Friday, June 22, 2007

Faith Scrapping in progress...

I've been listening to lots of great music that is inspiring some faith scrapping. Some songs I've had on my iPod for a while now and just so happen to love more today than ever before. Lots of Jennifer Knapp, Hillsong United, Jars of Clay and Chris Tomlin. Wow, such a great encouragement. So awesome to call them my brothers and sisters :)

These layouts inspired by Jennifer Knapp songs:

and this one too:

In my Small Group, we've been studying on trusting God with our burdens. I took some of my favorite verses and scrapped them so that I can have a visual reminder of them. This is turning out to be more of a prayer journal than anything. I'm excited about learning the verses when I scrap, I just keep reciting them the entire time I work on the layout. I'm enjoying scrapping and journaling Bible verses-the best of both worlds :) It's definitely a huge embrace just when I need it.

Faith scrapping:

And it all started with this one:
(Found this verse to be perfect for what I feel right now)

So that's the progress now. Anytime I feel insecure, in doubt, or just scared, this helps so much. Being creatively inspired to reach into the Bible, grab a verse and hang onto that promise for dear life. Lots more to come I'm sure, lots and lots more.
Take chances. Live. Trust. And always love.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Summer Colors

Summer is definitely on my mind. I love summer colors. Can I just say I think I got really crazy with my summer layouts. I usually shy away from color. Even in what I wear. Black or grey baby >) Hehee. Lately, it's been less of that and a lot more of color. These layouts were fun, totally goes with how I felt at the time. Surf classes were so cool. Thanks Norma for your inspiration and pictures! PS: I got some great BasicGrey news today so I will post about that later :) Very cool...very cool!

The blue pattern paper is my fav. I wish it was a cool towel design. And I'm sure you can tell that holding that foamie was KILLING ME!!! I think I was telling Norma to hurry it up because that board weighed a ton! Well, after 3 straight hours "surfing" (I really never got up :) Waaaaaay to LAZY. Just chillin' and relaxin' in beautiful SD. PS: Totally jazzed up the color of the water. The water is a really icky green. But doesn't it look pretty now after I fixed it? hehee. I wish.

Not really excited about this one... kind of seems a little crazy huh?
Oh well. I think it shows that I was in a hurry :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

My Sweet Karina

Such a dear friend you are to me. Thank you for letting me give you these gifts...I truly enjoyed making them for you both. Turns out, during this time, they are a true testament to God being true to his promises. Things will work out for the best, as long as He is in control. Thank you for reminding me of that-I treasure you both.

(I think you made Chuck blush)

(Always Remember)

I just love how I got to see your friendship grow into this! So romantic.
(So perfect for each other)

Someday, just maybe :) I too will invite you to share in some of these wonderful moments.
Hmmm....have you seen my Prince? :)

Smile Pretty Girl

Who is this little cutie?
My little sister Gabby. Awww... so cute :)
I love it when you smile (like you mean it)
You get your looks from me ...hehee. Ha!
jk-didn't mean to scare you >)
love ya Chicki!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Love is- ALWAYS

Some more FaithScrapping...I've been memorizing this verse for a while, been working on being like LOVE would truly be. This is a life verse and I think it really applies to any relationship. Now I'm glad I'll have it to remember in a very visual form. :)


My goodness I'm loving UNITED! I made this layout last night of Meli, Norma and my adventure at the UNITED concert in May. YIKES they were so awesome. A kiss from above. :) sigh...I can't get them out of my car CD player or my iPOD on my iHOME-play on Aussies. I really wanted them to bust out some spanish during their worship--->Si, Desde el interior, Dios eterno tu Luz por siempre brillara! I love that we are rocking to these song in Spanish service. LOUD and PROUD. From the Inside out just me me cry-a good cry of course. So many times, while I'm playing drums I just want to stop and clap and lift my hands. I got to do that at the concert. On the other side of worship...thank you God. Con mi fe, te exaltare! Con mi amor, te exaltare! Con mi ser, te exaltare! Kiss Kiss UNITED :)

Saturday, June 2, 2007


It's been such a crazy week around a great way. Norma and Aaron: Thanks so much for your prayers and wonderful encouraging words! Wow I need that and I give you both a high five for even posting! I don't ever post-never ever. I owe you a post :) YEAH!!! So a "surprize" for all of us, thanks to Sara. (Thanks Sara, had a great time today!!! mmm...greek food & a sweet friend-delicious!) I bought this ball and I found all these really cool surprises. Love the gold foil bird. And check out my bling ring in a shape of a heart. Hmm.. makes me feel like I'm 5 again. Sara helped me splurge by taking me to Coronado and to this really cool Seaside Papery. I thought the little saying "Sticks and Stones..." is really cool. I think I'll use it for some scrapbook paper or something. the possibilities :) Alrighty, gotta go rock the drums at practice now for Sunday. Ciao!