Wednesday, May 25, 2011

catching up

seems like a loooong time since I've been here to say hello.
And it's very much because it has been such a long time. but i couldn't let may go by without sending a warm hello your way. hello lovely :)

earlier this month the handsome man and i packed up inspire lovely and hosted a booth at the awesome Queen Bee Market. Lovely handmade is the best. We enjoyed the vendors & shopping :)  

mister handsome again proved his amazingness by painting "our" thrifted finds from last month into this wonderful weathered vintage white.  Scuffs and all... i LOVE it ... i mean him ;P

i couldn't help myself. the day before the event we had a date at our local farmers market & we bought these beautiful ranunculus.  * One of my favorite flowers * I knew immediately i wanted fresh flowers in our booth. they are both lovely & inspiring it seemed fitting :)

i think i concentrated on decorating rather than selling hahaaa. mr. kept looking at me like are you going to put the items to sell out now? *blushes* i do get distracted easily when i have some pretty flowers & sparkly butterflies. it's a girl thing... yes?

even our little business cards had a lovely spot next to a bowl of our favorite chocolate (Dove)... although mr.handsome has never met a chocolate he wouldn't eat. i hide all the chocolate :) hahaa.

pretty new tags & lovely colors. it's meant to be xoxo

fun times. more decorating & cheer amongst our treasures.

and finally back home.

The studio has gone through some spring cleaning updates & changes with a new fresh coat of white paint. so long aqua breeze walls. white on white is in & i love the fresh & clean appeal.  My desk now sits in my corner love to make way for this beauty. 

i might need to raid the anthro sale section for some new knobs this weekend :) i've got a few to update hahaa. I have a major crush on the cubbies. I have been wanting something like this since forever and found something similar on pottery barn but too expensive for the size. this beauty is outrageous with deep cubby space & all the partitions come out to change the size of each space. not to mention i paid half of what the price was for the one in pottery barn and got both the top & bottom pieces. score! i can actually say i learned a valuable lesson. * insert shock face from mr.handsome ---> patience really paid off thank you thrift store lovin'. *kisses*  now to fill the drawers & organize the rest of the studio. ... cleaning never really ends at spring does it?


more pictures to come once i have filled & decorated.
if you need me... this is where you can find me xo

the loveliest day to you