Wednesday, January 28, 2009

ireadyourblog and loveyourkids.

i was at cha on Monday and this is exactly what i said to both Emily Falconbridge and Becky Novak.
ireadyourblog and iloveyourkids.
le sigh.

well i do. ;P
d is officially for major dork.
(photo's courtesy of the FABulous Heather and facebook :)

i love both those ladies and well, what can i say? star struck. :)

I had a blast hanging with the most wonderful group of lovelies... KL (THANK YOU muah!), Dina (ireadyourblog.iloveyourkids :P), Heather (no more hugs for know why ha!), Angie (i love you more than margaritas.amen.) i went and it was SO worth it. Just because of them. Really really. Don't get me wrong. The show was good, but they are the best. I'm a lucky girl. :)

Now I feel all happy and sweet.

Wanna know why else? Heather and Angie shared the best news. They had seen my layout published in the Feb/Mar issue of Somerset Mag!!! That was a shock because I seriously didn't know it was out already! Oh this has to be my favorite page. My favorite heart pouring art. Man. I can't wait to send the issue to my little friend Mario and his family. CAN YOU IMAGINE?! ack! love people. LOVE. *sigh.

here it is published in the Anatomy of a page section: I shared the process of how I made this page. I hope that helps spark some creative juices!

my friend published

here it is before I sent it off:

My Friend

Spray paint
his little words in spanish
coffee stains
paper strips
thrifted towels
crazy sewing lines
butterfly love
and my fav. loteria playing card :)

there was no other reason to want to get this published other than wanting to prove to my little Mario just how much I LOVE him. I KNOW he's never even seen a magazine! Maybe old books... but a magazine?! and HIM in a magazine?! oh holy moly. i started tearing up just thinking about it. i can never keep happy secrets :) but i know it's safe with you sweets!

so in all this excitement and happy fuzzy feelings, I decided to have a sale in my little belladrummer ETSY shop. Buy it. give it away. Great valentines gifts for you and someone you love *wink wink*. Show them you love them! do it. and you won't be breaking the bank with this sale :) This will be the last sale until everything goes. So enjoy sweet lovelies. Happy shopping. Happy art making and have a great week!

love ya,

Monday, January 19, 2009

april 24th

is my wedding date

I have to tell you that all this crocheting has been therapeutic and thoughtful. Something I'm finding is just PERFECT for what both Mr. Handsome and I are going through.

chaos... not so much
but there are ups and downs to this whole planning thing.
everything seems up in the air.
what if
will it work?
what will people think?
will they be happy?
how do you know for sure?

april 24th

this layout for TAIF is just a playful version of the chaotic questions I ask myself everyday since starting to plan. and I just need silence. ya know? focus on the years to come after april 24th, 2009...


for now, my mobile swings and sways with every decision left to be made.

I have love

ps: thanks for the wedding advice... yes. you are wise and beautiful and I love you all for sharing :)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

hold it.

can someone just press pause???
I cannot believe it's been this long since my last post. oops.
recap yes?

- still no wedding dress... wedding is in april ack! sigh*
- invitations are still in the works
- CHA is coming up and I'm gonna be there... you going?
- new blog has a name yet needs some art lovin' (more to come soon!)
- someone asked if I was portuguese. hmm.. I'm often mistaken for polynesian. never a mexican, which is what I am :) I have a feeling there is something in our family line. I don't take after my mother or father. but I do have my dad's eyes, my mom's feet (eww) i think my mom has some explaining to do...the milkman ? ha! My family calls me Fed Ex after the little dude in cheaper by the dozen. I'm okay with it. sometimes it sucks not looking like someone in the family, but most of the time it's pretty cool.
- wedding planning still in the works...keeping it small is NO easy task.
- started a crocheting class at a nearby recreation center. I'm in a class with an 8 and 10 yr old. AND they asked me how OLD i was!!! the nerve. little turds ha~ jk.
- and not blogging has allowed me time to recollect and think... something i really missed :) I was sitting in my new crocheting class thinking how odd it was that it was SO quiet. Then I caught myself wondering when was the last time I did that? too long I think. I'll post pictures of my attempts at making flowers :) you'll laugh. I know it.

any wedding advice now that I am less than 3 months away?!

srsly. I could use a little help.

A little art for your viewing pleasure: I HEART Kenner Road!

me and the mister all civil and legit :) happy day for sure


this little dude is a thomas the train junkie. that and mickey's love.

silly boy

I heart amy butlers little jar of embellishments! cool cool yes?


it's the new year and i still love spray's for life i think. ha!

do what you love

carrie's beautiful head piece makes it's debut on paper :) I left most of the journaling on the back of my pages... i am still learning to like my handwriting. scribble it out right?

head full of feathers

thanks for checking up on me sweets

hoping to relax a little more and stress less.

hugs and love to you,

Thursday, January 1, 2009

i'm ready

to refresh

how 'bout you?

welcome 2009!
this is going to be a great year...
- new blog (coming soon)
- new last name ;P
- new life with my best friend Mr. Handsome... ack! it's fast approaching
- new wedding planning/blogging (hopefully i don't scare you with my OCD :o) ha! )
- new job (i LOVE it.)
- new art...can't wait to see the changes in my work this year. ( i LOVE change)
- more friends
- more life...less drama
- more flickr lovin'
- more goals to reach (aim high!)

I was going through this past year and could not help but think of all the wonderful opportunities getting involved with scrapbooking allowed me in '08. Then my mind started racing with images of LO's I had made during the much has evolved. So many changes. Some gradual and some no so much.

I remembered this page.

love never fails

I made this for round three of the fashionista search early february of last year. I had yet to venture into spray paint. Still a little rough around the edges learning my new sewing machine. And generally wanting to experiment more in art to fill the creative void away from mumbo jumbo called work. This page is so personal to me. So meaningful in a way that really was my purpose for not only 08 but life.

fOcus is so hard sometimes. I'm always busy doing something...thinking of stuff to do...lists, write it down, cross it off, and start anew the next day. Me Me Me... blah. I easily forget to remember my life lessons. Stop. fOcus. live with less clutter in my head and heart. Not just my home. Having been to Cambodia twice I learned that smiling is still possible through poverty. Genuinely caring and loving everyone is truly the most beautiful thing to behold & cherish. Pride will always hurt you and those you love. Fear is common. Get uncomfortable. be Brave.

My journaling came from Jars of Clay: Worlds Apart. Such a beautiful song. My life goal is to live this truth: Love never fails. Always always love. So here is to a beautiful new beginning. A fresh new year to start over. Love mr. handsome. Love my family. Love my friends. Love my enemies. & love myself.

when all else fails, we still have love.
happy new year:: feliz ano nuevo