Friday, February 1, 2013

pretty hearts xo*

Hi lovely ;)
Is your year going fast at lightning speed ? Mine sure seems to be. I've made so many attempts to come here and share and well lookie there, bye january! oh boy. ;)

well this here post is a little of both: shop news and creative news mixed in with a little photo fun. awesome. oh yay ;)

Back in mid december i was thinking and planning on all these lovely items to share this month. so cute right? hearts will never go out of style. they are so adorable. 

Gold. Silver. White. Hot Pink. Red. Black.

paper heart doilies xo i can see these on a few of my scrapbook pages ;)  

i also stocked the shop with these pretty canvas bags. I LOVE the DIY goodness. I bought paint (gold, hot pink, neon orange, coral, sea foam aqua) at Michael's and got polka dot crazy. easy and fun. no better way to spend the evening in front of the telly. Although i might've gotten paint on my sweater - oops. *blushes*

I made feather transparency embellishments... added a little neon pom pom and a gold spray painted wooden tag... love! 

i even used them on my december daily pages. ( it was more like a december week if I'm really being honest ;) but even still i made stuff! it's been forever ! I want to say also that i think polaroids should come glittered in bronze. it's just the coolest thing. glitter paper that is. my wildest dream came true! hahaa. 

and this mini page is about my love for these lyrics ( had it on repeat while in labor with little r) and this instagram photo above was taken a year exactly from that day. holding my little r making faces at the camera. (something his daddy ALWAYS does too! or is that just a guy thing? they like to ruin a photo by sticking their tongue out? i can see a whole album of these *rolling my eyes* ;P  ) anyway, the song is tattooed into my heart forever. it's peace. it's a reminder of a prayer answered. it makes me so happy.

now to fill your bag with heart swag :) let me see...

fill this cute box with ...

a little bit of sequin love ;) 

chocolate is a must!!! am i right? 

 a dash of mini wooden hearts ( i glammed one up with my handy spray can -it's amazing how much fun you can have with a little bit of gold spray paint! hehee ).

i added it to the bottom right corner of this page. ;) all about our new favorite place... the ZOO. it's even better when they have photo booths ! we were in the never ending forest and kind of felt lost a bit and then out of nowhere, hello photo booth! it's a must every time we go. good times. xo*

these larger wooden hearts make great tags too xo ( or embellishments )

a 2 more pages to share... 

our every day.  gosh this little guy has fun. makes me want a bubble bath! hahaaa! 

and this one... i feel for you if you are in snowy cold icy grey gloomy weather and are tired of it. i freeze up at 65 degrees.  what a weenie i know! i would crochet all of you a cowl if i could just to help keep you warm and cozy!

or an owl hat like i did for little r. :)  

look at that little goofball. sheesh. I want him to stay this happy forever and always. (Even after 4 shots in the morning) He makes me so hAppy more and more each day. Look at that face! I want to stay in this moment. Stay present and not forget.

so the start of the new year brings something new and i'm super happy to try something new... i'm picking a "word" for the year. and mine is ....wait for it...

yep. it seems counterintuitive. maybe? stubborn? demanding.
but for me it just means: i want to STAY( among other things- this is just 1 thing on my loooong list :)
- connected
( how do i even still have friends!? i never call. never write! never leave messages. never even stay in touch via social media and that's supposed to be "easy" right?  
more girl dates. more talking, listening, laughing. chillin'.  

SO i called, sent e-mails, left messages and really really LOVED it! i used to make excuses for being anti-social. i would put it off. it's just SO easy to put things off and that's just not cool. not when they are people you LOVE. i made a promise to each that i would get in touch at least once a month. i sure hope that it's more than that though. i can't get caught up with what's going on with just me. And so here it is, i promise to stay connected with you too. even though i don't go into detail about everything here i promise to share my little random bits. even if it's only pretty pictures hehee.  I'm here on instagram if you want to see more weekly pics. i'd sure love to see you too ;)

your long lost friend xo*
 ~ d