Friday, September 24, 2010

grandma dream camp

crochet baby blanket

here i go :)
off to the wonderful world of seattle to what mr.handsome likes to call "grandma dream camp" or better known as: the Dottie Angel workshop. Ahh that mister handsome... he does have a sense of humor. I remember back in early may i saw the announcement for this super amazing workshop by the wonderful Tif of Dottie Angel. I knew I wanted to go. And thankfully... I convinced mr.handsome that I NEEDED to go. like now. like 4 months ago. i wanted to open my eyes to vintage + crochet + sewing = love.

hi. i'm a nerd. grandma stuff is cool to me. and sadly i'm getting a little absent minded. let me explain. i accidentally threw out a whole bag of amazing vintage doilies and all my crochet hooks. yes. indeedy. i did. i kept thinking dangit debee! you dork! (yes. i yell at myself). heck i cried. i was so broken hearted just thinking about my little bag of goodness god knows where laying there all loveless thinking if they did something wrong to deserve being dumped.
oh how i want to rescue my little bag of goodness. I almost didn't allow myself to give up looking. I was getting so frustrated. i had a blanket to finish dangit. ( the blanket pictured above in the birth stage of a baby blanket :)

oh. joy. you are so funny.

alas. back to my travels. yes. i just finished packing Nena. She's not so happy with yarn stuffed up her nose and vintage pillowcases shoved in all directions. but i'm on a mission to enjoy a much needed me time. my grandma time. i really want to be a grandma. and mister handsome thinks it's like fantasy football or something so I have been hearing jokes about it for the past 4 months. real charmer that man :P

i love vacations that have been payed for since forever ago. seems like it's free now, especially since we wouldn't be able to afford it now. can you say perfect timing?! yay yay!

we will crochet our little hearts out
we will sew like nobody's business
and create whatever our little creative minds & hearts wish to create.
i . cannot. wait.

( i will be back to show you my finished blanket- it's soooooo cute!)
grandma's are So cool :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

celebrating 31

celebrating 31

bring it.
party people.
i love you :)

goodbye 30

as the tradition goes... my snapshot on my last day as a happy 30 year old :)
still in my pj's
bed hair
in mr. handsome's man cave ( such lovely light in there :)
fluttering about cleaning up the house for party people
thinking about going to starbucks...okay. wishing.but whatevs
missing family too far away to visit
wondering what 31 is going to bring?
new job? new little baby? new hobby? more exercising? more traveling? more celebrating? more decorating? crossing my fingers more cake and ice cream... for sure.

delish birthday cake

Here's my birthday cake... I kind of let the top of the cake box press down on the frosting and it ended up all over the box. But I knew it would taste amazing anyway. Mr. Handsome and I tried a new bakery for my cake this year. Very home made looking but absolutely delicious. Soft fluffy sweet frosting... vanilla cake with a fresh layer of strawberries in the middle... oh yeah. There were leftovers :) I saved you a piece! xo

I even blew out my candles... even though I'm such a weirdo and really don't like to eat cake others have blown out their candles on. Mr. Handsome bought the little firework kind... and they were so hard to blow out! I was cheered on by family and made a wish and blew out my little candles. and they all have my coodies now :) hahaa! gotcha.

vintage tea plates + cake = bliss

I had been buying little random tea plates especially for this celebration. I knew I wanted to have my birthday cake served onto these dainty little plates. swoon :) Also, Mr.Handsome bought me pretty dahlia's and sunflowers for my birthday... I love that man. xoxo

birthday lanterns & garlands

And I used his awesome height to my advantage as he came in handy to help put up all the garlands and lanterns in our kitchen :) This pretty little garland ( now in my shop ) instantly added loveliness to our little set up. It's still up today. I think I will leave it up until the end of September :) So if you come over to my kitchen you will enjoy breakfast & dinner here in all it's garland glory xoxo

I wish you could come over and celebrate with me. Thank you for sharing some birthday cheer & stories! Happy happy sweet birthday to any and all who are celebrating a lovely birthday this month! May your heart burst with happiness & joy and your cup run over with peace & love.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

happy birthday love

birthday love
{Photo credit: mr. Handsome}

hello birthday loves :)

my goodness I can't believe how long it's been since my last post... hello again :)

How have you been? September been good to you?

This month has been a bit of a challenge except that I am trying my hardest to live out joy in my everyday. So thankful for the blessings. So thankful for lovely friends. So thankful that life is leading in a better direction. New chapter. Fresh new page. I have been so blessed as to find a temporary job and now I'm ready to work my little tush off :)

Today is a no work day... didn't you get the memo? *wink*wink*
I never work on my birthday. I haven't for the past 8 years :) And I pass along that little day off to you today too. ;)

Today Mr. Handsome sang to me at 12:05 in the morning. Happy happy birthday indeed.
Today we both have the day off to enjoy a peaceful, sunshiney day together.
Off to lunch at one of my favorite places to eat... rest and relax.
Off to enjoy the sounds and cool ocean breeze by the beach.
Off to buy a nice birthday cake with yummy strawberries and a heart in the center.
Today we celebrate with my little familia.
Time to celebrate love... today we are looking forward to celebrating 31 blessings.

you are lookin' good :)
happy unbirthday to you love,

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

birthday wishes

birthday wishes
photo credit by mr.handsome

{ 10 birthday facts }

I LOVE birthdays

I celebrate allllllll month long. Not just one day.

i don't give a rip if I'm getting "older" anymore. Is this cause for concern as I have not even hit the over the hill mark? I don't think so :)

I know exactly what I want for my birthday and I'm not telling
( nah, it's not a job :)

I believe birthdays mark a time of reflection and newness for me so I like to make a special goal for each one. Last year when I hit the big -30- I secretly wished to be the best loving wife & friend to mister handsome. I still give him eskimo kisses & cook him peanut butter & jelly sandwiches :)

birthday cakes are non-caloric.

i don't like the sugary frosting, it's too gross. I prefer the soft fluffy light frosting :)

not really the roses type. i like dahlias, peonies and sunflowers.

balloons scare me.

i will have 31 candles on my cake and dang. it's gonna get hot. ( ironically i never eat the frosting on cakes that have had birthday candles blown out on them. Something about the germs flying all over the cake just makes me icky. i know. gross right? :P

I'd love to hear some birthday facts about you :)

birthday countdown: 15 days