Friday, June 25, 2010

warm and cozy

these past few days I've been getting some yarn love in with this pretty little blanket.

A clean work space makes me super happy :) All while watching the telly... productivity is awesome.

clean & pretty work space

okay. so it doesn't always look this clean *blushes* but it did when I first started, then you know, life happens.
Especially since Mr.handsome and i eat at our coffee table regularly, i always have to push balls of yarn aside etc. hey, he married a grandma. lucky guy. :P

crochet circle love

A new ergonomic hook makes whipping up a pretty blanket so much easier. I kept asking myself why I hadn't purchased one of these long ago? Maybe it was the price tag. But it was sure worth it. My arms are extremely delighted. :)

summer day love vase

A little bit of sunshine coming through the windows... i know I'm perfectly crazy for crocheting in the hot summer like days here in san diego. but hey, i think it was worth it :)

have a look:

my dear luna

I am so very happy with this little blanket. It turned out to be a cute 40 x 40 inches big. I am pretty happy thinking it might be the perfect gift for my little girl someday. I have this thing now to start making my little one cute things out of yarn. It's pretty much an obsession. This was the first thing I dreamed up and I am so very happy to say that it turned out just the way i dreamed it. Bright and happy. Now my only fear is that in say 70 years after i'm long gone or something :) my kids will give this away to goodwill or amvets. I'm okay with giving other blankets away that I too have purchased at a thrift store for $2. But not this one. Oh goodness! AH! can you imagine?! Spending what seems endless hours lovingly making something only to be found at a store for way less than it's worth?! I have forewarned mr.handsome and our nonexistent children. now mr.handsome of course pointed out something i completely never thought about.

if our kids end up anything like mr.handsome, he is always hot. I mean yeah, he's hot and fine in a handsome sexy kinda way but hot like he NEVER needs a sweater or blanket. oh. that would be devastating.

on the other hand, if our children are anything like me and need a blanket not just for keeping warm but love the safe feeling of a soft blanket, then we're good. Here's hoping right?

Here's hoping they are sentimental like me. Here's hoping they think about me making the blanket for them. Thinking about what they would be like. Hoping they love it as much as i do.

I think i should better write it down in a will or something. :)
just in case. ha!

crochet obsessed lover,

Monday, June 21, 2010

sharing some skillz

pink ninja style :)

i love paper.
mixed in with pink ninjas?

awesome :)

The rules for some giveaway lovin' are here

Some pretty cool stuff up for grabs plus i love free stuff. yum indeed.

I made 2 embellished paper clips from the pretty fabric in the kit. I simply love making the cute fabric flowers. Love !

I kept everything pretty easy and simple here:

{ rest. }


this picture always makes me sleepy tired* sigh. nap time anyone? *smiles*


{ inspired }

I wanted to make an inspiration board. except I don't have a place "permanent" enough for it yet. So I simply decided to make a picture one. I gathered a nice simple ledger paper, ( in the kit ) had already printed out some cute mini polaroid sized pictures ( these will soon be thank you cards for my belladrummer etsy customers, cute huh?) i love bakers twine so I used that as my "wire" ( that mini spool makes me ga ga for it every time ). Some washi tape love, and a splattered paper doily for some fun. It was so much easier to create this page than i thought. Since nothing is "permanent" or adhered down in any way it was so relaxing to move things on and off the page. Editing has never been more fun :) Of course the embellished paper clip is holding bits of pretty ribbon love.

*Snap a picture*
I made this into a postcard size and will print it out to write on the back quick thank you's to lovely friends, family and etsy customers :) This can easily be snuck into any inspiration board and last long after you change it up over and over. Here's to staying inspired and aware of all the pretty little things around us.

lovely thoughts to you,

Thursday, June 17, 2010

playing pretend on the fly

On Monday morning I jumped out of bed anticipating the start of a fun new and free sewing class. First come first served admittance. I flew down the freeway with hardly any morning traffic and crossed my fingers then entire way in hopes of a spot in this class. I figured... not a lot of people are interested in sewing right?

Boy was i ever wrong. There was a HUGE line spanning the entire second level of the facility with over 100 people waiting to be admitted. Both young and old, men and women. It was SO cool to see that I was so very wrong. I loved it. I felt like i was amongst my people. Bringing the old school craft magic back. *insert hi 5*

I wait listed at lucky #13 and off I went back to the car trying to figure out what to do with my morning and the rest of the day.
what to do? what to do.

I was in serious need of some inspiration... so off to Anthro I went!

I called mr.handsome to tell him the good news. off to anthro mister! yay!
his tone full of nerves. :) he gets that way every time hahaaa!
he kindly reminded me just how little we had in the bank. bills to pay. mouths to feed. yeah yeah. i will shop with my eyes only -promise!

So I had to get creative. I entered the store, enjoyed the beautiful colors, the patterns the textures. oh my. oh my.

{ I sat in this beautiful chair }

{ leisurely flipped through this amazing book with pure eye candy }

never paying attention to shoppers passing by. Just sitting, relaxing and taking it all in. I felt so rested. So filled with ideas and color. It was wonderful. I also managed to purchase the least expensive thing I've ever purchased at Anthro, the little chemistry glass jar on the lower right hand side of the "R" photo in the previous post. Mr. handsome was baffled.
Heck, he almost went into a state of shock.

So off I went home after a lovely morning... but then i realized, i hadn't been thrifting in a while. Goodwill seemed to be beckoning my name. Something pretty and sweet was waiting for me :)

I could not resist.
Please allow me to introduce my new-to-me prized possession:

Sweet little Blue Shoes

Adorable right?
They are less than 2 inches in length. I was so thrilled! The cobalt blue! So stunning. The little windmills, the pretty little details. I was smitten indeed.

cutie shoes

I also purchased the green little cup/vase (pictured) for only $1. score!!!

I realized only later I had seen the SAME thing earlier at anthro! look:

love love love

fancy that

So i quickly lined up to pay. Holding my treasures close to me in my little hands for fear someone would snatch them from me. The lady in front of me was thrilled at them. The lady behind me was even more thrilled oohing and ahhing. The cashier held the pair of shoes up for all to see and exclaimed "how CUTE!".
Yes ma'am. and now all mine :)

Of course mr.handsome came home after this pretty little photo shoot and gazed at them.
finally remarking: My grandmother had something like that.

really? can't you just agree they are cute? i mean look at them. really. xoxo

lets just pretend he didn't say that shall we?


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

framed :)

R framed

hello hello :)
You don't know how happy I was reading your comments about our new frame wall. :)
I think it made me even happier knowing it inspired some new frame project in your home too. Thank you kindly xoxo
Now as promised, better pictures of said framed wall and some close up shots along with detailed particulars to help you along with your project.

close up  left

Embroidered Red bird in frame .25 cents thrifted find.

Frame Risers each $16.00 from Pottery Barn

Set of 7 Vintage inspired Keys $19.00 from Pottery Barn

Small Black frame on sale ( from about 5 years ago) $2.00 from Pier 1 Imports

Framed Vintage Fabric (Red & Yellow) thrifted find for $1.00

Framed Butterfly a purchase from my trip to Ho Chi Minh Vietnam $2.00

Framed Hand Drawing ( A charcoal & pencil self portrait of my hand I drew back in collage. I'm still surprised I kept it this long )

White & black mini frames on sale at Target ( back a 5+ years ago )

Metal "R" $16.00 from Melrose Vintage Originally the letter was off white, but never fear, a little spray paint love made it so much brighter :)

Ribba Shadow Box Frames price range $9.99 to $16.00 from IKEA

I'd like to just say that even if you don't find "exact" frames now in stores, just wait a bit. Shop thrift stores for inexpensive frames. Back in the day I hadn't yet started shopping at thrift stores. I know very well now, I should've. I would've saved money and I love saving money :)

sweet notes

Just a little close up at a shadow box frame I put together in less than 5 minutes. Don't think too hard about what to fill your frames with. You know what you like. Chances are you have "stuff" you love laying around your home already. Give them a new fancy place to shine in a frame :) I love doilies, vintage paper & buttons and a roll of vintage measuring tape. I simply put all the papers, picture and even the doily together with simply scotch tape. Then dropped in the buttons and measuring tape for fun.

camera right

And just for fun, a little book & origami love. I thought my little seagull would look nice sitting amongst pictures.

I also had some questions regarding my little corner love in my studio. I have most of the item information in this post here

Now get your cute little hammer out and nail your heart out!

I wish you the best and most happiest framed wall ever

Friday, June 11, 2010

sketch + frames = love

for many years now I have had this hope and vision of a wall full of fun frames and photos that was jagged and loved. I shopped every sale for frames, probably more than 30 + frames have been hoarded for the past 5+ years.

and not one was ever hung.

even though i worked in an art gallery for quite a while, helped curate a few shows and even set up the whole thing... i had fear of doing this on my own. but never fear! mr.handsome to the rescue!!!

yesterday he dared to trust me with this crazy sketch.

i made a rule... no more buying new frames. make it fit. and it's okay to not use all of them :)
we have plenty of walls that need frame love. xo

to say i was not scared would be a lie. i was scared. so very scared! I guess because actually "dreaming up" something is totally different than actually "making it happen". I kept asking myself what if it doesn't look like I want it to? So many years just dreaming.

we nailed it. i helped with my little mini hammer :P

I hammer like a girl. ask mr.handsome. I'm surprised he didn't laugh. lol

oh sweetness. I was SO very happy. I kept asking mister if he liked it. but really? I mean be honest please!

we stepped back. a few more steps. looking. seeing. liking. loving our new little wall.

happy smiles. :)

we tore the paper sketch down, i need to fill the frames with our pictures and i am in love!
so funny how just a little wall frame can make it feel more like home. my home.
I will share better pictures with you tomorrow. We are having a sweet "happy home" party and celebrating out first year here. Family, friends and home. Perfect.


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

idle hands

pretty hook

i love sitting and crocheting as much as i possibly can. I'm not sure what I used to do with my idle hands before I took up crochet.
eat more?

I bought fresh peonies while at the market. a sweet gift for myself from Mr. Handsome
I like buying special things like flowers and thanking him later for it. He gave up buying flowers for me a while back. I am a lover of only a few certain kinds of flowers :)

Yesterday I noticed they were on their way out. I decided a spur of the moment photoshoot was in order!

peonies in season

nothing like celebrating some time off with a little fun playtime.

my lovely work area:

play time

so very happy to take the time and be perfectly quiet. Crocheting my little heart away. Gazing at a pretty bouquet of flowers, making a lovely gift out of soft yarn. softly and quietly following the rhythm of my crochet hook.

i'm a crochet kinda girl

i need more of these moments :)

The peonies are now gone, my project is near it's finish and I am so thankful I got to share them with you too.

sweet thoughts to you,

Saturday, June 5, 2010

playing again...

playing it up in a clean studio.
the drawers are piled high... yet clean and organized.
I might get some pictures of it just for proof that I can keep a clean studio both on the outside and inside :)

but breathe deep. mmmmmmm...


so much is being donated. So much is still being played with. And this month is no exception. I am playing the role of guest pink ninja this month. What a fun title :) I've always wanted to play a ninja.

SO to show off my ninja skillz... i made these pretties

{ dream big little one }

dream big little one
Journaling reads:
dream big little one -xoxo
we celebrate you chicki xoxo ***

She's my favorite little one. Actually she's my only little sister so I have it made. She's fun. She just graduated university a few weeks ago and we are beyond proud of her accomplishments. Except that she lives in Tucson and that's just not right. *wink*

I basically had a doily I had cut a butterfly from inside the center. Typed journaling on a separate paper and snuck it in behind the doily. There is a sheer grey tule behind the entire design and i love it. Gives it a bit of texture and dimension. I also love the hipstamatic app for my iphone because of those cute frames. So adorable. really.

I got crazy with this one. Decided it needed some umph and cut a strand of the tissue garland (also pictured) and made it play with the paper. I think they like each other. And of course... some crazy sewing lines for a nice mix.

I'm pretty happy with it since it really doesn't scream " I'm a graduation page!" hahaa!

{ my best buddy }

my best buddy

look no further for the world's sweetest dog friend. Honestly, i keep trying to steal him from my dad. I like to call him mine. :)

I first added some white & gold spray paint lovin' to the page. Followed by sewing the canvas/fabric flowers onto the page in circle motion. Then add the embellie love around the 2 pictures. ( you can see my iphone shadow & hand on the lower left hand side of the left picture :) I kept the journaling simple. I added text on a manila tag ( from my belladrummer shop) and tucked it in behind some ribbon on the bottom of the page. voila. lucky deserves more art pages i think. he actually likes getting his picture taken more than mr.handsome. so that could work hahaa!

{ love you more }

love you more

mr.handsome... i love you more than baseball :)
i love you more than the padres
i even love you more than ruby's garlic fries
you light up and make me happy
even your silly i don't really want to take a picture smile...
yeah i love that too. -xo

we recently went to a baseball game. i . am not. a fan. of baseball.
i. do not like. to sit. for 3 + hours. bored.
i pretty much only go because mr.handsome loves it so much.
AND for the garlic fries. :P

I softened the background design with white spray paint. Some stencil love and some paper pieces around a teeny tiny picture of mr. handsome giving me "the look".
i took the picture anyway.ha!

{ good things }

good things


try to find a balance
let go
move on
be free from it all.
good things ahead **

i had these butterfly templates which I also used for my classes at reflections. Just cut out some butterflies from the paper kit. Made a pretty yoyo out of the fabric also in the kit. And made some little puffy flowers out of the purple fabric in the same kit. Just so pretty. i usually never use flowers on my pages so this was a welcome change. Picture also taken with my iphone. Simple. Love. simple. these days thats all i want. I'm pretty happy with the "fuzzy" unclear background. I think now looking at it it sort of looks hazy. exactly my feeling in the photo. so weird how that happens :)

so happy to be creating again.