Thursday, December 22, 2011

happy little one

hello lovelies :)
With a full heart I would love for you to finally meet my squishy little baby. He's my new handsome little stud muffin. I cannot believe he is so sweet and adorable and all mine :) After 9 months of waiting it still amazes me that he was in my belly this whole time. Kicking away, growing, waiting for the perfect time. And he came and it was all not as bad as I thought it was going to be. During contractions I kept trying to smile through them. I mentally pictured little r in my arms and counting his little fingers and toes... one little piggie, two little piggies, three etc... and boy did that help me keep focused. I started contracting late thursday, all day friday and by saturday morning i had enough of waiting for the contractions to even up we just went to the hospital anyway :)  thankfully mr.handsome helped me through the entire process and we made it out alive :) 

Thank you SO much for your words of encouragement... i definitely channeled positive thoughts and prayers throughout the 12 hours of labor. I might have proposed marriage to the epidural doctor and maybe to a nurse or two. ;) But in either case, Mr.handsome and i are both bursting at the seams with pride and joy over our little man. He smiles after every feeding. He makes the cutest little noises. and he has the most beautiful happy eyes I have ever seen. little r has been getting so much auntie & uncle love around here. I still feel his newness. That's my baby. that's my little guy :) even at 2 am in the morning hehee.  this new chapter has been good so far. i'm looking forward to everything with anticipation and a bit of nervous excitement... but oh so thankful for every moment of every day. thank you for sharing in this personal journey with me and sending words of hope and comfort.  baby kisses to each of you 


little r + happy mama

Monday, December 5, 2011

let's play...

debee at 38 weeks

spot the pregnant lady :)
last week mr.handsome and i took a fun trip to target for some popcorn & last minute maternity shopping. Okay, so we also bought a chocolate chip cookie & soda... but i will say i shared with the mister and it was all his idea :) jk.

So as I was wandering around trying to settle on new maternity items i have no idea about ( ie nursing bras, etc -SO confusing ) and picking out a new outfit for the hospital leave ( because you have to keep some cuteness and i don't want little r to think i'm a huge mess.) ... i walked past a little 4 year old girl holding onto her mothers hand and walking next to her grandmother. not even 3 feet from me the little girl stops and points and says... look mama that lady is REALLY pregnant!
i'm right in front of you kiddo.
and i feel like you just spotted a whale.
but thanks.
i just smiled and looked down at my huge belly.
yep. can't miss it.

- even though i can still see my feet.
- have only one cankle ( my right foot flares up for no reason and looks like an elephant foot-sexy right? )
- still fit into my boots ( okay, mr.handsome has to help put them on & take them off - it's so pre-school!)
- i wake up 4 times every night. no sleep. tinkle business. extreme back aches. ( i miss sleep )
- my face cheeks look more like i'm a part of the chipmunks gang. extremely hard to hide. thank you for not mentioning it. :)
- i still refuse to purchase any maternity clothes. even the pants. i wear my jeggings and the bellaband like it's my uniform. i am 10 days away... can i make it without purchasing one bit of maternity pants?! fingers are crossed...
- still trying to walk 3 miles a day. so far it's been good, despite the cankle :)
- and what do i do instead of packing my hospital bag last night? bake 2 batches of oatmeal cookies. i mean really. they were so worth it. except i have yet to pack my bag.  it's like i don't want to :) hahaa. afraid? yes. nervous? yep. excited? oh yeah.  in my defense. the bag + my clothes etc are both out and waiting to be packed. it's gonna get done. i just know it :P

The mister + Debee + baby R

so 38 weeks, a few days shy of 39 weeks. 10 days to go. the mister and i have been enjoying spending time together. we saw the muppets movie and everytime we do something like that i say awww... this might be the last time we do this or that. etc. i hope we look back on just us in a very happy way. ( thank you to my mister for agreeing to take another self portrait photo, above. I know he's not a huge fan of having his photo taken but man he looks great :)

december brings us to our birth month for little r. We celebrate our 3rd anniversary just a few days after that. but most of all, we get to enjoy our first christmas together as 3 + :) can't believe it!

I almost forgot to mention something totally fun :
Inspire Lovely was featured in this issue of Mollie Makes:

What a wonderful magazine and such a lovely place to be featured in. This is our little shop home. It's going to be fun fixing it up while on maternity leave and bringing in new things into the shop. We've already begun to jot down ideas of new items & things to feature for the shop. Some exciting stuff is happening in 2012 :)  and to think little r will be hanging around to enjoy it too *smiles*

So closing time... if you have any last minute items to purchase today is your day. After tomorrow Inspire Lovely will be a little quiet and sit waiting until Jan 2012. It's when i hope to come back :) but you know, it might take a little bit longer. Lets hope little r is good to his mama. :)

I am working on little r's birth announcements...hoping to share soon...thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement! I'm printing all the comments and keeping them in my journal to have when i go into labor and need some extreme words of hope. :)  

love & big mama belly hugs,
debee + little r
& my cankle. ;P