Friday, July 26, 2013

Inspire Lovely Studio Tour

Hello Lovelies! I wanted to first thank those of you who took the time to leave a little encouragement in my last post. Its truly a life lesson i wasn't sure I should share publicly but so thankful I did as some were able to identify & feel encouraged. And that is always worth opening up to :)

I have been working all month sprucing up the studio and then i realized it's been almost 2 years since I last shared here. A lot has changed stylistically and I wanted to share some decorating happiness going on in my corner of the world. :)

A few weeks ago i was organizing my decoration box and realized i have lots of hanging decorations. That weren't hanging. Anywhere. just tucked away in a box. I love using the pin wheels for decorating our vendor booth but since we won't be doing one for a while I figured these guys are way to cute to leave tucked away in a box right?!

So up they went above my desk work space. I LOVE how stinkin huge they are. I also love the texture it gives the wall with white on white loveliness. I added a cute little frayed ribbon I used as a quick garland. The butterfly garland was another thing tucked away in the decoration box. so pretty floating above the desk now :) I had purchased the vintage floral & bird at a local thrift store ( sadly I didn't have enough to buy the pair but this little cutie came home with me) and I had found in the box too, you know waiting for the perfect corner of our home. When I showed the mister he said his grandmother had once probably owned something like it. He's so good with compliments. Love that guy. I love grandmas and I love this sweet bird. So it's perfect. Up on the wall it went ;) No more waiting in a box for the perfect corner, time or idea. Just get it up somewhere. Make it lovely :)

I LOVE the drawer underneath the desk. It's the most beautiful thing. Mr.Handsome took us on our first family vacation to Santa Barbara a few years back right after we had little r. We went for a stroll and found the farmers market. We wandered a bit and then came upon a beautiful shop tucked away with imported goods from India. i can't even begin to tell you how inspiring this little shop was. I couldn't pick just ONE thing to buy. I kept telling Mr.Handsome that i had to have everything. And that (jokingly) he forgot to get be a push present. ( you know for giving birth to our handsome little son, the most precious thing in this world.) So I came home with the yellow drawer :) This girl doesn't need diamonds. Just a shopping trip ;) jk. I'll take diamonds too.

the yellow drawers got me thinking yellow and this is where it came through. When I had this project in my mind it made me soooooo nervous. I grew up in a home never having painted a wall any other color except white. I remember thinking, eh, kinda boring. I always wanted to add a splash of color but was never really afforded the chance. When the mister and i  married and purchased our wee home i told him it would be nice to add color to our walls and he agreed. one of the many reasons i love him. He thought the idea of painting the door was awesome as long as i wasn't painting it every week. lol! I started this project literally 2 years ago and just finished it this month. That's how nervous i was lol!  And now that i get to enjoy it everyday i don't even know why it took me so long to finish it?! About a year ago I almost painted over the whole thing back to white! So happy I didn't. i love the bright cheery pop of color. It was so worth it :) It was a super ugly plain door to begin with & needed some paint goodness. It's not too distracting because you have to be inside the studio to even see it. Although i don't mind if all our doors ended up with a bit of color & stencil love. I think that would be so awesome :)  So lesson learned, don't hold back on an idea you have, just go go go do it!

sigh* the yarn in this closet makes me want to yarn bomb something. anything. everything.
A frequent question I get asked is where i bought the drawer unit on coasters. Its from IKEA and possibly the best storage in my book I bought 2 :) love it.

this corner now reflects a bit of washi tape love & sewing fabric freshly laundered and waiting to be made into pillows. I need to find cheaper hobbies. hahaaa! I've such a hard time using any tape since i feel like it has to be worthy of a good project :) So far i love using it to wrap Inspire Lovely shop goodness. even though its so simply on display it makes me happy looking into this corner. Love the welcome pops of color. swoon xoxo

And you've seen this little corner already but I wanted to share my $5 find, i found the drawer unit at my local thrift store and i love it. it's actually made out of thick cardboard and super lightweight. Sadly i can't change the knobs on this :( bummer right? I was going to go crazy with this :) I love changing this corner up almost on a weekly basis. i consider this an inspiration board of sorts and love the challenge of changing it up. This week i was really channelling succulents & a cute toy that little r kept leaving in the studio. It's funny that this time last year this place was crammed with a playpen and little r would play and watch me get orders together in the studio. Or he'd be swinging in his little swing in this corner. awww.... my baby isn't a baby anymore. sniff. sniff.

well now we're back around to the end of the studio tour, ( this wall is located opposite to the inspiration wall above) the best & most awesome piece in here. The cubby storage unit made from 2 separate thrifted pieces. I think we ended up paying $75 total. It was an awesome day thrifting. and even better since its one of those thrift stores i don't considered my fav since i never really found great things at. but something kept telling me to go. and i did. i was actually looking for things only for little r's nursery! lol! little did i know that i was going to find this beauty. And thankfully for a good deal :)

i love that she's got some wear on her. i'm 2 knobs shy of actually replacing all the old knobs. with the help of birthday gift cards & gifts over the last 4 years i've added charming knobs to this quirky piece. 

good times, i think i might have to celebrate once i do find the last 2 knobs for this piece. Have a knob party, um yes!?  hahaa!

So there you go, this is where work and play mix with life of a mama & her little cutie patootie kid. xo

Now that the studio is clean i updated the shop with a sale! We need to make room for more loveliness so please enjoy 25% off your order now until next friday. ** Each order will receive a free set of 48 heart stickers ** xo just because we love ya ;)

I hope you enjoy a beautiful Friday and a great start to your weekend!

ps: if you have any studio questions i will answer them in the comments section :) *xo

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Hold on

Today i wanted to open up my heart in answering a question i received a few times over the course of my pregnancy and even now. A question concerning an update on my CTS, carpal tunnel syndrome and how/if it effected my pregnancy. So here it goes, first off if you want to catch up on my silly version of CTS please refer to my blog post here , yep, going old skool ;P  i still can't believe the silly things i do to entertain you all hahaaa! (enjoy) 

So back in the day i didn't work from home. i had a corner office with lots of windows, tall ceiling, beautiful space and I was the sole graphic designer & worked a 9-5 for a small company.  Everything seemed fine, until the company hired a new supervisor with some experience in design. I welcomed the change, he seemed nice enough. Not a month into him working there he started attacking me and my character. He threatened to fire me on completely false allegations. He promised to work collaboratively and took on my projects without me. I would find out later once they were printed. His method of design consisted of googling an image and copying it. And any original work i designed he would take credit for. He had heard I had just purchased Mona ( my camera for personal scrapbook projects etc). and he then decided to give me new jobs like become the photographer for the business along with my graphic design work. No extra pay. No over time. And somehow he thought my ONE web design class back in college (5 years before) was more than enough for me to also be the webmaster for the company site. Again, no extra pay, no overtime. Nothing. Photographer + webmaster + my regular graphic design work. great. 

I started feeling the stress. His negative behavior was getting to me. Mind you,  I've been working since I was 17. I've worked with lots of difficult people before. there's always one in every office. I consider myself a hard worker. I love working. but this was crazy. My CTS symptoms started. This is exactly when i knew that the crap i was dealing with at work was hurting me.  I started going to physical therapy and my therapist said that my case was stress related. Get rid of the stress and you're cured he said. Yeah you think ? easier said than done hehee.  

I remember the first day i met my jerk supervisor he himself mentioned he had a problem with his ego. he laughed. go figure. he wasn't joking. i should've quit then and there. sadly, there were others our company did business with that also didn't like how he did business. It reflected so badly on our company. it was embarrassing. People started complaining and word got back to him. He wrongly assumed it was me who made these folks unhappy. I will note this: if i have something to say about you. i will say it to your face. i have no problem with that.  I had several meetings where i did tell him the following: you are wrong. you are being mean. stop tearing me down. i work for you. with you. i'm here to help. i am a great designer, stop taking credit for it. stop assuming and ask people directly if they have a problem with you. Above all, both my doctor and my therapist are telling me to step back from my computer. Can you help me out? (And yes i was wearing both my braces at this meeting. ) You know what he said? I was catty. I was selfish. I was not a team player. With a sick smile on his face he "downsized me". how stupid of me to not see that the door was closing. that i was not meant to continue through it. my path was changing. 

I still hate that i stayed long enough for this to happen. i hate that i didn't listen to Mr.Handsome when he said to quit. i wish i had not tried so hard to change. to let this company treat me this way. my hands. my heart. my mind. my soul. ached.  i think it hurt more because i worked for a church. i expected a higher level of moral integrity. i can't believe that even though the truth was on my side that it still felt like i lost. like God had allowed this stupid man and his insecurities to do this to me? That everyone else was so worried about their jobs, nobody stood by me. or for me. little did i know my biggest loss & hurt, was also my biggest blessing.

i got fired right before i was to marry & buy a new home with the man of my dreams. perfect timing. this is when miracles happen people. i am proof of that. fast forward to now, picture above, in celebratory fashion i got dolled up to celebrate mother's day a few months back. i'm a mama now. my proudest most amazing accomplishment ever. i'm a happier mama. (No CTS. No tendinitis during my pregnancy) I'm a better version of that girl who was over worked in a dead end job working for a jerk boss. i've been so blessed. i'm the boss now. with Mr.handsome's help & lots of prayer we are proud small business owners, we live in a cute little home we do not deserve( we always thought we'd rent). as hard as it is sometimes i count it my biggest blessing to raise our amazing little r at home while i work. Once i disconnected all ties to this old company i started to see that my CTS + tendinitis was gone. I had more good days :) These hands, this heart, this soul was reassured in a glorious way that God never let me go. even if i did. even if i lost hope. My blessings started to shine through. that in my loss, i gained more than i could ever imagine. 

i  now get to share my blessing with you :) I am happy to share these photos of our small studio with cute reminders that you are lovely. you are so very lovely. A few months ago we experienced a loss with my dear friend as her mother passed away. I sat in silence at her service listening to what was being said about her  and there was a common theme. she loved. i knew it from personal experience. she truly loved you. i sat with my little guy tears pouring down and wept. death is harsh but it was so very beautiful in that moment when her loved ones were standing & sharing boldly with abandon as a testament to her love. life isn't about what job you have. how much money you make. who you know. that's pretty obvious. life is about who you love. my love has grown so much counting my blessings. I'm grateful God has bigger plans for my family. i smile and can laugh now about the time i had a jerk boss. even him i can say that i love him, from waaaaaaaaaay far. away. far, far far away. lol!!! i'm being honest! hahaaa! even though i know he will never ask for my forgiveness. i forgive him.  i want the good to rise up in me too. i want to raise up little R to be a great man with great character & a heart full of love. I know i have to forgive and love and move on. it's hard. but i'm holding onto hope. Holding onto the truth that has happened to me. that I'm lovely. that i am called to think on things that are lovely and not dwell in the negative. I've experienced the hurt it has caused me physically. At one point in time the pain got so bad that i had to get 2 shots in my back right underneath my shoulder blades of pain medicine. i don't want to go back to that. or braces & pills.

I don't live a life without stress, the mister still gives me arm massages and someday i will totally get a massage envy membership once i get over being ticklish :) i keep reminders like the die cut print above to help remind me to keep focused. to not dwell on the little things that can  rob me of joy.

write down the good in your life. hold onto that. in your heart. pray it out. love through it. Keep your head up and remember, you are so very lovely. don't let anyone tell you otherwise xoxo

love ya,