Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Spring Vibes

March is almost over and I'm so embarrassed that I'm barely posting this lol! But I do hope March has been good to you. I've been spending lots of time in my garden and all the rain has done it some good.  Playing with a few of my propagating babies and loving all the pretty succulent florals.

I never thought I'd be a gardener.  Now I can't think of not being one or not having a garden. Love it!

Love love all the amazing succulent varieties. The photo here is right in front one of my favorite coffee shops in North Park, Communal Coffee. They have amazing succulents throughout the shop and this is a fav. 

And you know what else is a favorite around this time of year? Girl Scout cookies! The Samoas are my favorite. I had spotted a few girls selling in our neighborhood but we must've missed it them, so I thought. I had a craving for them! So I made some. Totally took way too long but boy were they so good! As I was putting the finishing touch on the cookies I was drizzling  the chocolate and guess who came knocking at the door? Yes. Girl Scouts! And of course we bought a few extra boxes and were so happy to do so. I gave a few of these guys away and enjoyed the rest. (Heart stickers in the shop).

So baking adventures and library adventures with my boo. Can you believe he's going to be a kindergartener this year? Take your time growing up kiddo!

I had a little bit of fun with this treat for s few of my succulent loving friends.  They were giving a class on how to make a terrarium. I thought hey, that would be fun to make! I loved painting these and adding all the little succulents to each one. Somehow it doesn't seem like work :)  I've been hoping to get a food permit and sell these beauties someday. Hopefully this year XO

Here we are running errands...He says, hey mama! And I look up and see him do this. XOXO Also, how did he grow up SO fast? He outgrew his baby car seat and now he's in a big boy seat. *Cries*

My niece "E" had a birthday and she loves everything Paris so I made a few pink + black & white floral sugar cookies. They came out so lovely I think. I used some doilies + Birthday Love stamp and tags from the shop.  

I also live vicariously through all my girl mom friends...her daughter was having a tea party and I donated a few tea cups and made a few cookies.  I made a few tea cup cookies and watercolored florals on them. Still working on drawing on them but I liked the way they came out.  Aren't those vintage crochet  pot holders, napkins and doilies so pretty? I've had those in my collection for years and still love them.

Then my cousin had a tea party and she asked me to make these cookie cakes for her.  It was my first time making flowers our of royal icing and fondant so that was quite a learning experience. lol! But you know what, practice makes perfect and I haven't given up practicing :)

And lastly, I've been cleaning the studio and shop storage area and I'm happy to share that I'm selling a few items via Instagram @inspirelovelygoods if you'd like to buy something you like. It's been a month of clearing the shop shelves and making room for new things. I made a few confetti cards inspired by spring + mason jars and happy mail now in the shop. Hope Spring brings you an abundance of love and sunshine XOXO

Monday, February 6, 2017

Hello Love

Hi love!
January just zoomed right by am I right?  I'm loving it :) I LOVE February and I absolutely love decorating and sending out parcels to friends XO.  This month is the month of all things hearts and the heart stickers in the shop are perfect for pretty packages. I've made a list of people I am going to surprise with a little package of goodness, the list includes our friend and postal worker + yoga teachers and Rafael's little buddies :) 

So here is our Valentine haul for his buddies & teachers! Glassine bags + TwinePink & Red doilies + Tags + Love stamp from the shop :) I printed out "You are DINO-mite!" cards for Rafael to give to his buddies along with a toy dinosaur and lollipop. And inside the glassine bags are apple shaped sugar cookies that Rafael helped color. We threw in some cupcake Hersheys Kisses and classic conversation hearts. I had Rafael write R's on all the tags and added a heart sticker for some fun glam.  Everyone loved them! 

It was so nice to see my little guy hand these treats out to his friends and teachers. And to think I almost didn't make time to put them together. So glad that I did, it was fun to put them together with my little guy.

We've been playing with out breakfast too hahaa! How cute is his owl?!

We also took all the Christmas decor down and added touches of Valentine's day.  I made a long heart garland to decorate our faux mantle and added few extra in the shop.

Here is a plate of goodness that my little guy and I put together for our neighbors :) He helped me add all the cute sprinkles. How fun are these sprinkles! We made our own sprinkle concoction and I love this little dash of goodness. I always return a plate that my neighbor gives me with a little bit of sugar goodness. That's what neighbors do, its a win win. ;)

Red not your favorite color? That's okay, here's my take on a boho inspired Valentine

Fringe hearts ! Fringe heart embellishments forever XOXO

And Fringe cactus XO  I made heart sparkle emoji cookies to share with a few of my fav people :)

I love making the fringe hearts and even made a sugar cookie fringe heart XO. I know, I'm stress baking again lol!

I also baked these cute teepee cookies for my friend. She threw her daughter a baby shower and it was so lovely. I love little details like this :)

And these cookies I baked for another friend who threw her lovely BFF a baby shower. I especially love the edible gold glitter! I couldn't wait to photograph them :)  

The stickers, cloth bags and heart embellishments are all available in the shop. Today is the last day
to get your order in and have your items shipped in time for Valentine's Day :)  I'm adding a set of heart stickers to each order, just mention "Hearts" at checkout for yours :)

Happy giving! 

Thursday, January 5, 2017

A lovely New Year

Happy New Year lovelies! Although its a new year, I'm not over the Christmas decor and have yet to take it down :) It's my favorite month, every since I gave birth to our little R in December, I LOVE decorating the house with him and doing all the festive holiday stuff together.

This year, he asked for the color red. I'm not sure if it's because its his daddy's favorite Ninja Turtle
(the red one, Raphael) or because red means Christmas to him, but I happily obliged. 

Okay, so It was a little hard at first because I didn't really have red decorations but throughout the year, I shopped the thrift stores and found some cute things. 

That red porcelain truck was an impulse dollar spot buy for $5... get in my cart you cute thing.

The tree was trimmed with red to the nine's and then I kind of just wanted a white christmas everywhere else with slight hints of red.  Can you tell our love for the Ninja Turtles is strong in this family? lol! The mini TMNT stocking is for little R's pet fish "Color" lol! He even got a present :)

We don't have a fireplace, much less a mantle but you know what? You make it work. I stuffed a bunch of books I don't read under this side table and made a faux mantle space. It worked!

And of course a little bit of red here and there :)

I brought in a few unused doors and placed them behind the tree this year. You know it isn't Christmas without succulents! So I added a few succulents into a crown on the pretty reindeer head.

I'm not gonna lie, i love it. I'm getting ready to plant them outside this weekend and they held up SO well! I didn't even have to water them for a whole month.

This little beauty was my fav. Lots of color and lots of texture. I'm hoping to make and sell a few wreaths just in time for Valentine's day :)

And of course keeping true to our mantra,  a cookie a day keeps us all happy :) lol! jk. The baking continues! Faux gingerbread cookies, these are really sugar cookies with painted fondant made to look like gingerbread cookies :) I know its crazy but i love painting on cookies! it's so relaxing.

And delicious. I made this batch for my yoga friends. I dusted these with powdered gold  and they were all kinds of sparkly and pretty. 

And you've seen those snowman marshmallows allllll over pinterest, yep we made those too. And pecan shortbread cookies.... the best part was packaging a few bags up for our neighbors. Gotta share the love right?

A special order for a client, All packaged up and ready to give XOXO. Packaging is my favorite.

I even decorated a few boxes for our gift cards. Knock knock! 

And these two pretties. I made a snow globe from a repurposed envelope and fun confetti ... the car was cut free hand and I added a mini christmas tree to it. Pretty fun and it was well received :)

And thankful for a busy holiday season in the shop! Thank you!!!

This year I tried my hand at making felt garlands and they were a hit!

I still have a few garlands available here.

And new gold detail hand drawn bags in the shop.

here is a closer look at the bag gold detail.

I'm excited about bringing new handmade product to the shop for 2017. I hope you had an amazing Christmas and Happy New Year, here's to more creativity this year!