Thursday, March 31, 2011

everyone, meet my friend puppy

a few months ago a little missy cat had a wee litter of kitties and they took over our residential area. Everywhere you go you will find a cat. A cat here a cat there... cats everywhere. I always wondered who owned them or who even took care of them. ( PS: it's my neighbors little cat... she just lets him play around outside :) Every time i see a cat i meow at it.  you know, it's nice to say hi sometimes. :)  And every now and then i would have a meowing contest with a cat. cute.

then one day i met this little one. i can't say if its a girl or a boy so i call it puppy. mr.handsome thinks i'm giving it a complex by calling it a puppy but cats are already complex critters so it's cool. :)

Puppy and I are pals. This is how he greets me whenever i see him. He rolls over on his back waiting to play. adorable right? what a sweet little thing!

we sit and play with twigs. he's such a little pup and full of energy. i love watching him chase & play with everything.

He reminds me so much of my first cat friend i ever had, Sasha. My best friend in high school and i won him at a .25 cent game during a school fair. I convinced my sister ( who is allergic to cats :) to forge my parents signature of approval in order to take him home. Snuck him in my backpack past my mom ( who dislikes all animals ) and introduced him to my dad ( who LOVES animals ) when he got home from work so that he could fall in love with him and allow me to keep him. :)

He quickly became Sasha Hailey Campos ( we gave him a girl name thinking he was a girl at first and then he wasn't hahaaa! go figure! ) oh that little guy was adorable... at the time i also had 2 cocker spaniels and he loved to ride on one of them and eat his dog food. He even learned all the commands: sit, stay, come.... he was perfect.

i've always wanted a cat & a dog. but mr.handsome likes only dogs. :(

I love my little friend puppy. He is so loyal. He follows us home. He loves hanging out on our porch waiting for me to come out and play with him. And all this without giving him treats or food. We just hang out and kick it together. true buddies  :)

look at that sweet face!
what's not to love?

I also love how photogenic he is. ;)

puppy love xoxoxo

now onto some thrifty news ( so that you don't completely think of me as some weird cat lady :)
earlier this week i woke up and felt REALLY super awesome. i had this feeling like something good was going to happen. of course. it had to be thrifty related :)

I usually go to only my fav thrift stores but decided to go to one i never really find anything amazing at. Weird right? Yeah, i walk in and find the following 2 pieces.

I had been searching IKEA for a piece of furniture like this but never found one within our price range & sturdy enough. These are 2 separate pieces and we plan on putting the piece with the cubbies on top of the drawer unit.

i quickly snapped these photos and sent them to mr.handsome and got a definite approval.
on top of that i ask about a discount... and sure enough discount + no sales tax. love! 

*happy face*

this is my new project. which means my studio room needs to be revamped.
we've begun sanding both pieces down and I have some color ideas for both pieces but i'm to chicken to actually paint them a bold color.  I'm thinking a bright vintage green?! yikes! the very thought kind of scares me. Paint it white or go with a bold color? what to do what to do?

what do you think?

girlfriend needs some help :)

Friday, March 25, 2011

spring is peeking through

fly away

no more debee blue :)

i have had visions of beautiful butterflies fluttering around my mind for months now. probably since christmas. i think since then i have been willing and wishing spring to come :)

So sorry for having been gone for so long from here. I've missed sharing and now have a bit of loveliness to share with you xo

pretty cups sitting in a row

as evidence shows i have thrifted some wonderful tea cups :) when i find a pretty cup sitting amongst the shelves of a thrift store i immediately have to tell myself to not do a jiggy dance out of sheer excitement. it's so thrilling and yet i have to just pretend ..."oh this ol thing... eh, sure. i'll take it :)

gold sequin trim

what i also love is that i will be paying at the check stand and some beautiful soul will make a comment about the beauty of my wee tea cup and i will always feel a sweet connection. a bond if you will to all things sweet & pretty. vintage love baby, it's pretty awesome.

butterflies flutter

i then make my cups feel right at home and they inspire me as they sit around my studio filled with cheez-its.. why yes, i eat crackers with style . it almost makes everything taste better :)
then today i said to myself, Myself. enough is enough. it's time to share the pretty cups with the world!
a bit of a photoshoot ensued. each little cup i hold like i'm giving it a hug. i'm always afraid to break them. nothing lasts around here... i am prone to breaking things constantly. thankfully they seem to know never to be in my hands for too long. just sit and smile little cups :)

flutter & give

i made pretty spring butterfly embellishments to welcome spring ( now available in the shop ) . oh the picnics to be had! the sun bathing on the beach. the bike rides and soft petally flowers... sounds so promising :)

transparency butterflies

i would really like to wish you a happy friday and even more.... a beautiful spring!

and some happy thrifting :)


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

tea & sparkles for you xo

tea & sparkles

lately I've been in a bit of a rut.
I usually get a little gloomy around winter time so it's nothing out of the ordinary. But since I started working from home it seems like i need to make it a point to just play and not "work".  So today, I went through my thirfty finds and found a tea cup i recently purchased at my goodwill + doily + anthro file folder and added in a  bit of confetti stars + sprinkled with a cute glimmery sheen.... to finish this little bit of good mojo i added a vintage swallow i love.

i took one peek and yes. yes. indeed.
i will drink to this :)
and i even saved you a cup xoxo

I even have a cute little friend in the shop with me looking like a bit of spring.
spring! hurry pretty please! hehee

brid & spool

today i headed over for a sweet lunch with my sister. One of her students is super sweet and has been very nice to me since I started helping out in her class. This little girl is so adorable, she goes to tell my sister something and then comes to tell me... " you and your sister are so beautiful". awwwwww! srsly melting heart. Kids are so cute at that age. Just say what you feel... i think it's nice to tell people really nice things especially when said person feels like cr*p. :)

I need to pass that bit of goodness along.
So psssst....

i think you're beautiful *

sweet gifts for andrea

with that being said i wanted to make something for sweet andrea as a gift from both my sister and myself.
i packed a few extra goodies i had around the studio and had to take photo of it since i really wanted to just start adding photos to it :)

pretty gift bag

I hope she likes this little bag of goodness. It makes me happy with all these bright colors and patterns all mixed together. Totally a pick me up. Just what i needed.


Yesterday I also added a few extra ribbons that i discovered after cleaning a bit around the studio. I have the little basket filled to the brim on my desk. I know i shouldn't hoard stuff but all the eye candy really is tempting. I just need to make time to make something wonderful. I hope your days are filled with pretty spring colors. At least they live here via pictures right? :)

hurry hurry spring!
another round of tea and sprinkles for everyone!

Friday, March 4, 2011

baby gifts are better fuzzy :)

my first attempt at amigurumi

Just as soon as I found out my sister Sara was pregnant with her first baby I knew I wanted to make a special gift.  And what better way to show someone you absolutely love them than giving a handmade gift ? :) Although I had seen several patterns on etsy with cute stuffed toys... I wondered if i was ready to attempt making one myself. I sat bewildered thinking amigurumi looked so hard.  i had stalked anapaulaoli etsy a few months before. favorited this bear & bird duo pattern. And i hit purchase. I was gonna do this! Albeit wonky looking and very handmade, he is bursting with lots of love :)

everyone meet little Roo Bear and his little bird friend Bloo.

He barely measures over 3 inches in height but i love him so. mr.handsome and i loved watching him come to life. One little head, two cutie pie ears, one little body, two little sweet hands, the button eyes and silly little embroidered smile. he was made to be loved :)

A lovely popcorn stitch crochet blanket

I also had made this popcorn stitch blanket earlier. I think the stitch lends itself with the teddy bear theme I was going for. As soon as we knew that we were going to welcome a sweet baby nephew I knew I wanted to go with a teddy theme :)

Sweet baby bear

In my search for all cute a cuddly teddy bears i also saw many teddy beanie hats for babies. I purchased the pattern from InnerHooker etsy and decided to modify the ears a bit to include a dual color ear. Its the first time I've ever modified a pattern and I feel like such a rebel. But after looking at the ears, they look cuter with the 2 different colors. So much teddy bearish i think.... mr.handsome kept putting the beanie on his head and it looked more like he had a mini donut on hahaaa!  thats what we do for fun. i make him wear everything i make.... flower motifs get put on mr.handsome's shoulder, he holds my ball of yarn for me... gently unwinding the ball of yarn as I go. aww.... no wonder he calls me his hot grandma wife. :)

Hold on cutie patootie :)

Here they are all wrapped up and ready to go to the baby shower! I think this was such a learning adventure for me. I practiced a little patience. A little bit of brain power changing the pattern a bit. And i even liked the end result. I am a very proud mama bear, at least to this little guy *smiles*. Now I'm a little more than excited to make some extra cuties for my little one someday.
my list of projects keeps growing and growning

but honestly, if i get something cuddly and cute out of it every time i think its exciting!

Ps: I also wanted to let you know blues & greens are now stocked in the shop for some fun