Friday, July 29, 2011

our little one

 after hitting the 20 week mark this week we were so excited to finally see our little one via ultrasound...

and to our delight we are so proud to announce that we are having a little boy! We had already picked out a name so it was wonderful to put a name to the image on the ultrasound. so bebe rafael is coming to meet us sometime december and we are beyond excited :)

and this is me laughing at both and mr.handsome. as mr.handsome was photographing i noticed sitting alone trying to eat all the little flies swarming around the kelp off the beach. it was hilarious because it was his first time at the beach and we'd never seen him go fly crazy :)  and then again, i laugh at everything. at or with you hahaa. jk. i just realized i am officially outnumbered by men and i like it :)  

and just because he makes me happy... this is us right now. about to have our life chapter totally transformed. it's fun to go through all the maternity apps on the iphone and share the info with him every night. it's been wonderful to finally have him feel rafael kick. and he is a little kicker... i've read it's supposed to feel like butterflies but all i've felt are swift kicks and i not so secretly love that.  everyday since we found out our little one is baby rafael i feel any movement and i say hello little guy :)   i can't wait for the next 20 weeks. what to do. what to expect. how to prepare. live in each moment. enjoy the silence :)  good times.

the Queen Bee Market so lately i've been working on expanding the "handmade" section of Inspire Lovely for the upcoming Queen Bee Market Saturday, August 6th Bayfront Hilton Downtown  1 Park Boulevard San Diego, California
last show i brought lots of twine, tags etc but this time i've got some more crochet love + paper kits + garlands+ embellishments to share. Pretty exciting. It will probably be the last show for this year so i hope to make it special :) so if you love handmade, the queen bee is the place to be xoxo.

happy fabulous friday love xo

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

super duper

i feel so improved.
the past three months have been some kind of crazy in all directions.
even before i found out i was pregnant i started noticing some "flashes" in my left eye. to top it off I was extremely dizzy. i kept telling mr.handsome i was going crazy! hahaa. he in turn said there was nothing wrong with his crazy wife & her mangy eye. ha. really? for weeks i felt SO not like myself. and since finding out we were expecting i STILL don't feel like myself.

but you know i was told that it was all normal and it would go away in 9 months.
9 months? oh the joy. all a part of being pregnant. 4 more months to go...
of crazy me + mangy eye
oh thank you sarcasm.
you rock.

lately i do welcome a change back into "normal"... my appetite has come back like the cookie monster.

I present you my tuna sandwich + deviled eggs :)
now i'm not much of a cook. although i do pride myself with some handy + sexy cupcake making skillz. but for months i really didn't have much of an appetite for anything. well yes. actually i did crave sushi like nobody's business. alas that is not allowed. well my tuna cans had been looking at me with there cute tuna eyes. i caved and made fresh tuna sandwich + jalapenos + tomato+ cilantro + onion = awesomeness.  and just because i need the protein and i love deviled eggs.... i made some of those to :)

i ate all of this for lunch one day. i know. what a little ms.piggy.
umm... it's for the baby ;)

you know what i also love?
my fur baby
this is us in the studio

and then here we are hugging it out

and finally here we are with our crazy faces

can you tell which one of us needs a nap?  

we always make time to look cute.

and this is one with the whole family :)

i think we took a total of 30 shots and we got 2 of looking at the camera. i had to run back and forth to push the self timer button. which reminds me i need to invest in a remote control for the camera. but either way, my little family.   hanging out on the stairs were we got married. sigh.  xoxoxo  :)

I also wanted to share this pretty peony i was gifted by the handsome man.
it was so very lovely indeed. and when it bloomed it had this cute pom pom of yellow & pink inside as a nice surprise! 

the flower was the size of my face. talk about presence. stunning.
i love pretty pretty flowers. xoxo

so this is us picture wise. i hope you are fairing the climate well. i have begun making it a habit to chase after my candy man for a fresh popsicle :) 

i wish you a wonderful life full of crazy normal xoxo