Wednesday, April 30, 2008

happy day happy art

it's time
you won
a piece of art lovin'
funky line sewin'
silly color combo matchin'
A * R * T *

Happiness to you all!
Names were drawn from my little hat filled with all the comments

*edited to add...*
I made an extra card of one of the existing 12 so now there's 13 winners!

Art cards go to:
Kerry Lynn

fun fun

Yummy RAK goes to:
kelly kayakgrl

LO Made by me:

Ladies please e-mail your addresses to me at:

The little goodies are ready and waiting to be taken to the post office as soon as I get your info. WOOT!
Thank you so much for posting.
Now I have some blogs to connect and get to know you all better :)
I look forward to leaving some lub for you all.
And you know what? This will not be the last of these little art cards.
I think I will probably either do an etsy or something. But not today.
Today I CELEBRATE!!!!!!
I am thankful for connecting with you my sweets :)

lub and hugs to you all!


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

el fin (the end)

I love happy endings
i think this is one of the happiest endings ever
actually, it's more like a beginning for these little ones.
time is close approaching for them to fly
to new homes
to you

art cards:





see you thursday
me and these little ones will be chillin'

you know the rules :) post to win a little card. International posts are welcome and multiple posting is fun. try it. lol.
tell me what you do to celebrate your blog?


:::: 54 to go ::::

Monday, April 28, 2008

it is finished

and now it's time to rest
I've been nesting some delicious art cards
12 little pieces of me
Each one holds such a big significance for me
in this past week that I announced my blog anniversary
I also announced my CTS, my emotional and physical struggle with that
and now you also know my love for slurpees and big plastic turquoise earrings
I have at times had both braces on my hands when creating. And others just medicine to calm the pain
I have gotten so emotional and i see it in each little piece
i love art
i need it

this feels like the time I had my one woman show at my art exhibition in college
I was SO nervous yet so confident at the same time
putting my art out there was the same as putting me on display. I was scared
BUT i was also more assured of myself than I had ever been. Because during the process of creating I found me
my thoughts my feelings my heartache ... me
and i am better. i am reaffirmed
and i am so very happy that i was able to put myself out there one more time
something i thought for sure was long gone way back in the college years

so thank you for watching me grow
and cheering on
encouraging and giving me strength to pour myself out on paper

i want you to know. I have a HARD time letting go of my art. mostly because i'm selfish
and also because i think my family and friends just tell me that they like my work so as not to hurt my feelings.
But you, you are my blog friends. I've never seen you. I don't know what you sound like, never heard the beauty in your laughter or seen you only through your work. thank you for sharing you. I think it means more to give to someone you don't know. And i'm ready for it.
goodnight my sweet muses
i have a big surprise tomorrow as i will unveil the remaining cards
post your heart out.
May 1st is around the corner and I'm so stinkin' excited.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Good Sunday :)

Super laid back
Wore my fav earrings

Went to church
Ate lunch with my favoritest person in the whole wide world (mr. handsome:)
Bought some beautiful yellow flowers to celebrate my dear friends birthday

And ate my heart out at Dlish with family and friends.
And it was HOT HOT HOT
It's not even summer?! yikes. Looks like I'm gonna be visiting my 7-11 every day this summer :)
or just chasing after the candy man in his truck! LOL I do not kid. I'm serious. I've run blocks. And I hate running. But a cold popsicle it definitely is enough to make me run- LOL

and... I made more art cards to give away!
Can I just tell you how reassuring you guys have been. Thanks for listening to my worry little self. I NEVER like to disappoint ANYONE. NEVER EVER. So not the way I roll. But YES! I will gladly and with lots of love welcome international posts! I think it's a great idea to spread the love! Seriously cool idea so post away as I WILL be making sure these little ones make it across the ocean. We're going worldwide baby! :) Just another imaginary way to fill up my passport. (One of my life goals) YAY!!!

Art cards





Okay so off to go make some more lovely cards for you my sweet friends :)
5 more to go! and Remember to post a comment, even multiple times ;0) for a chance to win a card on Thursday, May 1st.
I'm drawing 12 card winners and 1 rak winner AND 1 LO with your pic winner. SHeesh. That's a whole lotta lovin'

you guys rock!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

2-3 of 12

Hooray for warm weather! Hooray for a great Saturday! and Hooray for more art cards!

Ladies, I present... art cards



I have a numbers 4 & 5 but I just finished it and will wait until tomorrow to take a pretty picture to show and tell :)
Today was definitely a slurpee day. I like mine with a coke and cherry combination in layers. mmmmm or should i say.... ooooohhhh ahhhhhhh refreshing LOL. I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far! I LOVE weekends. In fact, I already know i need another one and quick. LOL. Who's with me?!

So making these cards is fun. I cannot tell you how seriously obsessed I am making them. And with each one, i wonder who the recipient will be? Hmmmm..... and how am I going to choose? Or will I just randomly pick where they go to by the all to trusty "innie minnie miney mo" method? I just want you to know that I'm putting all of my heart into each and every little card. i really want to make it as special a gift from me to you as possible! I almost want to just keep them all! NOT! JK! hahaha ;)

And the other part of me is like, what if they don't want that particular art card and want another? I really don't want to disappoint anyone . Awww..I hope the art cards don't get hurt feelings :) I hope whoever the lucky 12 are will love their little card as much as I do. Or just trade amongst yourselves LOL.

Okay, enough worrying.

MORE SEWING! AND remember to post if you'd like to win a card!
Have a happy weekend!


Friday, April 25, 2008

1 of 12!

Oh my goodness! you guys are the bestest :)
I cannot tell you just how excited I am about these little art cards. I mean it. The CTS is getting BETTER :) YAY! I found thinking positive helps and thanks for cheering me on! WOOT!

happy happy me.

And guess what? Having CTS is only making me WANT TO MAKE MORE STUFF! I am having fun working my little fingers out while playing with paper. Therapy. Bliss. And knowing that my fear of having to give it up is so UNTRUE and ridiculous because of the CTS. I don't have to stop. Heck. I won't stop :0 ) Cuz I can't stop-sing it with me!

Alright, so 1 of 12 WOOT! I made another card for mister handsome yesterday and i LOVE it. Gotta give that one to him (for payment as he's been massaging my hands *sweet*) But the rest to come will be up for grabs for ANYONE. Just post a comment and I'll pick 12 winners MAY 1st!!!! YAY! and I'll have a rak I'm still working on as well as 1 page Layout with your picture. A total of 14 prizes! Whoa baby!

I'm so happy! *remember the more times you comment- the better chances to win*. I'm accumulating comments and putting them all in the hat from this week till May 1st 12 PM . Have an awesome and rockin weekend!


Thursday, April 24, 2008

He's trying to tell me something

I think he's that saddest little thing I've seen in a while. :(
He got cranky again yesterday. All he does is make this little humming noise and then shows me his sad face.
So no music for me while I walk on the treadmill. Dang it.
And can you see the popped out ear bud. Those suckers have been around for almost 5 years. Yeah. I'm cheap.
But seriously, you pay 400. for an ipod + 100 for insurance a year later the thing stops working, you go back and they give you a new ipod. but no new buds?! lame.

Okay. So lack of posting is due to some changes from the CTS. Thank you thank you for your comments! They really lifted me up. I'm struggling emotionally with this and hope to not go crazy because of it. Oh wait. I already am crazy! LOL. Check that of the list. So here I am to tell you I have a plan for my blog anniversary in May. Thats totally coming up and want to let you know I'm working on some art cards. 12 of them to be exact. Seeing as I've only 6 comments from the last one, I think things are looking good for all of you ;) YAY!

So yeah. that's the plan man!. You want an art card, just post a comment, say hi or something :) I like that. And if you post more than once, you get more chances to win. That's how I roll. I'm working on a rak to give away AND I will throw in a made by me layout with your photo. I know. That's a lot. But seriously, I'm just so dang happy it's like a birthday coming up. I *heart* birthdays!

And just to go green, try using some magazine pages together to make some art.
Here's mine:

Check out next weeks challenge here: WWC#12
And the rest of the mini book is here: at SIStv
I cannot get enough of butterflies and confetti dots :)
and well, my sweet little sewing machine too.
nothing else new...YET
I'll be back with more art cards to give out!

Monday, April 21, 2008

it's life

happy monday.

made a little somethin' somethin' for both Bex and Sarah B (fashionistas a SIStv)
I am not one to make cards. I will purchase one at Hallmark with the quickness though. Any time. Any day. Except this year I will erase my fear of card making and face it head on. I don't necessarily call these "cards" more like little art pieces. They are one worded. Purposefully because I don't really keep happy birthday cards and hang them longer than my birthday week. So I made some to keep out longer than that. Sporadic yes, but full of happiness.

Here's Bex :

And here's Sarah's:

Both ladies I love and wish all the hope and happiness in this world always :)

I also wanted to mention something. No pitty please, just wondering if anyone else out there deals with the same thing. This past week was a toughie. More physically than emotionally. I had been experiencing some uncomfortable numbness and tingling in my left arm and hand. At night it was the most painful. I went to the doctor on Friday to find out that I have CTS (carpal tunnel syndrome) in my left arm. Funny enough the arm I do not use as much. I work 40+ hours a week as a graphic designer at my church. All the computer work is catching up. So now I wear a brace. Tough to realize at 28 your already falling apart. But like my doctor said- it's a benign condition and I'm 100 percent healthy still. Praise God. :) I'm not dying. At least not yet. LOL. But I wonder what others who deal with CTS do to lessen the symptoms? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

And a HUGE thank you to both Lee & Sandra for nominating my little web space for an award. I keep this space open for people to connect to SIStv, for those who enjoy art to stop by and say hi, and for Mr. handsome to read LOL. But mostly, to meet wonderful people whom I'm sure if it wasn't for this blog I would've never met. Hello friends. ;)

Just know that my 1st blog anniversary is coming up in MAY and I'd be happy to make little "art cards" with lots of love from me to you as a rak. So please post a comment and everyone who posts will be entered to win a card. I appreciate and love you each and everyone of you. And if you have any ideas for gifts I can totally use the help. (since i've never had a blogiversary ;) help me make it a good one! Thanks for taking the time again to say hi. :)

Off to make some tags/ art cards to give away.

much love and happiness for you,

Saturday, April 19, 2008

* Happy Birthday JJ *

I am so blessed to know JJ and be a part of the SIStv design team.
I wish her the best most happiest birthday ever!

Friday, April 18, 2008

d is for...

debee :)
& delish d's that i love to cluster in my creative space
so delightful.

I woke up this morning and this little cluster made me smile.
I love my jars from IKEA. Except in the back of my mind I'm afraid they'll all break because of some earthquake. How weird is that? Being afraid of something like that?! I guess that's what you worry about when you live in southern california. or not.

My prisma color pencil sticks make me happy. I haven't used them in years. I sometimes wonder if i can draw anymore. Either way i'm more of a pencil artist rather than a coloring one, so for now i just love looking at them.

The pearl D I purchased for a dollar at Michael's a couple of weeks back.
the clip is from Kohls. I use that to keep the gatherings of papers together that I'm working on. it's empty right now because I'm on a creative break. it's good to unplug and rest :)

the big D is from work. We had them lazer cut into styrofoam for another project that included the letter d. I called dibs on it and now it's mine.

the little star is super heavy! goodness that little sucker is a weight. I bought that at my local thrift shoppe. Super cute.

And the little metal d inside the glass jar is where i keep my bobbins and thread. I purchased the d at a LSS in santa barbara last summer. and the little clay figure inside with wings is my only sculpture art piece i've ever done. I had the clay piece in my car hanging from my review mirror for ever. and now he just bums around inside the bobbin jar.

the little birdie figure sits on a nest i'm making for it. those strings are from all the sewing projects i've made so far. I can't wait to see it at the end of 100 projects. certainly putting a picture of it in the book i'll make on blurb.

what's making you happy today? I'd love to see a photo of things in your everyday that make you smile.
Hope you all have a delightful friday!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

the office*

from the top:
-4ftx4ft oversized picture I took while in Cambodia in '05
(she's got the most piercing eyes)

-my little clock that ran out of battery sometime ago at exactly 11:44 and 4 seconds
(i kind of like it frozen in time-and i'm lazy to change the battery)

-Passion "for God so loved the world, He gave his only begotten son...Jesus.
my very definition of passion comes from this. when i run out of it,
i just look up and remind myself he's given a lot more --> push
got this sign as a free gift for attending this beautiful conference

-shelf from IKEA- my design magazines-boxes full of cd's more design books-little baby elephants dolls i bought in
cambodia all for a buck- candles-graduation certificate

wall color-sly fox

i love my office :)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

it's the bump

happy wednesday :)

and to add to the happiness, I hope this gives you a little smile.
Yes. You can laugh at my quirkiness :)

My Qui*rky 10
1-tap my nose when i think
2-position everything label side out
3-fix crooked frames no matter where i'm at
4-can't go to the restroom with a clock ticking
5-buy 3 of everything personal hygiene related
6-constantly wipe the condensation off my drinks
7-let slurpees melt in order to enjoy a semi-slushi drink
8-always wipe the ear funk off the telephones before & after
9-don't drink straight coffee but LOVE starbucks fraps every friday
10-write my full name into the cupcake mix with the blender and call it done

what are yours?
i can't be the only one!

:::70 to go!:::

Monday, April 14, 2008

weekend blur

had the BEST weekend this year. I got so many little scrap tags done! YAY! I love making little tags. They don't take up too much space and I get to clip them up anywhere. I made 6 but one was to give to Michelle and forgot to take a picture of it :) oops. The one above is my fav. The rest are here: at SIStv
So one of the highlights from this weekend was meeting Michelle and her gorgeous little ones (Hi Olivia & Kyan!) FUN!!! And we shopped for some scrap goodies (she's got great taste :)

On Sunday I finally got to pick up Mr. Handsome from the dreaded airport. I'm a hero LOL jk. So SO So happy he came back so I can take pictures of him and his feet LOL :) I Love my houndstooth shoes and it looks like they're crushing on his shoes.

And I finally let him take pictures with Mona
I don't really like to be in the pictures!
But it's cool. I get to see stuff from his perspective.

It was a sweaty 86 outside so we went to my fav ice cream candy store.
You know the place where the ice cream guys shop?
Well, there will be no running after the ice cream truck for me ;P
LOVE it. Get to shop in bulk AND for WAY cheap!
Bought me some Mexican candy-delicious!
And the best part about this wrapper, it's not only pretty, you can put perfume on the label and stick it to your skin and it makes a pretty smelling TATTOO! SA-weet!
Man, good times
How was your weekend?
I'm so ready for another
hee hehee

::: 71 :::: to go!

Friday, April 11, 2008


is Friday :)
I LOVE Fridays.
I wish we didn't have to work on Fridays
I called in work and told them I wasn't working on Fridays anymore.

I stand firm on my LOVE for Friday's and wish to make them official holidays!

Of course, I was only talking to my sweet friend at work who answered the phone and laughed a sweet little giggle when I told her.
But don't you wish it too?
Or is there something else you'd like to declare a holiday for?

Come over to my place and play some Wii with me :)

have a happy friday!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I miss him

I woke up at the butt crack of dawn (4:15) to take Mr.Handsome to the airport. No worries. He'll be back. I made him promise. I mean, who else will I scrap? LOL But here I am, a cinnamon dulce frap & french toast sticks later: I'M STILL TIRED.

For now, I have my fav picture to date of US. MOst of these pics are self portraits. I'm super weary of handing off Mona (camera) to ANYONE. Including tall dark and handsome people. So for now, shadows are perfect. And yes, I had to ask him to kiss me. But who cares. I got a picture. And not a single one of his cheesy smiles :)

But I won't be a tease.
I'm gonna share my LO's I did with the same pic.
I'm so sorry you have to see both. But really, I needed to do another one with the same picture after I was inspired by Kerry Lynn. She's amazing! She is so wonderful and beautiful and artsy. I LOVE her work.

So this is before KL:

After KL:

I completely recommend taking classes online. Especially from KL. I'm super positive this will make you happy :)
Heck, i'll never be the same.
::: 76 :::: to go!


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

it's been slow

but slow can be good.
And slow can also be super bad.
Especially when you HAVE A TO-DO LIST piling up.

On the other hand, I did finish 2 more layouts that I need to take pictures of and share. Both I'm adding into my (coffee style) book idea at the end of the year. :) It makes me smile and seriously makes me want to create more stuff. I'm usually not like that. I usually fall into a pit of despair when faced with unreasonable goals/expectations. But this one. Well, this one is different. I get all excited when I see the papers and my sewing machine waiting for me after I come home from work. Tried? Definitely. But lately I've been choosing to keep the creativity flowing. And for some reason, 100 didn't seem unreasonable and still doesn't. I'm on my way!

::: 78 :::: to go!

I hate throwing away paper. In fact, I sometimes really hate giving perfectly good paper away just because I don't think I'll ever use it. So I've been using more of it. I did some spring cleaning and found a whole bunch of half sheets so I decided instead of just giving them away, I'd use them. It felt SO GOOD! And this seems to be a theme right now for me, the paper strip thingy/style- but it will pass. I'm just happy to play and sew and play some more. I just noticed that theme :)

Go green people. Don't throw any of your scraps away k? LOL

I've got several challenges I want to get to.
Which ones are you doing?
Maybe we can play together :)

Monday, April 7, 2008

Not today

I can't believe it.
I got up early.
Went to work super early
Had a long list of things/projects to design
and NONE were finished
somehow some of my plug ins went missing.
like they forgot to come back from their fun weekend off

what's up with that ZWAR? (my mega Mac daddy computer's name)
And all he said was...

go figure.
a reinstall later and now another program error :(
here's to a better and much happier mac tomorrow

Saturday, April 5, 2008


I'm going to be honest about a creative goal (100 things mission '08) in my life that's causing all kinds of change. Last night, after I finished my LO for this weeks WWC #9, I noticed something funny I thought I'd NEVER ever change is completely taking a turn for the better. I'm referring to my strong dislike for the color *Pink* *cough*pewk* :)

Umm... okay- I DON'T like pink. EVERYONE who knows me knows I VERY much DISLIKE pink**cough*pewk* But at the start of this year, I purchased a sewing machine and then after that found a LARGE amount of pink *cough* pewk* thread during a thrift find. (which I am gladly using in my sewing projects)

First off, I hope you can't tell how much I can't stand the color pink. Either in my work or in my wardrobe and living environment. I talked about changing your FAV color. Well, pink**cough*pewk* will never be that :) JK. Okay- so I'm LEARNING to like it. and that my friends is a big step.

Let me explain why I can't stand the color.
I wore it out from my 1+weeks to 17 years of my life. My parents had such a huge impact on what I wore. So I give them the credit for this dislike. :) And for the fact that they dressed me in excessive amounts of it in the most awful + fluffy + bright + itchy+ flowery dresses. (Which is another strong dislike-I hate dresses. And i think it has something to do with being a drummer-LONG story) AND add to that the Pepto Bismol Pink* of bedrooms to go with the ugly dresses. For pete's sake people I was wearing PINK L.A.Gears! AAAAAAHHHHH! Tell me I wasn't the only one!? I so can't be the only one :)LOL

So change is SO gradual. But I'm starting to see pink in a new light. I see it loves orange. It seems to get along very well with red and I appreciate it's friendliness. I've really liked this fun experience of sewing and crafting and creating. It really pushes those boundaries you've set up for NO particular reason. Other than the uncool flashbacks to the butt UGLY pink dresses-pewk.

Ah, one step at a time.

:::79::: to go!

Thursday, April 3, 2008


I completely believe this.
For you.
For me.
It's all in the beauty of faith.
I see it.
so let's do it- jump out of yourself
be brave, be bold and GO for it!

I was going through deleting duplicate files on my computer last night. And I came across this picture that reminded me of something super important to me. This picture is my shadow in Santa Barbara last summer.
I was going through a very difficult time personally (hence the vacation :)
I really needed to believe that things would change for the better. I really love butterflies. When I saw this chalk drawing on the sidewalk while visiting the Missions, I was reminded of the beauty in change. Just like a butterfly- it goes through several stages in life-transforming from one to the next.

So let's change things up. Try something different when creating your next LO. Change your fav color. Change your Starbucks order. But do something/anything to change what makes up YOU for the better. After all, how will you know until you try,right? ;)

Change the frown to a smile :) Because today we can fly. Happy Friday!

my red shoes

I'm channeling my Dorothy right now
I'm tapping my toes
I'm closing my eyes
I wish I may I wish I might
please please please
just let me play in my studio all the time :)

okay. I'm not quitting my day job to be a poet.
**and yes that is a picture of me standing on my chair.
I LOVE standing on chairs- it's fun, try it :)***


for now, I leave you with a digital image of a piece I made back in college. WAAAAAAy back then I was experimenting with photography and computer design. Took the blurry pic of myself with an oversized camera and scanned it in. Also took a pic of my finger print/signature on one of my paintings and scanned it in. then played ALOT in photoshop.
And presto! Funky crazy me.

Have an awesome day!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Shop till ya drop

Doesn't that just make you smile?
Buying new papers and embellies?

Well head over to SIS and get yourself some new papers and stuff to PLAY! LOVE to play. Love love love it. JJ and her SA-weet crew have been working so hard on the new boutique and it is just fabulous! Way to go JJ! She's making a prettier place for us to shop in :)

I also wanted to thank you for your sweet comments. Man, sometimes I see the reaction on my families faces when I show them some of the work I finish. And the reaction I get is SO FUNNY! LOL I really love them, they are not much for creating anything on paper (although they are really musically creative) except Gabby, my little sister - she just excels in quoting movies and songs at random. LOVE her. Never a dull moment I tell ya.

So my family thinks I'm crazy (which we already know I am) spray painting and taggin' up paper (NEVER walls-LOL) Looking at me like some weirdo and just saying to themselves "Yep, that's our Debee-sigh". I excel in that. And then there's the sewing. Don't even get me started on that. My brother called me grandma. AHHHHH! Seriously I love grandma's everywhere. Amen. Love them. I'M JUST NOT ONE! And I'm so not going to stop sewing on my LO's until I complete my mission.

Mission in '08: Create something and Sew on 100 pieces of art.
::: 80 ::: Pages to go!

Ya heard. I'm rollin'. I'm sewin'. I'm rockin' my sewing machine and LOVIN' it.

off to shop till I drop
come with me...we'll be happier creating something together :)