Monday, September 26, 2011

birthday + baby shower + peace

september has flown by and here i am back to update you with a very long post.  i had high hopes for september, being my birthday month and all :) This month brought a quick inspiration trip to New York where Mr.Handsome and I celebrated my birthday on the 15th of September. ( happy birthday to you if you also celebrated a birthday this month!!!  Pictures in the form of a mini album to come :) 

And this past weekend my family and i celebrated a dual baby shower.  My little sister is also having a sweet baby ( a few weeks before me ) and we decided to celebrate both our babies together :)  I of course stayed true to my handmade gift lovin'.  The above picture is the pretty little tag i put together for my little cute niece :)

i hung up the blanket so you could see all the pretty colors in this baby blanket.

a few months ago i got started on over 200 granny squares :) i kind of killed my hands. but i was SO worried that i would develop arm trouble later on in my pregnancy so i got a head start and everything went wonderfully :) I made 3 blankets and still have over 75 squares to make a few more. yay for yarn love :) 

at the last minute i figured every little cutie needs a crochet bear hat right? i whipped this little one up in a few hours. i love quick projects :)

I figured it would be cute if the flower was actually a pin and could be pinned on baby coats or dresses and not just on the beanie. easy & adorable :) i actually want to wear this cutie !

then i did something very daring. I actually sewed something and made an article of clothing. Okay, i didn't make the onesie :) but i had sewn the little bird a few weeks back and had this ridiculous idea of putting it on a cute onesie for my little niece. So i did it. The cute applique sparrow fit perfectly in the center. I just added fabric glue to the back and glued it on the onesie. ta da :)  a cute little look for a cutie patootie. sweet! 

The baby shower brought a lot of cute outfits for baby rafael and lots and lots of food for me :)  I couldn't help but feel overwhelmingly blessed for everything. Not just the gifts, the amount of work and effort by family and friends to help celebrate the two little ones on the way. xoxo  In an effort to be equally thankful and not delay in giving thanks to our guests I wanted to give everybody a thank you package from our little family. I made the little bags out of the glassine bags in the Inspire Lovely shop. Filled them up with Hersheys Hugs & Kisses chocolates + our favorite Almond Roca chocolates :) Sewed the package shut and then added a cute printed "R" thank you card I designed + a cute little picture of Rafael at 20 weeks in his first sonogram. My little cutie patootie was smiling :) xoxo  And a fun little puffy heart was sewn on top to keep all three things together. I might've stayed up to late ( past 2:30 AM ) just finishing up these little guys but it was worth it since everyone loved them. Of course, everyone loves chocolate *smiles* wink* wink*

and here we are today. after a quick doctor's visit to hear little r's rapid heart beat. xoxo
These past few weeks have been very hard emotionally since losing a beautiful soul dear to us. Mr.handsome's sweet grandmother passed away recently and now we are left reflecting on her life and all the lovely memories & holding dear to the footprints in our hearts she left. In this moment i was reflecting on little rafael never getting to meet her. It breaks my heart but even more I'm filled with regret as we visited her recently right before her passing and she was having a great day. I could feel little rafael kick and move as i held her hand. i regret not having pressed her hand on my belly for her to  feel little R move. I've cried over this so many times since then and even though i thought at the time it was so silly to do i really wish i had just done it. So here is to missing her, to finding peace in knowing she is resting and keeping all the beautiful memories in a special place in my heart for her. I can't wait to share them with little R xoxo

in her memory i decided to make my birthday flower arrangements and share them with her. She loved hydrangeas so mr.handsome bought me a few at the store. I added a touch of pink for a bit of lovely cheer. xo

and guess who wanted some photo love? this little one followed me home from the baby shower :) guess what the baby shower theme was? hehee.  I thought i'd add some whimsy to my little floral arrangement for added cheer.  i think grandma would've liked it. i hope it gives you a bit of peace and cheer too. xoxo  

- d