Monday, January 31, 2011

oh me oh my :)

i see some lucky ladies
Winner of the Inspired Postcard Set is: 

Winner of the A Soft Cream Felt Handmade Flower Embellishment is: 

Winner of the Red Puffy Heart Ribbon is: 

Winner of the A Lovely Floral Mix of Handmade Felt Embellishments is: 

Winner of the Exclusive Valentine Gift Tags is: 

if you are one of the lovely winners please e-mail me at with your post address to mail your valentine goodness to you :) I thank you all for sharing some Inspire Lovely news and i'm pretty sure this won't be the last giveaway *hint*hint* so i will definitely be doing this again. I LOVE giveaways :)

ps: so sorry for the delay in posting the winners. I had the chance to take my first sewing class today and I'm officially full of glee and cheer to be in a room full of kindred spirits :) I have a feeling Nena is gonna be my bestest homie. And I cannot wait to share my projects with you as the class goes along. i can't stop smiling. awesome.
pure awesomeness :)

i wish you some awesome too 

Friday, January 28, 2011

A sweet Giveaway :)

I'm picking 5 winners :)
You could win one of these items inspired by Valentine's Day xoxo:

Inspired Postcard Set
a new set of postcards for the new year

A Soft Cream Felt Handmade Flower Embellishment
felt love

Red Puffy Heart Ribbon
red puffy heart ribbon - perfect xo

A Lovely Floral Mix of Handmade Felt Embellishments
i heart fluffy flowers

Exclusive Valentine Gift Tags
Exclusive Valentine Gift tags

If you would like to be entered to win there are 3 things you can do:
- Tweet
- Facebook
- Blog
a favorite item ( with the link) from the Inspire Lovely etsy shop.
You can use the pictures on ETSY

Then leave a comment here with a link :)

I will pick 5 winners Monday morning with a little help from mister handsome ;)

Yay for pretty things!
have a beautiful weekend,

ps: the shop is live! 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

this girl loves a pretty mess

desk whimsy

- i've been playing with shimmery sequins and i love them. i found a few packs while thrifting the other day and honestly, how dainty and sweet right? I had to share a photo of my messy desk with you. it's pretty much a happy moment while stressing over some deadlines. but so worth it.
- i  have a few resolutions this year. one resolution is to learn to like running. my first reaction to running is... i need a pack of rabid animals chasing me at full speed to make me run... and even still. i would totally think about it. run or be bit? hmmm...
well ladies, i have run over 63 miles ( i run almost everyday ) this month alone. can i get a go girl?! heck to the yes. i feel like i'm friends with my pack of rabid animals. i'm not trying to lose weight. my motto is: "i don't want my jiggle to wiggle". yeah, you heard that here first :)  i don't want to be wiggly anymore. time to make the arm flab go away.  for now, when i feel like not running, i chant jiggle don't wiggle.jiggle don't wiggle hahaa! it's so wrong but it works. :P

- i've pretty much stopped believing in the rest of my new year's resolutions. it's not even february. i might need some inspiration here. but there you go. i guess i'm a one resolution kind of girl. :)

one thing i was sharing with mr.handsome is sharing some inspire lovely items with you all! He of course agreed it would be wonderful. everyone loves pretty stuff :)

embellish love

yellow + green study

daisy doilies

new kraft doily stickers

vintage felt... soooo soft xo

i love cream xo

natural twine xo

shimmery glitter xo

i love glitter tissue :)

kraft tags... i so heart you

shimmery sequins

i love the little doily looking container xo

felt love

glitter ribbon xo

love the grey

journaling is so fancy :)

ribbon love

rad doilies

i heart seam binding xo

everything you need to embellish

red study

red puffy heart ribbon - perfect xo

i heart fluffy flowers

pink looks pretty

it started with this...reminds me of cabochon flowers

so this friday i have another Inspire Lovely shop update PLUS a few giveaways :)  I'm thinking 5 yay!
The shop will be updated 12 noon ( pacific time :) and the giveaways will be posted in a fresh lovely new post then. I promise it's gonna be fun :) for now, I started a facebook page for Inspire Lovely and would love to see you there. It's also a hint for this friday's giveaway ;)

oh goody :)

i hope you are lovely

Friday, January 14, 2011

hello lovelies

Exclusive Valentine Gift tags

it's been some time since i've been here to share. i have been busy behind the computer. maxing out my free music limit from pandora. making a huge mess in the studio. locking myself out of the house yesterday... only to be rescued by my hero mr.handsome.  good times :)

Party Mix Carnival Tickets

today i finally announce my very good news...

sweet white butterfly garland

my new little shop Inspire Lovely is going to be opening tomorrow ( saturday ) at 9 am ( pacific time ) .

color pop :)

and i hope you can come take a peek.

Valentine Gift box

 I've stocked the shop with 100 of my most favorite items to share with you.

i love tags xoxo

Some art,
some paper love,

Art lives here journal

some crochet love,
some packaging love...

sweet baby blanket

= happiness.

pretty xo

The shop looks so cute with all the packaging with the new store logo i designed.

vintage doilies

there have been many moments where i have to ask myself it it's really coming true.

vintage inspired seam binding

it's here. it's so real.

a new set of postcards for the new year

my studio is busting at the seams with boxes of items for the shop.

handmade crochet flowers xo

it's awesome.

mr darcy gift package kit

this has been a very happy journey and i'm beyond thrilled to finally be able to share this will you all xoxo

swallows little note set

i hope you find something wonderful here :)

blue loves orange garland

I had so much fun putting everything together, even mr.handsome lent a helping hand  hehee.

lovely dearie journal kit

Hope you enjoy and thank you kindly for peeking :P

lovely and shimmery crochet garland

and before i go, last friday i made a quick trip to my local farmers market. it's literally next to a pier by the beach. as i was shopping for flowers and humus i couldn't help but take a deep breathe of the salty ocean air.

hello world

i wished so much for you to feel it. the sun shining on your face. the sound of the waves so peaceful and tame. i took this photo for you. i thought you could use a moment of peace too :)

sending you some flowers and peace