Tuesday, May 25, 2010

color party up in here :)

color party...

oh color,
Sometimes we hide from each other.
we're a little shy.
but i like you and you seem to like me too.
i invited you in and you took over my little corner.
so sweet with your new tissue garland, your lovely peonies and your very pretty crochet bag.

I've enjoyed our little color party all weekend :)

not only because your color welcomes in happy smiles
but because it's been a good distraction to all the spring cleaning that needs to be done around the studio *wink*wink*

i like a color party break time ;P

about every 10 minutes or so.

ahhh..... so pretty. we even had a sweet visitor to play with.

blinging out her graduation cap.
we had so much to celebrate!
my sweet little sis was in town and graduated from university over the weekend hooray!

ahhh.... good times.... good times indeed.

color party break time over,
so much going on in the studio. New work chair, new rug, and some new storage to keep this place looking pretty & sweet.
but all i can do is stare into this little corner and day dream :)

sit and stay a while please,


Thursday, May 20, 2010

miss me much?

missed you

hey hey :)

ahhhh blog land how are you this beautiful thursday morning?

I am wishing it was friday again, but i always do that, even on mondays :)

these past few days have been a little lonely here in blogville. but i assure you i am still here.
Yesterday i finally did something about my CTS. I met with my doctor, discussed options and ended up with a referral and two shots in my back for pain.

I will be honest. Life has been a little rough these past few days, even these past few months. CTS seems to be winning some days. And other days I feel pretty good. The only problem was that I was having more bad than good. And by bad I only mean to say, pain wise. I'm not by any means a pill popper. I am afraid of that being my only solution. Fighting the fatigue on my arms had me worried about so many things physically, mentally and even spiritually.

I am not perfect. But i am okay with that. I just want to be healthy. :)

I even faced my fears with surgical procedures and at the last minute, had a quick out patient surgery yesterday :) hooray for me! And, I was all by myself, I didn't have to pull anyone from their work time. I simply waited with mr.handsome on the phone. Calmed down, and three stitches later, voila.... limpy leg and all, so very happy to be a little healthier.

So here I am, after a mini blog vacay, back in business. I still had fun sending out pretty packages from my little etsy shop. And who would have thought that those cute little circle motifs would be a big hit?! I sure didn't expect that. But I did enjoy some much needed crochet time :) Thank you from the bottom of my little heart. I am very happy to say, that even in these tough days, I do still enjoy what I do. Designing, crafting and running my little shop.

here's to more good days :)


Friday, May 14, 2010

Come on in :)

my new art journal :)

The shop is live!


hope you are having a nice lunch today, I'm off to plan a little mother daughter workshop tomorrow.
Playing with paper never ends :)

Hope you have a beautiful weekend,


Thursday, May 13, 2010

crochet paparazzi ;P

kiss me xoxo

these little ones know how to work it. How can they not make you happy just looking at them right?


i made this little shadow box love after a few custom requests to put together some crochet love. I was nervous. Not knowing for sure if they would be loved as much as i love them. Enough to buy kinda love. And for me, enough to let go :)

But they were and i am so happy to offer these pretties in my shop starting tomorrow.

crochet circles
circles and flowers = love xoxo

crochet flowers

I have been asked to make a kit for this, so that it comes with everything you see in the shadow box, ( minus the mr.handsome of course ;) So I will take your thoughts on this pretty please? Would you be interested?

i'll love you long time :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

So yesterday

i took a quick trip to starbucks for happy hour :)
i get to the drive thru window to pay and the clerk comes and greets me with:
WHOA! Hilary swank!!!

i'm like, looking around, laughing, still looking around...where?


he asks, has anyone ever told you you look like Hilary swank? i mean exactly?!?!?!!!
whoa. hilary!

i say no. but i definitely flashback to the episode on the office. where they debate if hilary swank is pretty. hahaaa!
half say yes, half say no.

i say i don't look like hilary swank.

but for the starbucks guy... i did. he kept calling me hilary.
that will be $3.15 hilary.
thank you hilary.
nice to finally meet you hilary.
your drinks will be ready in a second hilary
where are hilary's drinks?!
you are so nice hilary.

obsess much?

clearly a memorable moment.

yep. even if you look like hilary, you still have to pay for your drink. awww. nuggets :)

anyway, i'm very excited to share with you another pretty garland that will be making it's way into the shop this friday:

pretty much my favorite, i added some origami lovin' to this beauty. SO fun! totally brought me back to 5th grade art class. lol

i ain't no hilary,

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

candy in a jar

today i wanted to share with you a new addition to the belladrummer etsy shop: pretty butterfly embellishments :)

i have a jar full of buttons that have been sitting around for ages, i decided to share them in this sweet form. Hopefully not only eye candy but also embellie candy for your art and whatever else you can dream up :)

been busy with the spray can and paint brush, and i am happy.

this weekend has been such a wonderful time with family. i hope you had a beautiful celebration too. In the picture below you see a flower pot and that was our gift to my mom. She loves flowers :) I love the colorful medley. Seemed to pair well with the new paper garland also going into the shop. I decided to make the garlands bigger and added some felt circles, i love playing with felt! Also some pretty tickets, paper punches and some happy cardstock.

This pretty garland is still hanging in our kitchen making me super happy every morning when i step into the kitchen to put together mr.handsome's lunch. Sigh* color. it's the best therapy. ;P

and because i love you, i also wanted to share my other form of therapy.... STARBUCKS :P

so if mr.handsome come's by looking for me, you know where i'm at hahaa

hoping today is bright and happy for you with some blended love in liquid form,


Sunday, May 9, 2010

feliz dia de las madres

happy mothers day 2010

to all the mama's out there, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!!

this year i am most thankful for my mama & mr. handsome's mama.

this year being on our own, we can really appreciate the upbringing we received from our mama's.
I especially am thankful for mr.handsome's mama.
she taught him well :)

he's so respectful of me, my body, my mind and heart. I love that he appreciates my role as wife. I am a equal partner in this marriage. I am his and he is mine. this is all taught by action and not just words. I know his mother plays a major role in who he is now. And i do agree he is the most perfect son :) (with perfect feet and all- i hate that he has perfect feet. and his mom tells everyone so they know it :P )

someday, i too will be a mama and hope to live up to these two wonderful women in my life.
but today i am very thankful for all the mama's who instill respect, love and compassion in their children.
today, i am reaping the rewards of a man well taught by his mama :)

counting my blessings,

Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Friday !!!

Yay we made it!
this week has been a really long week for me. I'm getting caught up on a whole weeks worth of work. I took a week vacation last week and played in the studio. And made a huge mess :)

a mess that still looms everywhere.

except the kitchen table :P

What's been inspiring me lately?


wishing and wanting to sit here all day.

sit here lovely

it's very anthro. well, actually, its very beautiful. I love this store. I can't remember the name of it, but i have purchased several items that are from india here. I go once a year with the mister :)

he liked this pillow.
he says it looks like jay leno.

(picture taken by mr.handsome)

hahaa, i think so too.
what do you think?


So about my next Belladrummer ETSY update...
Next update is going to be next Friday!
May 14th at 12 PM (pacific time :)- lunch time is a good time to shop :P

Look for:
- $1 dollar item (plus shipping)
- New art journals
- Lovely & whimsical new garlands
- Fun tags (in different colors)
- New gift box kits ( new boxes!!! I'm really excited about these :)
- I'm selling items I purchased for my reflections class... like blank tickets. (also in different colors)
I have a hoarding problem with tickets. I love them, but i keep them for myself.
except i ordered more than enough for 100+ students I really need to learn to share :P
- New fabric items! I'm so nervous about sewing fabric... but I've got this fun idea in my head i really am excited about.
- and some fun crochet motifs, circles + flowers. I really love these!!! I have to take a picture of the shadow box love i made using these. I sold some of these at the vendor fair and was beyond excited that i found lovelies who love these cuties as much as i do :)
I will be sharing peeks at the items throughout the week.
happy times ahead :)

So thankful it's finally friday!

hope you have a lovely mother's day weekend,

Thursday, May 6, 2010

celebrate and feast :)

5 de mayo love
so last week i had this idea to celebrate cinco de mayo with some carne asada fries.
Mr.handsome and i are silly people. (i just like to lump mr.handsome in with me so i won't be the only looney :)
now, usually we don't do anything for cinco de mayo. We are mexican. but it really isn't the same celebration everyone else is having... a drinking fest. I wanted a nice dinner at the table with something we hadn't made for dinner before.
Carne asada fries :)

now, mr.handsome is all about food. so he didn't hesitate to agree. hahaa

so yesterday as i was preparing the carne asada fries for dinner, i looked over at our dinner table and it looked kind of sad. Empty and not so fiestaish. So i ran over to my studio, plucked a happy garland i had made and added some sunflowers mr.handsome bought me last week for our anniversary and ta-dah! a little pretty still life to have a happy fiesta under :)

no mariachi music.
(oh my gosh we are not crazy for that kind of music ;P)

enter mr.handsome from work and mmmmmm.... yum. it smells good.
let's eat!

but of course, i had to take mona out and snap a few photos.

Now, mr.handsome, can you move my purse from the other chair in the back?
wait, can you move the chair out of the picture. it's in the way. thank you my love!
hold on, i need to adjust the camera setting.
alright, smile. no. not like that, maybe a little happier?
no. that's cheesy. oh. never mind.

you can eat now :)

i know. let the man eat already huh?

well, hello. somebody has to take a picture of this pretty feast :P

hope you are having a lovely week so far, i'm playing catch up and honestly need a little break already. hurry friday. hurry!


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

a weekend of chaos and fun

So after surviving my first teaching stint... I am happy tired.
I could not have successfully taught my classes without the help of my wonderful sponsors:

To The Nest Etsy
Kate packed 125 little packages full of twine from her shop. She is absolutely amazing. And this twine was everybody's favorite treat!

Allison is such a wonderful person, she donated sheets of yummy hambly overlays to my classes. Absolutely a fun product to play with.

So thankful to Lauren and everyone over at MAMBI. They donated the chipboard album kits i designed. It was fun watching everyone play with the kit. All that hard work payed off :)

Cosmo Cricket
A happy and fun group of people and products. Perfect combination :) I love cosmo cricket.

Scrapbook Oasis
And a special thanks goes to Susan and Karen at Scrapbook Oasis who put on the Reflections event. I had fun shopping with you lovelies! *smiles* And never have i met a team of women who work so well together. very inspiring :) ***some of you have been asking about purchasing a kit for my class. All the remaining kits are being sold by Scrapbook Oasis. There is more contact info via their website link here.***

And Suzy Plantamura.She saved my life this weekend via her sewing machine. I cannot thank her enough for bringing in her own sewing machine and letting my students rock it :) It was a much better experience for my new to sewing students. I even got some feedback from people who were going to buy a sewing machine after taking the class! yay! good times :)

I also loved meeting the teachers, Kelly Goree, Kelly Purkey, Elizabeth K, Katie W, Maggie H, and even though i didn't get a chance to meet Danielle, i'm sure she was just as lovely as the rest of the gang.

And last but not least... my Mr.handsome.
you are my bestest friend in this whole wide world. you can lift me up like no other. you make me laugh (sometimes at you. but i still laugh :) and you make me feel more confident in myself. Thank you for believing in me. In my art. In us. Thank you for sticking by me through this whole teaching adventure. You were the best part. I love being around you. i love scrapbooking your coffee plate. i love that you never sweat the small stuff. or the big stuff. you are my deep breath. my chill pill. i love you mister mister. from the bottom of my spray painty heart. xoxo

and to celebrate, we took a day trip up to see mickey mouse (again. thank goodness for the 2fer passes)

here we are in our spiffy cool 3D captain EO glasses

About to enjoy "it's a small world" can't get that song out of my head! hahaa :)

inside the ride, there are pretty funky suns. (My mom loves this ride. She makes us all go on it about 4-5 times. can you imagine? hahaaa! )

hello mickey!

such a pretty castle.

i love all the arcade lights

it was nice to relax after a busy weekend. All the crazy chaos was worth it.

now back to work for me :)

i will announce a final date for my next ETSY update this week. I'm trying out some new fun stuff. Playing with new items i just ordered and having fun in this little creative space. so thankful for right now.

oh and happy cinco de mayo! :)


Saturday, May 1, 2010

i love my students :)

teaching has been SO much fun!
i just finished up teaching my second class and almost 50 students have rocked the spray can !!!
The majority for the first time too woot woot!

its funny that i get excited over this. but it really really just makes me giddy. I love watching everyone's reaction. most are good! although we all kind of get light headed from the smell :P

so 2 more classes to go tomorrow and I'm done. I'm so thankful Mr.handsome has made the trip with me. I cannot imagine being by myself or without him. we had a vendor table at a faire held here yesterday and we set up my belladrummer etsy :)

can you guess who outsold me?


hahahaaa..... he kept saying it was because he has better jokes than me. and that he's funnier.
go figure.

and he totally feels comfortable around 125+ women. totally.

i love introducing him to my classes as Mr.Handsome. and ladies are calling him "Mr.handsome". hahaaa!
but his comeback is...."i call myself Mr.handsome." no big deal.
ha. ha. ha. : l

funny looking is more like it.


oh boy. good times.

right before i left for reflections i played with the JBS May kit as a guest designer and the kit included a cute house chipboard kit.
and i had to make a little bird house for my little studio. Maybe make a friend with a cute bird next? :)

little bird house

know any cute birds?

little bird in studio

i also had some of the garlands I made for my etsy shop hanging around the bird house. i used left over bits and pieces from my classes to put these pretties together. they all sold at the fair last night and are now off to pretty new homes. thanks to mr.handsome and his amazing jokes & sales skills lol! i miss the garlands. sniff sniff.

here's a page i made to share my favorite form of therapy. Retail therapy :)

journaling reads: decorating this little corner of my world has been my favorite form of therapy. ***retail therapy*** xo xo

and because this is the page i most relate to at the moment:Patience
Journaling reads: Patience is not my virtue.


i'm not a patient person but i am married to the MOST patient person in the world.

we make an interesting combination :)

still have so much from the kit to play with. hopefully i can get back home and play soon. watching everyone here take the classes makes me want to take a few! they look like so much fun... off to get ready for a warm bonfire and some smores mmmm yum :)

sending love,