Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I'm happy.


It must be the chocolate covered Oreo cookies I just made :) I blogged about it over here at Kenner Road
* If I could just know for a fact these would make it to all of you without melting I would send you over some! I would :) For now, Mr. Handsome is taking over the boxes. I sent some along to share with his super fun co-workers today. I had to call him and make sure everyone got one box each not just one oreo LOL! Because he is such a sweet crazy guy he would keep them all for himself. *I can sense him grin* right about now. ha. (he likes it)

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My mom first made some for our wedding. And they were a hit! She covered over 500 cookies! Crazy good :P

KR Label (up close)

My studio/art space is coming together. still picking the right color aqua. It has to be perfect. I think I'm going for a lighter appeal. There is only one huge window in the studio. I just still miss my sky light. Oh with a passion. SO much light came in, it was so friendly. I used to sit under the window and count the birds that flew by. When it would rain, I would sit in silence gladly listening to the pretty rain drops tickle the sky light. And on the most beautiful full moons I would count the stars and stare up at the pretty pretty moon. I felt a peace. I felt quiet. I felt held. I cried. I prayed and talked my feelings out to the silence. I felt God listen. closer. I focused more. Wished and dreamed. I miss the sparkle of the night looking through my window. I'm following along with change. I am thankful for my little space. This picture is of the closet space turned into an art storage space. I'm slowly making it my own. Slowly looking up. Finding peace and I love it.

Studio 09

And just for fun, well, not really, I'm guest designing soon and needed a new head shot. Oh boy. Why do these always come out so funny looking? LOL! I really do like this shot because it's blurry.


I guess that's just me.
- d

ETA: I used this chocolate mold and purchased the chocolate bags from Michaels. One bag covers about 20 cookies. These cookies are super easy to make. Enjoy!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow

i keep putting things off 'til tomorrow.
oh so not good.
i guess i keep waiting, putting off things to make sure i make the right decision:
- paint swatches went up but i keep changing my mind every 5 minutes. ( mr. Handsome loves it ha! not.)
- art studio is a mess... nothing really seems to fit in it's place like it used to. i feel out of wack. eh.
- decisions decisions decisions... lots of ????? going on.
- mojoless. or feeling a little funky lately. time to rethink things. rework some ideas. or just stop thinking too much altogether. anyone have the right answer? i feel like i know it but i just can't see it yet.

but good things are happening all around:
I got to play with this month's Kenner Road kit. xoxo


this page best explains my state of mind right now. although i do feel like it just went out of my hands and created itself. i don't really know why. but it just feels like randomness thrown together. i usually edit myself. this page has none. go with the flow sorta. kinda. sorta. hm. i do like the flower thingy :)

when I was making this page i had the biggest craving for shrimp spring rolls and chai tea boba. When mister handsome got home he was craving some too so take out it was! yum yum. and yes i stick my pinkie finger out when i drink anything. i don't know why? i catch myself doing that all the time. i might just be channelling my inner princess. lol

a little birdie

Thank you gift
I made this little gift wrapping for a present i will give my sister. She came over just recently and made me the most delicious meal from a Rachel Ray magazine she bought. YUM-o 'fo sho. And the sister time was much needed xo.

sweet lazy days

And here we are in Santa Barbara :) I took my sister to Santa Barbara for her 30th birthday a few years ago. I remember back to our times there fondly. Just chillin' by the beach. We went last minute. I bought tickets just 4 days before we took off on the train up to Santa Barbara. I love that we pretty much could walk everywhere and not get too tired from it. It was nice to explore a bit. I love coastal cities. I'm a beach bum at heart :) I also love those little rub on butterflies by basic grey! soooooo CUTE!

best friends
and me and Mr. handsome. I plan on keeping this little cute swatch by my new bedside table. Handsome and I had such a fun time at IKEA but definitely enjoyed the cinnamon rolls and frozen ice cream at the end of our spending spree. You need something to keep you kickin' while you go home and put all your IKEA stuff together. I got to build our bedside tables They are still standing lol! i think.

Okay dear art buddies. I wish you a happy heart full of joy and sunshine.
I'm off to clean up our guest bedroom for our first guest coming this weekend!

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Because I think random number generators aren't as cute as us :)
This cutie pie helped handsome and I pick our luck winner...#120!

Jennifer said...
Jenn in Vancouver wrote: "I'm in love with the Kenner Road kits, but haven't taken the plunge yet! So hard to try something new, but winning one would be awesome! Thanks for the chance!"

Lucky ducky ;P

Jennifer please e-mail me your post address so the lovely KL can send you your goodies belladrummer@gmail.com

Thank you everyone for playing! It's so nice to meet you :) Sending everyone hugs and happy scrap vibes,
- cutie patootie, Mr. Handsome & debee

Friday, July 10, 2009

gimme gimme

You leave a comment on this post and you might win this beauty.
easy dude.

so let's get to it! The Kenner Road Creative Team is giving away kits: more here. Internationals welcome.You can leave a comment on EVERY KR team members blog. Coolness.
Posty posty from now until July 12 (Sunday). I'll pick a lucky winner then! So excited for you :)
Ready? Set? good luck! ;P

i heart giveways
woot woot