went looking through my pile of boxes for my KR kit. and I found it. i LOVE it. and can I just say every month, EVERY MONTH with out fail. KL amazes me with these pretty pretty kits. sheesh. so cool. I have some paper love to share with you...

I'm having this sit by my guest sign-in table. I hope me kissing mr.handsome doesn't offend anyone. because really, i heart him. and it's only cool if i kiss him :)

I had a Martha Stewart shadow box hanging around and thought it would be the perfect touch to display some of my loves. Mr. Handsome, Some yummy vintage ribbon, crochet flower and the small pretty metal frame. cute*

An art page about my love of photos and how taking pictures makes me happy. And more aware of what I like and don't. But never to be too afraid to not take a picture. Sometimes I freeze up. wait a little to long. people stare and I shy away. I'm gonna be braver. rawr. >)
I had a tube of pink paint open to see if it still worked...unfortunately i layed it on the paper and some squeezed out. so I just put a plain paper over it and smoothed over the paint on the paper. not such a bad mistake. ha!

YAY for happy perfect days. I have scrapped this pic before but I hate to throw out those little index prints. I wrote the beatles song "i wanna hold your hand" over and over again around the picture.
today was perfect
I took a swirl piece of chipboard that comes with the kit and layed it over the journaling paper. I sprayed right over my typed journaling. Then I added the word "perfect" with the rubons in the kit on the KR exclusive fabric. sweet how it worked out. and i didn't mess it up :)

On this page I wrote about how eager I am to finally make a home with Mr. Handsome. we have such different and some similar tastes. I think it's very exciting and can't wait to finally see what our home will look like!
Using the same swirl piece as the previous layout, I did the same thing with it. Just sprayed right over top of it and flipped it upside down and did the same thing. I made a bow with the ribbon and sewed it straight onto the paper to make my title. cuteness!

These next 2 happened in this same order. This is my entry to the beautiful Nikki's circle journal. My favorite happy place is my art studio. I can't wait to set it up in our new space!
art studio
I used the shiny vellum in the kit and traced around the chipboard butterfly ( i took the design off of it :) then I cut out the butterfly and sewed it right over top the chipboard shape. Easy adding in dimension.

Now in this page I used the same paper I cut the butterfly out of. I just placed it behind my picture. and sewed it on.
I also used the black jenni bowlin piece the buttons come with. Love the little bit of black peaking through the bottom of the picture.

Just thought I'd share a little since I've neglected the wee little blog. Hope this loooooooong post is somewhat helpful to you. Now go have fun!
happy wednesday
and less than 10 days ack!
(jumping up and down)

Friday, April 10, 2009

sweet dare

pretty veil

if you married with a veil...
i dare you to go get your veil and put it on.
take a picture.
prance around the room
dance and swirl around in a pretty happy mood
and be pretty.

i just am crazy over my veil.
i got it here: pretty pretty
and I just cannot wait to wear it.
so much so that i wear it while I pack.
yep. I'm packing up my books, my art, my studio. my life. while wearing my veil.
hey. free country :)

ugh. sosososososososo nervous.
it's a good de-stresser though.
and just to prove it i took pictures.
laugh all you want my loves. it's worth it

nothing to do

in 2 weeks i will be walking down the aisle.
two weeks
hay ya yay.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

happy happy april


hello april. you are my happy month. you hold my little wedding day. my stress. my anxiousness. my lack of patience. and my moving forward with purchasing a condo. (we signed a contract just yesterday and I turned in the paperwork earlier today.
happy april fools day.)
i hope the bank isn't playing any tricks on us :(
because the condo we signed a contract for isn't even for the one I got all excited about in the previous post. nope. the bank backed out on that one. :( and we got all sad. and now we don't easily believe everything the bank says. boo.

but hey, everything is in His hands.

so as of late... I've been putting together pinstripe kraft boxes for my cupcakes. with cute little doilies inside :) My mom is making delicious favors for my little wedding. chocolate covered oreo cookies. awwwwwwww yyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaah!

we are going to gain weight and be happy.
yes yes.

i have not made any art. my brain is fried. my thoughts are all over the wedding right now. 24 days to go. and we are happy.

Handsome and I had our first bridal shower this past Saturday. I wore my cute yellow anthro dress. *sweet*
and we got lots of lovely gifts. I mean hello, you can never go wrong with gift cards!!! yay!

So's all about change and i'm ready but not really. you know? like, sure. yep. I'm getting married. dude. I'm ready to start my married life to the wonderful and amazing Mr. Handsome. We clearly know what we are getting into. After dating for over 4.5 years and being each other's first boy/girl friend. perfect. we've had out ups and downs. the reality is. he loves me. dangit. and i kinda like the guy ;P

but no art at the moment. just putting boxes together. and countless to-do lists.

praying. waiting. worrying. anticipating. and i know I will forget something. like forget to pack! ha.
watch that really happen.
so anyway. here's something I did for last weeks creative therapy.
It's all about learning faith. i feel like i am just a baby in so many levels when it comes to growing my faith. living it is a challenge on the daily. and I am learning to strive to grow it moment by moment. little bits at a time. perfect? never. but every little bit helps.

learn faith

ps: i trimmed my hair :) and i kinda like it. and my veil is coming in this week. from australia and from etsy :) double love.
AND it has scalloped edging. ack! srsly.
geez i can't wait.