Saturday, July 5, 2014

Paper playing & kit love

I've been holding onto these photos from Mother's Day and waiting for a layout to magically come together. I had laundry to tackle and a million other excuses but I branched out! I'm not usually a 4x6 picture girl but this Project life page protector was calling my name. I printed the photos here at home. What's funny is that i hung the page protector up in my laundry nook. Washi taped the thing to my cupboards while I did laundry. Pondered a bit. Moved the pictures & cards around. Pondered a bit more... and the page came together ! All this while multi tasking lol!  NEVER happens. it's quite an accomplishment. but hey, a girls gotta do laundry AND get some paper crafting in. :)

My favs from the page above are using the stamps in this kit and made an intro/ title card using a simple piece of white paper that I pre printed my journaling on. I stamped the shapes on to add a design to the card. I love it!  I also love the pic of little r and I.  i have to ask for kisses from my little cute punk. he then wipes his mouth. The irony here is that HE's the one giving the sloppy messy kisses and WE have to wipe the kisses/slobber off. hahahaa! I think he saw everyone he gave a kiss to do this and now he does it. its sad. but i do love those sloppy kisses. Also, if you're in the san diego area and hungry, please do yourself a favor and visit Soda & Swine . My request this year to have my mother's day dinner and we really enjoyed it! Also, had to include a picture of my mother's day present, a huge succulent! I scored this beauty from Home Depot and it cost less $6 and she's bigger than my face. pretty awesome.

i was at michael's the other day on the hunt for different project life page protectors and I came across a small package of them. I love this smaller look mixed in with the 4x4 picture size. Still small & still cute. So i filled the page up with a few cards from The Make It Lovely kit and printed my photos to 4x4. I even got a bit crazy and added a few graffiti specks like I used to do on everything i used to make. reining it in a bit and love the clean contrast with the specks of grungy black.  Sometimes as a mom i have to celebrate when i "dress up" because i almost aways look mangy. hahaa! So this page is about my new digs and my loves, my little r and a fresh bouquet of peonies. So lovely. Too bad i can't grow peonies. and that they aren't a year round flower, i think they're the worlds most loved flower. or at least instagram's lol!

And our leisurely page. LOVE the mix of 3x4 sandwiched in between 2 4x6 pictures. this is just us enjoying the beach one dinner night. stopped off at a drive thru for some hamburgers + had a fun time resting, playing in the sand and watching the sun set. Ironically, you'd think because we live in san diego, we do this a lot but we don't. sad but true. i know that this is something we shouldn't take for granted and this day, we didn't. hooray for the little things!

My fav thing was that in the kit i made these pre made cards with gold dots and i added a simple mini picture to it to complete the card. i love quick design :) and the vellum card was a easy peasy. the card comes in 3x4 size, you get another piece of vellum/paper a bit larger than 3x4 sew or glue the edges ( like a U shape around the edges, leaving the top open.) fill the pocket with sequins. In this case i had left over gold circles + glitter + black glitter +sequins and then sewed/glued the top together. To finish off the pocket card you trim the edges of the card to the 3x4 size. It's the coolest. love all that goodness just dancing around the pocket :)

So that was nice, i love sharing completed projects. i've got way to many on my list to finish up but this was fun! I also wanted to share the packaging I created for these kits. I used the stamps in the kit to decorate the mini kraft boxes the paper kit comes in. Then i made copies of one of my favorite thrifted B&W pictures I bought at an antique store of these lovelies sunbathing. they look so calm doing summer right. pretty cute. i also added a fun tag with a bit of fabric on it and tied it all together with a pretty gold cord. Hope you love it!

If you'd like to buy a kit i have the last 2 kits available here with free shipping (domestically) + 20% off  that ends tomorrow night. Hopefully this helps motivate you to print your awesome photos and get some great multi tasking done ;) and some cool pages into your album. 

Happy weekend lovelies!